Hello from Nevada

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Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 06:38 PM

Hello new to this site but not to Cockatoos.

I am Teresa owner of Blanka (umbrella)who is turning 7 this month. I have owned her since she was a baby and have hand feed her and raised her around kids of all ages and dogs (Great Danes)..

She is very sweat and a 2 yr can hold her and does with a adult near by.

We just got a Mucullan(sp?) cockatoo named Tory. He is 10 yrs old very pretty and cant talk real good, last night was his first time here and was doing really well letting everyone even my huband hold him, then he bite him. Yes he puncured skin and it was bleeding. Today he seams to be doing better and letting us pet him while in his cage. We are thinking this is cause he is new to our home and found out that he has been with at least 2 other owners. ! lady had 7 kids and couldnt deal with him and them, then this last person has only had him a month. We are thinking it could be cause he was moved around so much and the fact we are new to him and its a new place so on. Do you all think we are on the right thought and that in time he will let us take him out and not bite any longer? Also another thought we had if he see's us take Blanka out and hold , pet her so on that he will learn he can trust us enough not to bite?

Sorry its so long and all on this one post

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 07:22 PM

Wow, you have taken on a big undertaking. First, you need to understand that owning a multi-homed bird can be very different from owning a bird that you have had from the beginning. They can have trust issues, and it can take months to develop trust. A Moluccan is a very complex bird, very smart, can be needy, very loud and demanding with a very strong beak to bite with! Mix that with a person who doesn't know much about Moluccans, a house full of kids, and a MALE Moluccan and FEMALE U2 during mating season and you have the potential for some big trouble. Don't put the male M2 and female U2 together. A Moluccan can kill a female bird if they are trying to mate. There is much information on this site to help, please use the search button above. Please, please try to understand the behaviors and watch for the signs of behavior to indication an agitated cockatoo especially around your kids, which can agitate a cockatoo not used to them.
With a male in the house, your female might also start to have different behaviors, like biting so its good to know signs etc.
I hope this doesn't sound too bad, but Good Luck, cause your going to need it. Good for you for looking for information to help you, that is a step in the right direction. Also, make sure you listen to the Moluccan screams on the opening page of Mytoos, because the sound isn't an exaggeration.
If you can't handle an M2, especially with kids, that is understandable. If you decide this, better sooner than later, when he starts to be attached to your family. Rehoming is so very hard on these birds. Again good luck.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 07:31 PM

Teresa - I agree you've got your work cut out for you!! Yes, becoming used to a new home, people, sounds, etc. can be stressful on a new bird. It will take some time. The calmer and more stress free your house is right now the better. Give him time to try new things. Don't try and force things right now. Take everything very slowly, talk gently and watch closely. You will find much informatoin on the site about about this subject.

Is he getting 12 hrs. sleep in a dark, quiet place? this can help.

Let us know how its going.

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 07:39 PM

Yea I was never going to be letting them out together or in the same cage. I do not want to breed at all, I breed Great Danes and that is enough! lol

Tory seams to be doing alot better today, we all have been able to pet him. and he is talking alot more. The bird noises dont bug us, we are use to it with Blanka and friends MCcaws.

we all are talking to them both alot today and that seams to be helping. HE is putting his head down so we can pet him and he is reaching out for us.

We are giving it a trial run to see how he does and if we dont think it will work out then we will give him back to the people who had him.

I want Blanka to stay sweat like she has always been, exp with the daycare kids around. Blanka seams to ignore him unless he is talking. Other than that she does her own thing. Husband would say typical female lol

Dont worry I am not letting any kids but mine aroudn her unless We are next to them, and it will be awhile till we let ours handle him on thier own even.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 07:49 PM

yea he is and he did well during the night. And as far as daycare kids go I dont have a bunch at any one time and they play in the other room. Our house is pretty quiet and we always leave the tv on for Blanka and now him while we are away, they are in the dining room but our house is all open, suck as the liviing, dining and kitchen area goes. So they do have interaction with everyone.

Does the spray bottels work with them as well as they do the umbrellas and the dogs smile
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 07:50 PM

GOOD - you seem to be aware of the extreme dangers of mixing children and 'TOOs!!! I can't contribute on the effects that it might cause Blanka, 'cause I only have the one bird??? I do know all the sounds/comotion/talking of a daycare MIGHT prove extremely stressful for the new 'TOO.? What are the sleeping arrangements for both birdes? Blanka night be used to her schedule. But it might not work for the new bird.? And the sleep could aid in the adjustment period. Making him a little calmer and confidant in the stress of new things!?

----edit----- I should of said,"the sounds of ANY children..." could be very stressful. Some birds never tolerate children. Some, if they are not accustomed to children and with the new surroundings could suffer a great deal of stress??!! Not to mention not being trusted with the children....
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 08:03 PM

You did not mention quarantine or a vet visit. I hope you are considering the consequences if the new bird is not healthy. Does Blanka have a vet?

I share everyone's concerns about kids. I can't imagine a two year old interacting with a mature cockatoo in any kind of way. eek

I hope it works out for you and especially for Tory. You will get plenty of good help here. We also have a good search feature. smile
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 08:43 PM

Im sorry - spray bottles? In what sort of way?

