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>Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:04 AM

Everytime with out a doubt When Kiwi climbs down and sits in my lap she vomits what could be causing this? Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:30 AM

It sounds to me like she is regurgatating for you {feeding you} and its a sign of affection. Is she bobbing her head up and down when she does it?
Posted By: Charlie

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:34 AM

Are you sure it is vomiting and not regurgitation? Vomiting is usually accompanied by violent head swings and the vomitus thrown in every direction and can signal a sick bird. Regurgitation is part of allo feeding by bonded birds. If you are a mate surrogate and the bird is laying in your lap, regurgitation might be common. How long has this been going on? Many birds are hormonal at this time of year and will display this behavior.

Here is another recent discussion:
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Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:41 AM

She has been doing it since an accident that happened about three months ago they got locked into my car on accident when the heater was on and no one would come unlock the car even the cops they were stuck in there for an hour after that kiwi started throwing up half solid food and now it is kinda liqiudy with some food in it
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 09:59 AM

I am just worried and wanted advice here while i gather the money to get her to the vet
Posted By: Scarletts mom

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:36 PM

I freaked out the 2 times Scarlett vomited and was on the phone to emergency vets on a sat night. If this has been going on for 3 MONTHS(!!!!!!!!) you need to take her to the vet ASAP!!!!!!!!! She could have a burn or infection in her crop from the exessive heat she breathed in while stuck in the car!
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Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:40 PM

oh my goodness!
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 08:55 PM

SM is right - this bird needs to be seen by an avian vet IMMEDIATELY! I cannot believe this has been going on for 3 months and you haven't sought medical attention. This is going to sound harsh but it needs to be said - if you cannot afford proper veterinary care, you have no business having pets.
Posted By: Scarletts mom

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 09:03 PM

I would live on peanut butter and ramen noodles for a year before Scarlett would ever go without treatment for something this serious! The reason the vomit is liquid now is she is probably starving!
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 09:05 PM

Oh My!!!
I need to always have a plan in order when you open your home to animals.Yes they are expensive but it is your duty.We have emergency funds set aside and they have come in handy a couple of times.You never know when something is going to happen and you don't want to have to scramble for finances at the last minute that is using up valuable time in caring for you companion.I know things happen and you don't always have money but please take that advice and prepare for the worste.Let us know how things go. I'll be praying all will be okay.
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/29/07 11:37 PM

Get her to the vet NOW. I would be concerned about some type of brain damage or toxin problem from the accident you described 3 months ago. If the vomiting is now liquid rather than solid, then this is getting progressively worse. Think like when we throw up, first it is food, then liquid and dry heaves when nothing else is there. Your bird can get very dehyrated fast and will possibly need IV's. I took my Harry in when he was vomiting the liquid and projectile vomiting other stuff. Take her to the vet NOW; it is better to be safe than sorry......
Posted By: spinnyspoo

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 02:06 AM

Our vet will charge full price if she thinks you've stalled getting your sick bird in.

It's cheaper to go in immediately when something is wrong instead of waiting 3 months shocked until you've got more money.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 03:39 AM

I read on a previous post that you had Nana to the vets on 11/20 for his scabs. Why didn't you ask about Kiwi then if it has been going on for three months? Nancy
Posted By: TaraRose

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 05:17 AM

Sad to hear about your accident. I personally would have just broken the car window to get to my babies..does that sound crazy?

If she is truely vomiting she needs to see a vet. But if she is regurging for you, that is hormonal behavior. Do you know how to tell the difference? What does he vomit look like? If she is regurging she will be bringing up undigested food from her crop. If she is vomiting it will usually look more liquidy

Praying for your Kiwi..
Posted By: TaraRose

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 05:19 AM

PS the sooner you go the cheaper it will be, trust me
Posted By: bukemdano

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 05:42 AM

Nope... Not crazy.. I would of broken the car window in that situation....
Posted By: gn18

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 05:59 AM

Kiwinana, there may be installment plans to pay off at the vets. Try checking if you have not done so. Also, I believe that some vets would be willing to work out some payment scheme if the bird is really sick. Get your bird to see a vet first, then talk to them about some scheme if $ is really tight. That's what I would do if in your shoes. Hope that she's ok.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 07:53 AM

No no she just started this part recently i have talked to the vet about it and said that she is fine as long as it is not solid....
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 07:55 AM

She is drinking and eating fine i watch her everytime i feed her she only does this when in my lap she drinks lots of water
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 07:58 AM

She has food in it with water from drinking right before i get her out
Posted By: TaraRose

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 06:18 PM

If the vet told you the vomiting is fine unless it is solid he/she is wrong. Liquidy vomit is MORE of a concern than undigested vomit. Time for a second opinion.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 06:32 PM

Im sorry...I feel like you are talking in circles.

