My friends U2 does'nt talk at all

Posted By: E.J

My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/11/05 10:00 AM

Hi Guys....

According to my firend Jonathan , he purchase his U2 in a petshop and the seller says that the U2 is a wild caught and about a year old at that time. Jonathan did buy it anyway. Now his problem is, not even a single word nor' screaming sound came out from his U2 for 2yrs since purchase. Also the U2 is very shy.

In need of your inputs...
Posted By: angie

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/11/05 02:23 PM

Hi E.J.
Until I looked and saw that you are in the Phillipines I was concerned that your friend had a three year old wild caught bird. Here in the US it is illegal to import parrots.....
If you could get your friend to come here and do some research I think that he would find this to be very helpful to him.
Not all parrots or cockatoos for that matter talk, but I am amazed that there isn't a sound coming out at all!!
Does he get out of his there interaction? Does he have toys to play with and stuff to do...foraging for food, things like that?
Best of luck to you....wish I was in the Phillipines right now....I could go for some ponsit and lumpia!!!
Posted By: King Les

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/11/05 02:48 PM

Can a wild caught too be reintroduced back into the wild or is it to late?

That is so sad!
Posted By: kimforster

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/11/05 04:33 PM

Genarally yes he can be re-introduced back into the wild. If he's caught from the wild he CAN go back. How long has your friend had him & where is the too from? We have too's in Australia that people adopt temperarily & they are safely put back into the wild. Generally if your too came from the wild he will lose very little of his wildness & does survive. Your friend shouldn't have the too unless it was ill or unable to survive in the wild.
Posted By: E.J

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/12/05 01:00 AM


Hi! Hmmm....your familiar w/ Phil. food like lumpia & pansit, well good for you! smile No, the U2 doesnt get out of his cage.He so wild, that every time my friend gets close to the cage the U2 would climb up high or go to the corner of his cage. Yes, I did see some wooden toys in the U2's cage.


My friend had the U2 for two years now from a pet shop. Well, it goes like this.... There is this island in the PHILIPPINES that one can actually hear the sound of a rooster cock doing its morning call coming from INDONESIA. INDONESIA is where most of COCKATOO'S originates(pls. correct me if im wrong) so that how traders easily slips cockatoos here in PHILIPPINES and other ASIAN country.
Posted By: scoutkj

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/12/05 01:17 AM

We have a wild-caught, former breeder U2 living with us. When we first got him, he was alsolutely silent. He didn't make a sound, barely moved, and didn't display at all. We thought maybe it was because he had been kept in a garage for years in a small cage, no toys, one dowel, you know how that story goes, but over time, he started to "come alive" and display, participate in group calls, and make little grunting sounds. The "happier" and more confident he becomes, the more sound he makes and the more he moves around, ironically, the more unhappy I think he will ultimately be in captivity. He knows his place in the wild, I can see it when I watch him. He knows he is out of place here, that he may be better off than he was before, but we have awakened in him that desire for the wild, I can totally see it. If your bird is wild-stolen and can be returned, I absolutely think you should do the right thing. There's no question in my mind. What's stopping you from doing it?
Posted By: E.J

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/12/05 02:46 AM


Again...Im posting for a friend, as much as I wanted to do the so called "DO THE RIGHT THING" its not my call to decide. But then again I understand clearly your concern, and honestly we share the same view smile

Also its not that late after that his U2 would eventually talk. I'll see to it that i could give Jonathan a print-out of this topic so as to inspire him even more to work & be patient with his U2..thanks so much!!!! laugh

You've mentioned having a wild-caught U2 also, had you "DONE THE RIGHT THING" in releasing it and re-introduce him in the wild confused
Posted By: angie

Re: My friends U2 does'nt talk at all - 04/12/05 03:52 AM

I would just like to comment that we have a wild caught military macaw that is at least 21 years old. Obviously I couldn't release her back into the wild because I live in North Dakota....and honestly after 21 years of being with humans, I wonder if she could even cope again in the wild.
I personally think that if your friends Too is unable to be handled and is locked in the cage at all times...well that is no life for him. No one is benefiting from this situation...your friend doesn't get to handle the bird and the bird is in all reality in jail for a crime that he didn't commit...
If you could talk to your friend about re-introducing his Too into the wild...I would try to do that....I think that is the right thing to do here...but that is just my opinion.
Would I release my bird into the wild? If I was capable and I knew that she would survive you better believe that I would give that back to her in a heart beat...but she has had her back broken and has no tail feathers....Man has damaged her....what a sad world.
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