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 08:44 PM

Hi and welcome, I to live in Nv. Las Vegas. Didn't notice if you said what part of Nv. your from. If I'm close to you and you need any help please feel free to ask. I am a retired grandpa and have 9 birds including a M2 and Macaw.I have had the Macaw for 6 yrs. and all my grandkids can handle her, the M2 I've only had a few months and only my youngest granddaughter 4, and I handle her. Again welcome. Hope any fears you have will be handled here. Spray bottle for baths is ok if the bird has had this done and not used to discipline, mine had been shot with a super soaker to try and shut her up, now she is terified of any spray. Any dicipline is wasted on a M2. they don't mind for any thing except love and <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 08:52 PM

of course Blanka has a vet and Tory will be going soon as well. He has had a check up a few months ago and everything is fine, I saw and have the paper work. It was one of the conditions of the trial period also. I do not want something passing on to Blanka or anything else.

We spray Blanka when she yells, and then tell her no screaming you talk and she stops right away. We also have never given her the real hard nuts so on, so she doesnt know she can bite hard. (we give her nuts but not the real hard ones)

Plus Blanka has been handled by EVERYONE from when she was reall little so she will go to anyone any age. With kids we are always right with them, they are NEVER left holding them alone...

I will try to get pics of them both up for you all to see...Do you use photo bucket to down load them on here?
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 08:54 PM

I am sorry I dont know how to edit post yet still trying to figure out your system.

We are in the Reno area, so I am about 8 hrs away from you.

K got it thank you!!
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 08:58 PM

on top of YOUR post is a pad and pencile looking thing, click there to edit
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 09:05 PM

Are you telling us you have been spraying your bird for 7 yrs. to get it to shut up, thats dumb, sorry, we don't do such things to our birds, we try to find out why they are being so loud, There are times of the day birds make noise, its to let other know they are there and to get answers from other birds, in our case people to find out where we are. Birds scream for reasons. I'm sorry again but if you were talking or upset at some thing would it be ok for some one to spray water in your face? After 7 yrs. with a bird you should know what the sounds are, food, company, just plain happy, not feeling well, do you know the calls of your bird? Ops guess not or you would not being spraying it. confused
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 09:09 PM

No we dont spray her all the time, not what it sounds like. Its hard to explain on here than talking to someone in person. She gets srayed once in awhile at night if she is bieng really loud at bed time. ITS NOT ALL THE TIME... She loves the shower and says water when she wants to get wet..

We are in no way mean to her or anything like that...She is very healthy and very happy, very much loved by everyone!!!
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 10:26 PM

Blankas Mom,
I think almost everyone on this board likes to use positive reinforcement for behavioural problems instead of negative reinforcement. And, anyway you slice it, spraying a bird for screaming is negative reinforcement. You can try many other things to get her to stop doing what you want. I am sure you know that cockatoos vocalize at least twice daily, and especially prior to bed? Plus, if the noice of a U2 is upsetting enough to consider spraying them, you ain't seen nothing yet with the new bird!! And if you spray this bird to make him stop yelling, you will lose any amount of trust you have built up. Maybe not as upsetting to your U2 since this is all she knows? I would use the search button to find other ways of dealing with this issue.
I think you won't find anyone who will agree with the spraying thing, no matter how gentle you say it is. Just FYI.
Also, you might want to do a search on honeymoon period.
I didn't think that biting hard was a learned behavior? I just ask because you said you didn't give Blanka hard nuts, so she didn't know how to bite hard. LOL, I bet you a dollar she does already know how!! Hopefully you'll never find out.
Good luck.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/19/06 10:50 PM

I most times wonder if Lilb. (U2) is 'very happy'? With limited facial expressions and using the same behaviours to indicate many things,sometimes I can't be sure? How can you tell your bird is "very happy"? I'm always interested. Thanks.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/20/06 04:04 PM

I wonder if Blanka is training her family to bathe her on demand! If she gets sprayed whenever her screams are at a certain level, she may be intentionally "asking for"a cool, refreshing spray, don't you think? (I have travelled across Nevada several times, and it didn't much matter what time of year it was, a cool refreshing spray of water would have been most welcome. wink )
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/20/06 05:33 PM

You are probably right on that, I Live in the desert and my too loves her bath and will take one whenever she gets the chance. I spray her if I cant get her in the shower and she loves it.
Posted By: Lynn and Buttons

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/20/06 11:46 PM

My friend who has multiple rescued birds (FL) sprays her birds. With a mister or gentle flow stream, attached to hoses. She has a large bird room, huge aviary, quarrantine areas, huge lanai for the birds. If a fight or 'dangerous situation' or mating aggressions begin she is in most cases only able to rely on a spray. The birds also, seem to have no negative connontation, associated with it. It is still, also, a good and welcomed activety. Even my little fussy Lil who isn't big on water, likes it when she is over there? ithe1, do you think it is maybe different with multiple birds and hot climates? With a single bird in a home situation only, maybe it has a cruel connontation.?? My friend is very knowledgable and compassionate, she would never harm a birds emotional state. Good question??
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/21/06 03:22 AM

I use a spray bottle on my Tiels and the Nandy for baths, it is a warm soft spray from above to cascade down on them. I was only speaking as a way to try and shut them up, is stated in my post, spray for bathing if the bird is ok with it. But not as a diciplian. Blanka said she sprayed her bird when it made noise at bed time to shut it up and wondered if it was ok to do the same with the TOO she just got.
I am in Las Vegas, the temp. is down in the 30's, don't think a cool spray would be wanted now, its winter it even snowed last night but melted when the sun came up.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/21/06 05:09 AM

IMO - Lynn I CAN see where your friend might need use this method in those "specific" types of situations to prevent harm to other birds. However, I would never, ever use this as a method to stop Lilly from screaming.

The couple I adopted Lilly from told me when I brought her home that " if she starts screaming and getting on your nerves, just use the squirt bottle, she is terrified of it." I though OMG how cruel!

