still plucking, screaming and biting

Posted By: Monkey and Tea-Bird

still plucking, screaming and biting - 11/18/05 05:37 AM

We have had Tea-bird for about 4 months now, 2 of which i have been a part of. He is a rescued bird and was badly treated before we got him. We are all trying really hard to help him lose his aggressive tendancies and plucking\mutilating habits. IT IS SOOOO HARD THOUGH!! He just bit my boyfriends finger for the first time after many many failed attempts. He has tryed to bite me too but i seem to be quicker than he is. I know he is not doing it to be mean and that he has a good reason for everything that he does...but its so difficult to be patient sometimes. I just feel like we have been trying so hard and we get no results. I know things don't happen over night...but they do get prgressively better right? I bought 2 books now, one on diet and one on behavior. I have started to cook and bake for him, i buy and make him toys all the time, and i have been giving him as much positive reinforcement as i can but every morning i still greet a plucked scabby grump who screams in my face and lunges at the cage half the time. I admit, i haven't got him to a vet yet but i don't know how i will. No vets that i have found do house calls and i am terrified of him when he isn't in his cage. Anyone on the big island of hawaii know a house call vet? Anyone have any words of wisdom? If still helps to vent on here. I would just love to see him happy and healthy and i feel like i'm not doing it right. HELP!
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Re: still plucking, screaming and biting - 11/18/05 08:07 AM

Hi Monkey & Tea-Bird

I really don't have much more experience than you do with Cockatoos, but I can try to help you get him in to the Vets office. I have a large perch with a protective guard on it that we can use for step-ups. I'm right down the hill & willing to help. Email me at
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Re: still plucking, screaming and biting - 11/18/05 02:19 PM

My U2 bites the snot out of me and I have had to deal with him alone (without hubby - who Puff chose to bond with). I used a very soft, thin baby blanket. He races after me, so I did like the Toro Bull Fight and when he got to the blanket I gently dropped it over him, this stopped him dead in his tracks, rendered him inable to see. Then I wrap him up (sort of swaddle like) turn him on his back, let his little toes grab my fingers and try to keep his little biting beak covered. I actually laid him on the counter the other night (he broke a wing feather - another story), all swaddled and slowly unearthed his wing. I was impressed with how well he behaves while wrapped up snug in a blanky. I have many many bites. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and take a few licks, just to make sure your bird is safe and healthy. It will help if you have someone to hold him or even a kitty crate for the vet trip. I recommend a crate or bird carrier vs. the holding, I usually crate, unless there is an emergency and they need protected from themselves.

Goodluck, hope Kiko can help you! You could fly me over, I would love to help! laugh

Oh, for the plucking. This may piss her off, but try spritzing with aloe juice and filtered water. Daily. I am working with my B&G with plucking and mutilating feathers. I think her issue is jealousy and dry skin. So a little more attention and a daily misting. I spray the bottle over the head so it falls gently down on her. I will use up to an entire small bottle on one bird. They really need baths and love them ultimately. Always have fresh water for her as she may take baths in her water. Mine does this, so bird soup is not good for bird baths. eek

Give her lots of things to shred and tear up, even like copy paper and paper towels. Mine all love that palm shredder stuff. Also try singing gently to her. Do you know the sunshine song? Mine all calm down a bunch when I sing to them. My husband climbs the walls, but they love my rotten voice!

I wish you well!
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Re: still plucking, screaming and biting - 11/18/05 02:26 PM

my dyha used to sing spanish operas when she first came to me, and she sang beautifully. as she can imitate all our voices, i don't dare to sing to her, as i'm sure she'd sing as off key as i do. it's bad enough that she imitates me yelling at the kids!
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Re: still plucking, screaming and biting - 12/31/05 05:20 AM

Hi Monkey and Tea-Bird -

My C2 is not a "morning" bird either laugh

When I first brought our C2 home from the Humane Society, I would just sit by his cage and talk softly with him or even just read a book, just to be close. I was fortunate that he wanted affection right away and crawled out of the cage and into my lap. I do have my share of bites, but that is something I have accepted as going with the territory. The bites have gradually decreased in intensity and it is more of his way of saying he doesn't like what I am doing or trying to get me to move out of the way while he is trying to protect me.

A good vet is a must, and it was good to find my Too was in good health (just a little neurotic). I use a small wire pet carrier that has both a side and a top door with the removable tray.

Toweling your bird is beneficial as it provides control without hurting your baby. I double the part of the towel that will be in the beak area to prevent getting bitten through the towel. I would rather he took out the frustration on the towel than my fingers.

I wish you and Tea-Bird a positive outcome wink
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Re: still plucking, screaming and biting - 12/31/05 08:47 AM

Hi MTB! Good luck with your baby, if you search previous threads I've posted, you'll see that I feel your pain! eek The biggest thing is to remember that its not their fault they bite... smile But best of luck to you, my Angel LOVES to sing at the tip top of her lungs or bark like my dogs so my ears also sympathize with yours. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
Have fun in the sun,
Kat laugh
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