Your very first post makes it sound like Kiwi is regurgating {sp} for you...then you say she was locked in the car by accident with the heater on and she has been doing this since the accident. Then you say she just started this recentally, to me recentally means a few day but you had already stated this has been going on for three months. You never said you inquired about this concern to your vet. You have also not answered the question.....

Is she bobbing her head up and down or is she violentally slinging her head from side to side.

Please dont take this as me jumping on you because Im not. At this point I am just becomming confused as to whats going on with your bird and Im pretty sure at this point, I am not the only one. Can you please give more details.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 08:43 PM

Okay, on october 11, 2007 about four P.M. me and my friend Cortney went to an FFA activity I didn't have enough time to take the birds home. So i took them with about five it started getting chilly so i turned the heater on in my car let it heat up a while, then i sat Kiwi on the top of my seat in the car Cortney put Nana on the top of her seat accidently hitting the lock button with her bottom locking the door. I stayed by the car and went to check the heat making sure it wasn't too high about two minutes later and realized the car had gotten locked. As soon as i realized it was i called the cops to see if they could unlock my car then they said they couldn't do it because the lock smiths could sew them for it so then i called my dad they had been in the car about ifteen minutes now i was arguing with the police officer about the life or DEATH situation since they said it had to be a child in a life or death situation these ARE my children. So i called my dad and went to leave the house after finding my spare key it will take him half an hour to get there from my house. About five minutes later I called my boyfriend to find out if he had a spare key to my car or if he knew anyone that could help me. He did not. About five minutes after that the police called me back saying that they would make an exception this one time for me. and about ten minutes after that the officer showed up where we were. He got them out by the time we were able to get them out Kiwi had vomited once. I got her out and she vomited again. Yes this was vomit she was flailing her head around as she was doing it. On the way home i called the vet again to talk to the doctor they told me to keep an eye on her and if she did it again to bring her in she did it once when i was on the phone with them she was still cooling down some. At the time and i let them know she was doing it again they said alright Keep an eye on her so I did once in a while now she will do it butwont shaker her head like you are describing but I have not seen her bob her head when doing it either I have a vet appointment scheduled for her for wednesday I have half the payment i need for them to see me set aside and i am talking to my parents about helping me some but the last week she has done it more and more sometimes it is watery sometimes it is not most the time it is more food than water.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 09:05 PM

She is doing everything normal I even found a vegetable that she will eat with me... carrots and broccoli
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 09:54 PM

Just for your information we do have an edit your post function.We don't encourage the double posting because it takes up such valuable space on the board.

There is not much we can do for you in terms of diagnosing your 'too.You will need to go to your avian vet to get that.Make sure to write everything down that is a concern to you because they will be the ones to answer any health concern abou this matter.IMHO something more than just regurgitating is going on and has been for a long period.It really should not have waited.Can you get this 'too in for an emergency visit...there is an extra fee but I think it is warrented.When you phone please tell them EVERYTHING! As well as for how long it has been going on.She could have something lodged in her crop even maybe swallowed a piece of toy or something and you need to find out what is going on with her NOW.Because of the fact that it is becoming more often receantly says what ever it is now progressing.Don't wait.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/30/07 09:57 PM

i have had her out for three hours now and she has not even tried anything just wants to snuggle and be close to me she keeps telling me i love you then starts kissing at me she also keeps pushing up into e and panting then i stop her and put her back in my lap and pet her head her crop looks normal she is still gaining weight she is up to 537 grams when i got her she was at 356 grams