So... I personally would never do this. Lilly does her normal afternoon scream/play time displays. If she screams other than that then something is wrong or she is scared.

No too should be punished for screaming. If they are screaming other than the norm ( morning and evening, or playtime) then something is wrong and needs to be analyzed and resloved by the human.

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/21/06 04:49 PM

Welcome to the board, there is a lot of great information on here and great people with tons of expereince!

We also have a spray bottle, mostly for baths However with 6 macaws that tend to "battle" sometimes, it is used to break them up or as protections for my hand when trying to seperate them. None here are afraid of that bottle they think it is bath time or playtime. Go figure.

Sometimes I think they let me believe I have control when seperating them LOL!!!

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/21/06 04:57 PM

Thank you wildirish

Well Tory seams to be settling in pretty well so far. Se doesnt like my husbands uniform tho. Maybe all the badges are to shiny who knows. He seams to be more a womans bird. He LOVES our 11 yr old daughter, she can go up to him anytime and pet him or whatever. Blanka is still doing her own thing but is talking a little bit more and has almost got the ring of th ephone down pretty well.If you walk out the room Tory will do a phone ring to get you to come back its so cute!! They will sit there and talk to each other off and on all day.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/21/06 11:32 PM

Welcome Blankasmama!!
I adopted a female M2 almost a year ago now. My other M2, Willie, was 7 like yours. You will have good days and bad ahead, but I can truthfully say I am 100% glad I took Phoebe into our home. If not for the search feature here to answer all my questions, I'm not sure I would have kept Phoebe or tried as hard. You are not going to believe how much you didn't know for the seven years you've had your U2, and yet how much you just naturally "did right" from all your experience with children. You'll have fun trying some of the recipes for birds on here, too. Good luck, I think you'll do great!!!!
Posted By: Jerry

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/22/06 03:49 AM

Whenever a new member logs-on, current members should do nothing but welcome that person. If current members have any advice for the new member, they should ask the new member to post their information to the appropriate forum.

The reason for this is that other new members introductions may be completely covered up while you're discussing the first new members problem (as you're doing here). So please ask the new member to move any cockatoo related questions or comments to the proper forum so that we can welcome others also.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/22/06 04:43 AM

I do have to extend an apology to you. Ever since I posted my replies to you, I have not felt comfortable about them. Maybe I had read too many posts about the negative dangers of owning cockatoos? I don't know. There really isn't any excuse for me to come out so hard-nosed and negative. Owning my M2 has been a great joy to me.
So, let me start over and say welcome. I hope you can forgive me for my previous posts.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/22/06 05:00 AM

I for this reason dont like to post much, at times people can so easly miss read or read stuff into things that may not seam what may not be...
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/22/06 04:32 PM


I accept you apology. I in all means didnt try to start any kind of argument on here. And yes did feel like wow what in the world.

To answer the Q about her being happy!

How can Blanka not be happy? She gets out everyday most of the day at that, tv is always left on for her while we are gone, fresh fruits and vegies, people holding her off and on all day. All kinds of toys so on... She isnt mean at all and never has been. I can take her to someones house to be watched and she will let any one of them hold her so on. IMO she is very happy, she is talkitive, full of nice feathers doesnt pluck or anything.. maybe its how I raised her smile
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/23/06 02:40 PM

I think some people should reread the post from Ducky's Mom, page 2, I think alot should be apologizing for miss leading and maybe scaring others from adopting and giveing a loving home to a needy TOO becouse of the negative posts. Owning a TOO is very exciting and rewarding when they get over the negative activities of abuse. I have a great relationship with mine, hope you make a great friend with yours.
Posted By: Whiskers

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/23/06 03:59 PM

Hi Blanka'smama, I just wanted to Welcome you and say we glad you decided to join us. And I looked forward to hearing about your too's and seeing pictures. I'm In Sacramento, so about 2 hours away when there is no snow in them there Sierra mountains.
Patty :-)
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/24/06 07:03 PM

Thank You Jerry!!!
And Welcome Blanka'smama. Love that buffet at the Peppermill!! We Ski Tahoe every winter from Deerfield Beach, Florida. The best thing you can do is just take it slow, tune into the bird's behaviour cues, take time to let the trust build
and always keep safety in mind and be alert as they are spontaneous and quick little creatures. It only takes a second for them to cause serious harm. The bird I rescued had been rehomed too many times to track. He is roughly 24 yrs old. It has taken a year to get him settled in here but now he is calm now and is very rarely ever aggressive and you can tell when he is feeling that way by watching his behaviour...then I just put him away for some quiet time to settle him before it becomes a problem.
Take your time, be patient with them.

I am so over the obnoxious way some members respond on this the site. It only discourages new members from returning. You would think by the time you are old enough to have raised kids, grandkids and a flockful of birds you could have learned some tack and effective communication skills!
This business of insulting and criticizing members for their ideas or actions instead of offering alternatives or offering a different viewpoint to consider in a positive or encouraging way must stop!
I guess there are some people who are incapable of this.... AND JERRY ---> Thank You for stepping in when these offensive people are over the top. Your influence in this keeps the board worth reading!
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/24/06 11:59 PM

Stosh's Mom, you are so right on. TOO's are like some people, they can go from love you to bitxx in 2.2sec. My Blue is so sweet but the other night some thing just got under her tail and before I knew it I had a hand full. Lucky haveing raised kids and grand kids I knew just hot to handle her. Just like any other person, shut them up quick.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/25/06 05:27 AM

my husband said we are not going to keep Tory, he has bitten him snapped at our daughter and then someone else today. He said its not worth it since I have daycare and lots of little kids. So he is going to be going back to his owner on Tuesday.

