Agression in citron cockatoos

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Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/09/09 12:58 AM

I have a small scale cockatoo rescue. My flock includes 2 male moluccan cockatoos, a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo, and 6 umbrellas. I have two older male citron cockatoos that I have recently adopted. They are showing strong aggression toward each other and my the other members of my cockatoo flock. Is this normal for citrons? I need some suggestions for solving this problem.
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/09/09 03:19 AM

I hope you have had cockatoos for some time and have not gotten all these birds in a short amount of time. You could be creating the perfect storm.
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/09/09 03:33 AM

Well I don't know what you consider a short time, but my first cockatoo is 7 and I got her as a baby. I do know what I have gotten myself into- thanks though
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/09/09 09:04 PM

I don't have any experience with Citrons specifically, but I do have 6 cockatoos. 2 M2's, a U2, an LSC2 and 2 G2's.

Whenever you introduce a new bird into the environment, you risk upsetting the flock dynamics. Adding aggressive birds, especially ones that are aggressive to other birds, makes it a very difficult and dangerous situation.

The safety of all the birds has to be your primary goal, which means not allowing the aggressive birds access to one another, or any of the other birds. Since you are operating a rescue, hopefully you can get those birds in a placed in a single bird home quickly.

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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/09/09 10:06 PM

You have many factors to take into consideration in determining why you see these signs with them.
First, safety is what matters...
After that, are they in a location where they feel threatened? Are they too close to another? Males competing? Something like a cat or dog going by? new cages? So much to think about but I do hope they have been vet checked and quarentined!!!!
PS~ there are 5 Toos here also but only one who shows signs of aggression. he is a foster and kept in an area with only one other...
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/10/09 09:47 PM

I do not have any animals other than cockatoos so this shouldn't be a problem. I do seem to believe that it is hard to have more than one male cockatoo in the same aviary. I do do keep my birds in cages, they have a large outdoor aviary and an indoor bird room so they must get along well for it to work. I generally do not try to relocate birds once I take them because it seems that there are not very many people out there that are ready to deal with a large parrot's behavior and most people do not understand them. I believe that I will have to add on another area for the citron, though because of the territorial male problem. Any suggestions?? Thanks
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/10/09 10:13 PM

I'm sorry - from your opening statement I thought you operated a rescue facility. Many of us here have multiple birds that we have adopted, including mixed species of cockatoos. As I mentioned, I have 6 cockatoos, and since I adopted them as my own personal birds, with the intent of keeping them, I don't equate myself with running a resuce. My Toos don't live in an outdoor aviary, but it is an open cage door policy here from morning until bedtime. I have 2 males (U2 and G2) and there is no aggression between the two of them, or any of the cockatoos for that matter.

Are you familiar with Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary?

All the cockatoos there live in mixed gender colonies peacefully. Perhaps this page may interest you.

Tips for Colonies

The bird aggressive birds are segregated from the other birds in their own colony.

Killer Toos
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/11/09 09:48 PM

Thanks so much. I did actually find the Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary (located in Seattle Washington??) site several months ago and I have learned lots from reading their information. Lokks like they have a great setup!! I am not sure what qualifies one to say they run a "rescue" or a "sanctuary" but I feel that someone who has 11 cockatoos that for the most part where given to me because their previous owners did not care to deal with them anymore or the situation changed or whatever, or special needs birds, or aggressive birds meant not just be the average pet bird owner. I really enjoy this though and I feel that it is my special calling in this life! I am so glad to have found others like yourselves who enjoy cockatoos like I do and truly understand them!! My citron is doing well today and seems to be adjusting well to me. I have just decided to keep him separate from the rest of my flock.

Wow! What a story, I just read about poor Noelle. Things like that make you sick at how cruel people can be. I cried and cried because I felt sorry for her but more than that I feel sorry for all the other out there that are not as lucky to have someone who understands them and loves them to step in and do something. Everyone who owns a cockatoo should read this story and look at her pictures!!!
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/12/09 12:58 AM

I wasn't trying to diminsh the good that you do by any means. It's just when someone says they have a rescue, it's conjurs up the truest sense of the term in my mind, and that is why I replied about finding a permanent, single bird home. You are absolutely right, cockatoos are not for everyone..

Wow, 11 'Toos - how large is your aviary? Perhaps Lori Rutledge (the owner of Cockatoo Rescue and yes, in WA) can give you some suggestions. I've been very fortunate not to have any bird aggressive birds. They all aren't what I would call "friends", but they are flockmates and respect one another as such.

Thank you for your kinds words concerning Noelle. I am honored, and humbled to have the priviledge of caring for her and I share in your tears for all the other Noelle's in the world that are still living the nightmares and horrors she has endured.

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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/12/09 11:11 PM

My aviary outside is 16 foot X 16 foot made of heavy gauge tube steel and expanded metal with a metal roof and concreted around all sides! My husband is a welder HA HA We made it completely bird proof on the inside and completely critter proof on the outside so that nothing can get in or out! They have sandy perches attached around all sides and swings, branches, bamboo towers, etc in the middle. They even have a misting system on the outside for the really hot days. I have really enjoyed being able to put everyone in it, but I am afraid those days are coming to an end for a few months because of the weather. You are so blessed to not have an aggressive birds. I have to keep my 3 aggressive males separated or we hope to build 3 separate smaller aviaries for them next spring!
I hope Noelle continues to improve and maybe her story can help others!!
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/13/09 02:14 AM

We'd love to see pictures of your aviary, and the birds too!
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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/13/09 04:46 AM

I have lots of pictures, but being that i am semi-computer illiterate, I will post them in a few days when I have someone to show me that trick. I do not have a Facebook or My Space or anything. I am usually too busy cleaning up after birds for these things. I will learn about the pictures, though. I want everyone to see the aviary.

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Re: Agression in citron cockatoos - 10/13/09 05:21 PM

I'll look forward to seeing your pics, Emily smile !

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