I Need some Advice!!

Posted By: NoahM2

I Need some Advice!! - 09/01/11 07:22 PM

Hi there, I have recently within the last 6 months adopted a M2 named Noah. He is such an amazing bird and i could not picture my life without him. His age is assumed to be 7-9 years old, so i know he is fairly young. But he has a terrible screaming issue. I do not mind the screaming, but it seems to be becoming 24/7. I spend alot of my time with him, and wouldnt have it any other way. i was just wondering if anyone had some advice on how to curb his screaming. I have done alot of research, but just wanted some advice!! Thank you all!!
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/01/11 08:23 PM

I only have about 5 minutes to respond, but this is a topic that has been discussed a lot here over the years! I'd recommend going up to the top by the search box and clicking on "advanced." Then, put "screaming" in the search box and change the dates to bring everything from the past year. There will be tons of reading and good advice!

There are ways to cut down on screaming, but there's no easy fix. Also, there is no way to eliminate all screaming -- a happy too is a loud too!

Usually screaming is a type of communication to us -- it will help us give you better advice as to what to do in your particular situation if you give us examples of when he screams. I'd recommend keeping a "scream journal" for a few days to notice patterns and then give us examples of when he screams.

I know from experience how frustrating this can be, but you can make improvements!
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/01/11 08:36 PM

You might try to think of ways you are reinforcing this behavior. Often, the way we react to screaming (or other behaviors) only causes more of it.
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/01/11 08:53 PM

I had the same problem a few years ago with my M2. Turned out he was hungry. This was when I started feeding twice a day instead of once and then a snack.

I now feed them their biggest meal in the morning. Pellets and a nice Too portion of fresh foods. Dinnertime they getnuts, seeds, people treats, and anything else I can find they will try. I feed them about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime and this has helped with the after dark screaming.

A Too with a full belly is a happy Too. Other feathered friends included.
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/02/11 05:53 PM

Hey guys.. well from what i know about noah is that he came from a highly abusive situation. They used to throw anything from perches to bottles to whatever they had in their hands at him. They also used to get him out of the cage and beat him with a hair brush whenever he would scream. They also used to yell profanity at him. So when he yells sometimes if you listen very closely (you wouldnt know he was screaming it if i didnt tell you what he was saying) but he yells F*** You or F*** you Noah. It breaks my heart to hear him say that. But then there is alot of times he doesnt scream anything words, he just lets out a big scream. I knew i had a challenge when i adopted him from the sanctuary, and i will never give up on him. He has found his forever home. Its just my partner is prone to migranes, and i cant have him in the same room with us when he starts screaming. So i wish there was something i could do when he screams.

I have tried ignoring him when he screams, and then when he stops screaming and just talks i will go over and praise him. I have tried a few other little things, like toys to keep him busy, but he would rather run around the bottom of the cage then play with any toys i get him haha. So any help is appriciated... Thanks Guys.

Brandon and Noah the M2
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/02/11 06:16 PM

As JBryan mentioned above, it sounds like he was reinforced in the past for screaming behavior. For many parrots, ANY attention is perceived as good attention. So, they may have thought they were discouraging him from screaming when they'd throw things at him, but they were really encouraging him to continue screaming.

You have the right idea about ignoring the screaming; what you want to teach him is that screaming no longer will get your attention, but some other noise will get your attention. In his case, maybe it's the talking you mention, but then you need to make sure, at least in the beginning, to run to him every time he makes the appropriate noise. Instead of talking, it may help if he makes another, more distinctive noise, like a whistle or a word, for you to run to that. This method was successful in reducing my macaw's screaming by probably about 90%. Now, when he wants attention, he makes this vomit sound, and if we ignore that, he'll scream, but that's really our fault for not listening to him.

You have to be really consistent. If you ignore the screaming, but then after 10 minutes give in and rush to him because you don't want your partner to get a migraine, you've just made things worse for yourself because you've taught Noah he'll get his way if he just screams long enough.

Do there seem to be certain times when he is prone to screaming, and can you do anything to entertain him before it happens?

In my house, I realized that my macaw would scream within about 10 seconds of me arriving home because he wanted to get out of his cage. But, I need to change out of my work clothes, feed the fish, etc., before letting him out. I worked around this by acknowledging him as soon as I walk into the house and giving him a nut. He eats the nut while I change clothes and then I let him out.

He also screams in the morning when I'm doing foods and waters because he wants to be out of his cage, but if I let him out, he tries to attack me while I do foods/waters, which is frustrating and makes things take much longer than they should. So, since he loves showers, we drench him right before I do foods/waters and he spends that time preening himself instead of screaming.

Prevention is so much easier than reacting afterward, which is why I recommend keeping a scream journal for some time so you can figure out patterns to the screaming and then figure out ways to try to prevent it from happening.
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/02/11 06:34 PM

For years Tut the M2 wouldn't play with toys much. His screaming was bad too. I found that he just loves to tear paper up. I give him paperback books with the covers removed. Telephone books are a favorite. Also, rolls of adding machine paper. He would rather play with them instead of eating breakfast.

One of the first times I saw him just having a blast of fun with the paper was one day I came into the birdroom and couldn't find him. I checked the cage door and it was secure. No holes to get out of either. I then saw the paper moving around. He was totally covered up and playing under the whole thing. He tore up the book so much that the pages filled about half of the cage. He now will make a place in the corner of the cage on the bottom grate and sleep there. I now this is a nesting behaviour but he is so much happier and his overall aggression and general well-being has improved. Even his feather condition has improved. He still doesn't want to be touched but he is happy, I hope.
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 09/08/11 01:55 AM

You could try new toys or even get some untreated 2x4 wood. M2s love to chew & as Elliott mentioned, you could even give him phone books. 6 months isn't really long enough for him to really "bond" to you & feel like he's part of your "flock". Keep up the "positive re-enforcement". Find a food he likes (small bits of almonds might work or pieces of fruit?) & use that as a treat to reward him when he's quiet. And, of course, read related posts here! (-: There's a search bar at the top of the page you can research any topic.
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 10/27/11 07:31 AM

I have a Utoo named Riley anyway he screams but some things i have done has slowed down the screaming 1 in the wild they scream to call each other in then groom each other then go to bed so i pet him settle him down i sing to him good night sweet heart[he sings with me] then i cover him 2 when we moved Riley had a hard time with the move ,new place an all. so I thought what new fun thing can I do with him that he will like so I started reading childrens books to him I go the libaray get book with bright colors He loves it ,he talks all throgh the story which is funny you can't understand him ,he really loves story time hope this helps Ruffy ps. try teaching him to sing Riley loves to sing with me which is better then screaming
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 10/29/11 05:35 PM

Elliott, funny you mentioned the adding machine paper. I bought three of what I thought were the cheapest toys I had ever seen, They held a roll of adding machine paper in a small chain. These toys were destroyed immediately and as a bird owner thats a good thing. Im now buying replacement rolls for this. Granted cages are way more harder to clean as it entertwines in the grates, but each of my birds totally love this
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 11/14/11 02:41 AM

How are you doing with your cockatoo does he still screem? i haven't heared anything so was wondering how things were going drop me a line
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Re: I Need some Advice!! - 11/05/17 10:38 PM

They scream in the morning and at night before bedtime and do the display when my moluccan gets over exited I try to distract him with toys. I play with him and after a while quite s him down. In the evening I turn off the side lights in my sitting room where his cage is. Bring out the black cage cover. By that time he gets the message climbs off his side perch and retires to the cage. Then I go to my bedroom.
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