Blanka has not picked up on the biting habit thankfully and we both agree we will get another baby and raise it like we did Blanka.

I know some of you may be disapointed in us for not sticking it out but we did try and weighed the pros and cons of it all and decided, it would be best thing to do.
Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/25/06 06:07 AM

I hope you and the previous owner will consider a rescue organization for troy. or are in the sacramento area. if mickaboo will accept troy, i could drive to reno to pick him up. Please consider professionals taking over his care where he can be resocialized and rehomed and given the peace he deserves.
Posted By: ithe1

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/25/06 10:31 AM

I think that is the best for all concerned. You are very smart to have seen early enough that this is just not the one for you. Thank god he did not teach your love any bad habits. Pat your self on the back...Merry x-mass.
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/26/06 11:07 PM

Disappointed? Hey you gave it what…. 9 days? But no actually I am not. I think it is the best decision. A Moluccan Cockatoo (IMO) was probably not a good choice to bring into your home to begin with especially….

since I have daycare and lots of little kids.

Also curious, which rescue are you going to use to ….

get another baby and raise it like we did Blanka.
I really do not mean to sound rude. I am sure you are great folks and take good care of Blanka. But why on earth bring another U2 or M2 “baby” into your home, especially while running a daycare!?!?! Please stick with what you have. There is no guarantee that even if you were to “get” another baby, it would not grow up to BITE and SCREAM!

I really do wish you guys all the best, and for Torys sake check out the sights Couragee posted above and at least consider those options.

Good luck, Kim
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 01:15 AM

Who said I was using a reescue in the first place I am not.. I am giving him back to his owners.

We will be getting another baby whenever we feel we have found the right breeder and so on... I am not saying I am going right out and getting the first bird i find! I am NOT a DUMB BLONDE WHO DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING!!!

You could also ask why does poeple have any animal with kids or without, its all the same.
Posted By: wildirish

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 01:27 AM

Having your own children in your home with a cockatoo is one thing, however having other peoples children in your home as a day care is asking for a lawsuit. There is a thread on here about a woman getting sued for the same thing but it was a teenager.

lady had 7 kids and couldnt deal with him and them, then this last person has only had him a month. We are thinking it could be cause he was moved around so much and the fact we are new to him and its a new place so on
The bouncing from home to home will eventually destroy his trust in people all together. I have a 17 yr old E2 and after his owner died he had 9 homes in 8 months, and so far I am the only one he really goes to.

Talking about breeders and buying a baby bird isn't going to go over well on this board.

Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 01:56 AM

I never said you were.

We will be getting another baby whenever we feel we have found the right breeder and so on...
This is one of the exact points I was making.

Read the agenda here before you post again about "buying" a "baby" from a "breeder"!;f=28;t=000003

This part in particular:

"We have an "agenda" here at mytoos message board. We do NOT believe in breeding, or the buying and selling of parrots through either breeders or pets stores, online classifieds or auctions. If you are a breeder, pet store owner, or you support any of these practices, we do not care to debate the issue with you. Been there, done that....many many times. There are several threads on the board dealing with the issue and if you use our search feature, you can look up the previous discussions to understand our stance better. Any post attempting to debate this issue further will be deleted."

And this is one of the many reasons why:
Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 09:18 AM

please, please don't go to a breeder. Even rescues get babies. Mickaboo has gotten several just in the last month. Please consider adopting before purchasing. also I talked with sue, the cocaktoo cordinator for mickaboo, she suggested oasis another rescue for troy and to reach out to parrot911, both located online, to help find a proper home for troy. I am still willing to help out with Troy in getting him to a rescue. please let me know if you need assistance.
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 05:39 PM

Troy may be going to a home who already has another M2. This home has no kids and is about 25 min away. The only down fall to this new place is he is wanting him for breeding and no one really knows this person. I told the orig owners that we got him from and who is coming to get him tonight, to go to his place and check it out so on and if they had any gut feelings they shouldnt leave him then dont and wait for the right home for him. So we will see I will also pass this site on to them and who knows maybe they will pass it along to whom ever takes him.
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 06:23 PM

The only down fall to this new place is he is wanting him for breeding and no one really knows this person.

Please do not put this poor creature in a breeding situation! OMG!!!!

Why can't you contact the rescues that Couragee gave you the names to? Is this a money issue?

Please, please, please, don't let him go to a breeder. We will HELP you find a good home for him!!!!
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 07:19 PM

I really have to question your sincerity about Troy. Are you aware that cockatoos take years to bond and if just put together the hen may be killed or dismembered. This happens regularly:

You don't really know these people and this bird is just going to be handed over so you can go out and buy another chick. Blanka is seven years old and you think it will be a walk in the park from now on. I sincerely hope you keep reading this site to see how very wrong you can be. I pray that for your sake, Blanka's sake and mostly Troy's sake that you rethink this plan, find a good home or rescue for Troy and enjoy your time with Blanka. Buying a chick is a crapshoot and it can be really bad for all involved. Please think about this. I'm not trying to be mean or run you off.
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 07:25 PM

Charlie, thank you. smile
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 10:14 PM

Why can't you contact the rescues that Couragee gave you the names to?

It is NOT my bird to do anything with but give it back to the owners.. We were doing a trial basis and it didnt work.

This is my last post so get over yourselves, I never said it was always going be like this with Blanka but you never know if we keep doing what we have for 7 yrs then something is working!!
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/27/06 10:26 PM

Did you not read this? Please read is so true. Please open your heart and consider this option if you decide to get another bird.

There are thousands of unwanted/abused/neglected birds out there. Please don't go out and "buy" a baby from a breeder and perpetuate the problem.

I am sorry if I have offended you in any way. I never meant to. My only concern is for the birds. I hope you can stay and learn and help us spread the word of rescue and adoption. Every voice matters.

Please try to talk to the owner. Try and get them to consider a rescue for Troy (is it Troy or Tory?). Please.....This is breaking my heart.

Have them come to this site!!

Is it the money they are concerned about? Did you have to pay for him? Are they wanting money for him? I am just trying to get the whole story. Thanks....

Don't go, stay and learn!!
Posted By: ithe1

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/28/06 06:31 AM

DELETED by Charlie
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/28/06 06:59 AM

what are you talking about?

I gave it back to the people who had her to begin with, not just to someone out of the blue... GROW UP or have another drink and reread what was posted..

They are the ones giving her to whoever NOT me I gave it back to the owners !!!!!!!!!!!

People like you who miss read stuff or make things sound worse that what really is makes it where no one wants to be apart of this site cause NO ONE is as mighty as YOU!!!!!!!!! CUSS all you want, what you dish out will one day bite you in the a$$!!

I am going to delete my account and will NOT tell people or be apart of a site because of people like you and all you want to do is bash people for something they are not in any way doing...
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/28/06 07:07 AM

Jim, thats rather harsh isn't it? Lets try to be productive and helpful!

Did the owners come and get Troy (Tory?) tonight? I just feel so bad for this bird. I know it is no fault of yours.

Please don't let our passion push you away. Please keep us posted.

Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/28/06 07:34 AM

Please tell the owners about the professional rescues here in ca. I am off work for two weeks. i have gas money. I will transport Troy to a reputiable rescue and get him behavioral trainging. He be placed in a good foster home until a great permenat home can be located. We can keep everyone informed of the process. Please don't let another tragety happen. Please ask them to look at the various rescues online.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/28/06 05:30 PM

Teresa - You say, “ people on this site think they are mightier than others…and that is why no one wants to come on this site…”
I do not consider myself mightier or better or smarter than other people that do not want to be a part of this site. I do consider that perhaps because of this site I have invested a little more time in learning the truth about Cockatoos. The truth I have found is that they should not be owned by ANYONE. They are wild animals and therefore their needs are to difficult to be met in the average home by the average family. And what happens, is people like yourself, do not even put in enough time to find out what their needs are, and then people, like myself who do find out, discover that I can never meet the needs of a parrot in my living room. My bird, as Blanka, is seemingly happy. She doesn’t bite much anymore, her screeching is very normal. She doesn’t pluck. She is loving and very affectionate. So, one would think she is happy. I say most times she is not. Her behaviors and lack of bad behaviors make MY life easier. It does not indicate necessarily that her life is good. I came to these conclusions after finding this site. I studied this site. This site led me to other resources that I studied. This site helped me form relationships with other bird owners that had reached the same conclusions as I. This site led me to organizations and professionals that have dedicated their lives to parrots. BUT, I had to persue the information. When I acquired my Cockatoo, and began researching how to live with her, it was IMPOSSIBLE to separate what was required for life with her and the wild genus of her species. Then it was impossible to separate the horror of what the economic trade of the genus of her species was producing. Then I realized that I had become part of those HORRORS by purchasing a Cockatoo. Luckily, I did not become offended or angry or take it personally when people on this site pointed that out to me. I had read the agenda. It was not a hidden agenda. They even asked that I read the agenda before anything else. In the beginning I didn’t completely understand all the reasoning behind the agenda. I did however trust that the agenda was not written out of personal frivolity and fun. There must be something to it, I thought.? But I just kept learning not knowing if I would agree or not. So happens now, that I agree with every fiber of my being. However, I did not take public issue with the agenda even before I had made my own personal conclusions. Thank goodness. I am a knowledgeable and seasoned animal activist and was a dog trainer. I should have been offended when people here said none of that mattered. That basically this would be different and I didn’t know anything! But, I didn’t get angry, because I began to realize they were 100% correct. My point being that not only do I not feel “mightier” but I am humbled. Humbled by the fact that this site and the people that contribute, do so out of their own discovery, compassion and humility at what they have learned. Humbled by the fact that I a smart, caring animal lover had contributed to mass torture and horror for parrots. I did this by the simple, publicly accepted act of purchasing one. Luckily instead of insulting this site or the people on it I didn’t act like a “dumb blonde who knows nothing” and I kept reading.

Now personally to you, I say, “shame on you”. People here offered you personal experience, help, they even offered at their own expense to come help you and your bird. Their words, in ALL their different personalities and styles extended to you… compassion. And you chose to quit reading. You are right this site probably isn’t for you. That’s a shame. And I don’t mean for the site. It is a difficult and complex conclusion to face but the buck stops here. Thank the Sweet Lord above.
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I would like to welcome the new, well-thought out lynn. Happy New Year! and very well put. I also want to mention something from our conversation from the other day. People can't understand why we say ownership is next to impossible and probably immoral. So let's reframe it, shall we. If I was living in another country, let's say mexico and I went to a pet store and saw they were selling baby, hand fed, sweet american bald eagles, I would be soooo delighted. I have always wanted to own a bald eagle you know. So the pet store assures me that the make the best pets. are good with kids. and the few weeks left on this four month olds hand feeding would be easy and a good way to bond with my new baby. How are each of you reacting right now. check you stomacks. tied in knots!? They should be. We in america protect our wild species and rightly so. I work with fish and game as a wild life rescuer. I have handled baby and mature eagles, hawks, crows etc. Babys are quiet and gentle. We always remind each other those talons and beaks can do destruction in seconds even with out the baby meaning to. And forget the adults. Usually takes two to manipulate even the sickest ones that come in. So why do americans feel we can purchase large, dangerous, complicated birds from other countries. Because it has been an acceptable practice for already too long. But here we are. trying to make the best of a horrible situation that we already find ourselves in. And as lynn said, once here. we all try to educate ourselves and others to do the best by the birds that are here. and more importantly, to stop the process. to stop the madness that prepetuates the torture and suffering for longer in one birds life than most of us will see in our shorter life spans. For all who read this now and in the future. Please, Please. don't buy. don't breed. don't sell. adoption and rescue are the only wise and humane practice a just human race can offer all of these noble birds.
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Tory is back with the owners they came last night, I guess there is someone who is interested but I dont know who it is that she has found..

So the whole TORY THING IS OVER!!!!!!!!
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Well Teresa if you think that there is still anything else you can learn or teach regarding Blanka.....would love you to be a part of. Of course you have to remember this sites agenda and that you are 'speaking' with people from all walks of life from all over the world...and take things with a grain of salt.
And when I say, remember the agenda, I don't mean to say that you have to agree or conform...but you should always be aware that some things will illicit a strong response??? Can ya dig it?
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of course I can but I wont be called a C*nt if you know what I mean smile ~ That just really pissed me off as I am sure it would of anyone else. Exp since you dont know the person in person lol you all get it I am sure...

How in the world do you send someone a private mess on here?
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Well that you want to send me a private message telling me how wonderful I am???
And of course the bad word of one person was not appropriate. But I will say to you that person is actually a old crotchety guy................that is actually one of the sweetest guys with one of the biggest hearts that you would ever want to meet!!! I consider some of his advice to be the best I can get......course I don't think he ever called me that word (he might have?) but WE ALL HAVE OUR BAD DAYS! <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> If you were around more you would have probably realized this.?
All joking aside, there is a chat room feature that you can utilize. You should go ahead and register as I just found out it can take up to 24 hrs. for your password to be delivered. How does that sound?
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LOL naw thougth I would just brag about myself lol Naw was going to to KIM smile but now I would have to send ya one as well lol

I will check it out...

And where do I go to do that? Chat that is lol
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Darn it - I always tell day I will be as popular as you!!! LOL Go to the bottom of the page it will say chat room go to the register form (scroll down, I tell you this b/c I was a dumb blonde that didn't!!!!LOL) register and then a password will be sent to your email addy. BTW, I can say anything I want to about "Miss Kim ....organized fancy pants" as I lovingly call her. Because she is moving into a new house tonight and won't see any of this until tommorrow at best!!!! So....anyone wanna bash Kim!!!! <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> Just kidding, Teresa, Kim as ithe1 is a wonderful and dedicated person......damn her!!! <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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LOL Duh I have seen that before.... Ok I will get it done in a min I have a kid falling asleep in my arms right now smile
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Lynn I thought you said it would take 24 hrs lol I already got it smile so see ya in chat sometime...
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na-na-na-nan-na - I got mine too!! Very quickly, I might add! Thanks Michael, ya little elusive cute devil you!!!! Kim is always telling me....even though I am not working now... I must continue to multitask and check my email and the site!!! I told her I don't even omni-task! But......thanks to the very sly Michael.....I'm coming in...the chat room!!!! Thanks, Michael.
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Ah ha, I see you have been talking about me eh? LOL. I too am signed up now for the chat so maybe we can all meet and talk in their sometime soon!

Blankas Mom, thanks for sticking around, look forward to chatting.

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Kiiiiiiiim - I can't believe you are moving and still had time to catch ... I mean them..talking about you!!!
OK - I tried to get in the chat room....but it looked funny? However, some friends (bird people,actually) did bring over some wine and presents for myself and flock tonight!! So, I did have a little wine and am now eating the organic trail mix that was intended for Lilb.! The trail mix is very good......the wine seems to have cured my insomnia? Imagine that?! So, Happy Holidays to all and Goodnight!........did I mention the wine and trail mix?????? <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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thats ok I had margeritas (hopefully I still spealt that right) lol oh well you all know what I am trying to write...

I had to spend 6 days with my hubbys x wife (we have custody of his kids) and then her flight was cancelled so was stuck with her for 2 more days and one of them being our 4th anniversary (yesterday) yea what a way to spend it, you better believe we will never forget this one.. we fillanly got the witch on her broom stick this am around 4:30am to fly away lol

Anyways we went to dinner tonight to celebrate her finally leaving... I will TRY to catch ya in chat tomorrow but hubby is off so who knows...

White wine and trail mix sounds good to lol
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kinda wondered off suject. I was watching a show last night and they showed birds being smuggled in the country, they cram 1000,'s in a box couse the ones that live pay the cost for the 100,s that die. No food or water, very little air as any sound would alert the customs agents, I would think the smell would. but for every container they find 10 get threw. It was horrible to see. It is a site that will stay in my mind for a long time to come. I don't under stand how this can happen, they are all wild cought and brought here for sale..They say one reason is understaffing. There has to be some way to help stop this atrosity. Any one have any ideas?
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Oh my sad story

Blanka'smama wow I would NEVER let my husbands ex wife stay with us LOL your a brave woman
But then again I cant stand his ex so one of us would end up killing the other. LOL
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/29/06 04:02 PM

Thats just rude, I would never let my x wife stay at my house. The husband should be ashamed of him self, puting his wife in such a position. No wonder he has a X, how many does he have? Keep that up and it will be at least
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we did it for the kids and we are getting ready to take her to court to get leagal custody of them and this just proves our point she dont have room for them or want them the whole 2 weeks like she was suppose to. And our lawyer told us it would look better for us if we did. Plus her excuse was she cant afford the daycare and I have the flight scedule so on and it shows that her ticket was more than what it would of been for daycare.. We both did not like the idea at all but thougth we would be nice and do it for the kiddos.. We all agreed it will never happen again.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/30/06 12:09 AM

well thats sounds like good thinking.. hope all comes out ok for you...
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/30/06 07:42 AM

keeping with the off subject of wild caught and smuggling. here is a sad and powerful video.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 12/30/06 07:46 AM

Might be a good site but its down till, Jan.5th. lol.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 06:23 AM

A sad update on Tory. shocked Like too many of the large misunderstood hostages of the human race, he continues to be brokered on craigs list. angry
10 year old Moluccan Cockatoo very friendly with cage
Date: 2006-11-26, 7:35PM

Tory Bird is very friendly - gets along with kids, other birds and dogs. He has a very sweet personality and no behavioral problems. He doesn't bite and has had a mixed diet of bird food and "people" food. Email for more information. Adoption fee is $900 with free cage. Will only adopt to NON SMOKING home. He comes with XL cage and pet carrier.

Adoption fee may seem high - but it is very low considering how extremely tame Tory is - this is not a neglected bird that screams and bites - he has been very well taken care of.

then again: angry angry
Molucann Cockatoo
Date: 2006-12-26, 2:59PM PST

Willing to trade for a horse. Or you can make payments. 10 year old , male comes with his cage and toys and food.

and again: angry angry angry
Molucann Cockatoo
Date: 2007-01-08, 6:07PM

Sale fell threw, so i still have 10 year old male Cockatoo, with cage supplies and carrier. Adoption fee does apply.

I have responded to listing indicating I volunteer with profession avain rescue and would like to help. My responses went unanswered. Apparently only $$ or horse trades work here. What is best for the bird is simply unimportant.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 06:09 PM

Where did you find this? I am wondering if it is the same people who had him or the person in Fallon who wanted him?

if it was april her zip is 89408 not sure what Fallons is...

Yea its april she is wanting the money, I would write her back and let her know you know the bird bites and that is has bitten at least 1 person and snapped at 2 others around xmas and see what she responds back to, then maybe she will let you take her..
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 06:40 PM

Also looks like that first ad for Tory is from November 11, 2006, so that would have been before this thread was started.

Is that last one Tory or the horse thing or all from the same person? Confuesed as usual LOL!

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 07:46 PM

Actually, postings go back to july but now craigs list doesn't list. All the ads seem to match. I suspect that tory was placed in a home prior to Blanka's. Then you see advertising begin again and Blanka tries. Then again in December when Blanka offers to return him, and it is thought he will be going to a breeder. Now again in January. One can find most of these ads on craigslist in the Reno, Nv area. All have said Fernley address for the bird. I have emailed the owner repeatedly offering to rescue him. The owner have never replied. If Blanka's mom thinks she can convince him to work with me and Mickaboo, GREAT! The bird needs to be in a loving and caring forever home. Not passed around. Not traded for other "live stock". And certainly not sitting in a cage of which is the size of my senagal's cage. See pix on craigslist if you are interested. I have no intention of listing their address, but anyone who wants may go to craigslist. It is sad and a shame!!! I want to rescue that bird!!! Talk with Betty and she is going to see if even mollywood would be interested in rescueing him. Mickaboo is really full right now. But she and I can coordinate travel if we have a go. Anyone who wants to jump in to this mess, please do. I have been trying since December without any success. Unfortunately, I can't do fancy internet pix posting, maybe Charlie can help, from work. But here is his wonderfully large cage with toys that they advertize goes with the bird. angry
(trying to post)
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 07:52 PM

Yea that is April, I will see what I can do..

Courage email me at ******* and I will pass along some other info about her to ya

That is funny she told me she only got the bird a month before we tried to keep him...So she has had him longer I am thinking
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 08:06 PM

will do in an hour. meantime, wild irish has love cage photo with one lousy toy in it. hopefully she can post. district restricts many computer functions. Blanka's mom. your email address is not working. I am trying not to violate this sites mandate, so let's find a chat time later tonight. good for me after 7:30 pm.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 09:20 PM

strange its been working all day its

I will email you smile
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 09:37 PM

also could be a district thing. If we can't connect now, let do so later tonight.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/09/07 10:11 PM

I also sent an email through the craigslist address asking if this person would consider letting Tory go to a rescue. I gave them a link to Mollywood, but I haven't contacted Mollywood directly. I was waiting to get even a glimmer of interest from the owner before bothering the rescue with it.

No response as of yet though... frown

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/10/07 12:31 AM

meantime, wild irish has love cage photo with one lousy toy in it. hopefully she can post.
HUH??? I have not gone to CL to look, usually avoid that site.

When I first read this I though you meant I had a pix of a cage with one lousy toy in it?!

Though I am still not sure what this quote means?

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/10/07 05:53 AM

okay, i think i have it. here's is hugh cage angry

sorry wildirish. i tried to email you the picture during the school day. obvious another function closely limited by district. but i think i have figure it out tonight at home.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/10/07 06:59 AM

That looks like the same cage I have my g2 in angry and I'm thinking about giving that cage to my green cheek and getting Betty an even bigger one. How could someone put an m2 in there.

Anyone up for some birdnapping?

(just kidding...sort of)

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/10/07 02:15 PM

OK makes sense now!

Goodgrief My CAG has a larger cage than that!

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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/10/07 10:05 PM

Yep that is Tory and the cage he is in. It is smaller than the one Blanka is in. It is rusted, no trays and he can get the locks off they have on the door.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/11/07 08:22 PM

That is just so sad!! My lovebirds have a larger cage than that! eek That poor bird. I hope who ever gets him knows something about his needs.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/19/07 06:09 PM

has anyone seen or heard anything about Tory?
Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/19/07 07:03 PM

Yes, just that at least once of week they post an ad on craigslist. Otherwise my pleas to rescue him go unanswered. I wish there was more I could do.

Here's the latest post:
Date: 2007-01-18, 2:03PM PST

10 year old male seeking a loving home, with someone who has alot of time and attention to give him. He comes with his cage,carrier, and food and toys. He is tame and talks. Loves to be petted and played with. Quite funny to watch when he gets into his moods. Adoption fee will be required.

I just emailed the owner again asking them to consider rescues. I don't expect a reply. angry
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/19/07 07:36 PM

Yea you are probably right, I know he is calling my daughters name now at night like Blanka did lol That what I heard a week or so ago. My kids go to school with thier kids.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/20/07 11:57 PM

I wonder if we could have gotten the owners phone number, poor blanka's mom. I think she felt stuck because it wasn't her bird and must have promised to give it back if it didn't work out for her and her family and HAD to do this due to the problem. I would never take a bird on that agreement because I would feel I had to give it back if it didn't work out even if giving it back was not the best for the bird. Perhaps this is the circumstance that blanca's mom found herself in. They may have said "we'll give this bird to you free if you PROMISE that if it doesn't work out you MUST give it back" just a thought. Having a Moluccan is a fulltime job. I read somewhere where one bit off the finger of an 8 month of child and I can believe it. I adore her even on her worst days though.
Doris & Snuggles

Edit-since it's been on craig's list maybe a fund should be started to rescue the bird? Just an idea.
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/21/07 01:53 AM

I was going to pay the lady if it did work out but I wanted to make sure first. I cant just afford to pay and not have it work out. I gave it my best and told her about the rescues on here and she acted like she didnt hear me. I even gave one person her phone number that is a rescue. I tried !!!
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Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/21/07 11:15 AM

Blanka's mom:
I suspected you did not have the legal right to give the bird to a rescue but it didn't seem to be mentioned in previous post by others. I'm sorry it didn't work out and maybe someone can rescue the bird or start a fund.
Doris & Snuggles
Posted By: Tiasmom

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/21/07 01:26 PM

This poor bird...I wrote her, I imagine she won't reply to me either.

Please, if you love Tory, and you want him to remain happy like you say he is, PLEASE take the advice of your fellow parrot lovers and send Tory to Mickaboo or Mollywood Parrot rescue!! They can find him a qualified loving home and he will no longer have to be passed around, and given up. You are putting an animal with the intelligence of a small child through hell, and he hasn't the ability to understand why! He doesn't know that you want the best for him, all they feel when given up is the pain of abandonment. You are putting him through that pain so many times! They are to emotional and sensitive to withstand moving from home to home. If you loved him, you would take the help you are being offered. If you loved him, the money wouldn't matter!
Posted By: Tiasmom

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/22/07 12:23 AM

I DID get a reply... frown

Lady get off your high horse and get a life. I have found the perfect home
for Tory already. And i have also worked with Mickaboo and other rescues and
birds and dogs still get passed around and returned.

I removed the name for liability reasons. Charlie

Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/22/07 04:13 AM

I thought you reply was so well thought out. So sad their isn't a human repling. I can't believe someone who has worked for a rescue would be so ignorant as to put a bird though all this.
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/22/07 04:26 AM

I will have the kids ask if he has been placed in a different home, if so then it has just been within this last few days. MY daughter said her son was talking about him on Friday...I have her phone number if anyone wants to email me and I will give it to them. I think I can cause I got it out of the paper even.
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/23/07 06:21 PM

OK Tory has NOT been placed in a new home!!! My kids said yesterday that her son is trying to get him to say Alexis is a bratt... So as far as I know he has not been placed and is still in thier home.
Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/23/07 07:02 PM

okay is raising $$ to buy him and get him to a rescue such a bad idea?? Input anybody?
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/23/07 07:12 PM

I will email her and ask her if she still has tory and let her know I know somone who may be interested in him and see what she says, ok just sent it will let you all know what she says.
Posted By: CJM77

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/23/07 07:20 PM

I don't think it's a bad idea at all Couragee. I know you and I have talked about this before, but I'll share my thought with the larger group. In these situations, I wonder if it might work to enlist a rescue who would buy the bird with donations made from a group of concerned folks. I think people might be more willing to give money if they could funnel it through a rescue. I don't know, however, if this is against the ethics of the average rescue.

Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/23/07 08:28 PM

Exactly. Donations would be a tax write-off. Bird would be with a rescue. I'm in.
Posted By: adobeboxer

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/24/07 06:01 PM

Which rescue should we donate to for this bird? Which one is closer? Is it ok with the rescue to have fund marked specially for this bird, Tory?
Posted By: Blanka'smama

Re: Hello from Nevada - 01/24/07 06:08 PM

ok the kids said Tory is gone to a new home. They got rid of him yesterday. So watch creigs list again and I will watch the local paper or you can it will be placed in the stuff in classifieds then in animals and then in Parrot section
Posted By: couragee

Re: Hello from Nevada - 05/20/07 08:18 AM

Guess whose head is back up on the chopping block. angry angry angry Can somebody please stop the madness!!! I emailed them to get details.
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