Edit: I needed to clarify that she only does this when i get her out of the cage and let her in my lap she have never done it inside her cage she is not sneezing or anything and i keep my room at 75 degrees all winter and let the sun heat it in the summer I also have a humidifier going at all times. She still has not done it today for anyone who wishes to know and i have had her out since i woke up.
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 12:48 AM

Your bird is in sexual overdrive.Please read those links above.I would still keep the vet appointment as well as try to get her in sooner.Also be aware she could be eggbound.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 01:05 AM

I never touch her sexually just the top of her head. How would i go about stopping this regirgitation she is doing?
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 01:11 AM

Try giving her a foot toy to play with if she likes them,or offering her something to eat like a nutriberry or avicakes anything she likes to eat to get her mind off trying to feed you.You need to get her mind on something else.Also don't allow her under the blankets or pushing heavily against you for a while as this may be leading her into the regurgitating.You will have to try different things to keep her mind off feeding you.If she likes paper shredding give her some paper to shred or if she is like my birds they like leather tied in knots and will undo the knots and then I tie them again.When the panting starts is when you need to redirect her attention right away.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 01:23 AM

I have been stoping her and giving her something new to do then she somehow links it to panting she has not been acting strange at all infact she has become more trusting of me i have had her since july i believe she is finally getting comfortable in my house i have given her things to shred but i need to keep them out of the cage so she does not try to use them to make a nest i gave her palm leaves that were woven and she is terrified of them The stroe i go to they have no foot toys i give her cat balls and wrond things but she does not enjoy them unless it is a cardboard ring i get at a local store even then she is really picky on her toys she wont play with them unless i take her to pick them out and i dont want her to get sick that is why i keep the house so hot i dont want to loose her i love her to death she is a wonderful bird and i have the honour of being her caregiver writing this reply i started in tears thinking of loosing her ya she can make you want to make cockatoo soup out of her but you could never do that look into those eyes all you can do is love her her personallity is amazing she loves everyone not just one person I have another question about my little man that i need to start another thread on thank you so much everyone for all your help it means so much to me I am so glad that i have found this site to help me with any and all questions i have and am glad that everyone gets down and to the point that is really good and i am glad that no one is for breeding because it is aweful Kiwi my girl is my rescue i worry about her so much day in and day out i am stil learning and happy to have such a wonderful girl like her to brighten my days she is only five years old and i want to have her for the rest of my life let us make each other happy and healthy
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 01:26 AM

You need to read the links I gave you in the above post.they have sooo much information in them.Take some time and read them.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 01:29 AM

I have read one i am still reading the others thank you so much for your help and i will futher my searches on this subject
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 02:14 AM

Thank you for your help so much.
Posted By: gn18

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 04:40 AM

Kiwinana, we will always be here for you.

Can't really add on to what has been said except that I still think she needs to see a vet earlier (ie before your appointment on Wednesday). Can't you push the appointment up earlier? If you feel that the vet has not given you a satisfactory answer, then try a different vet. (It's like us humans, sometimes we just have to keep seeing different doctors until we find a suitable ones for our illnesses). If you need to know which vets are good in your area, then let us know the area you are in and maybe some of us will know a good avian vet there. Take care
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 10:13 AM

The vet is closed until wednesday for the holiday i have her set for bright and early in the morning to get in to the emergency vet would be a hundred dollars to walk rheough the door and another hundred for every hour after that plus a fee for diagnosis i checked into it.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 04:34 PM

Originally Posted By: KiwiNana
The vet is closed until wednesday for the holiday i have her set for bright and early in the morning to get in to the emergency vet would be a hundred dollars to walk rheough the door and another hundred for every hour after that plus a fee for diagnosis i checked into it.

And she's worth EVERY PENNY...
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 05:42 PM

I echo EchosMom worth every penny of it! With a sick bird you don't wait. Cassie just woke up yesterday morning with clogged nares. I called the vet yesterday and brought her in today. $209. but I wouldn't wait a day with her they can get really sick and die too quickly. You make due with what you have and go without to ensure the bird is properly cared for if not then you shouldn't have a bird! Sorry just my opinion, but I think it is the same opinion as most of our members. Nancy
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 07:25 PM

I agree.It is my job to provide for them what ever they is not thier job to go without care so I can have the things I want.It may be costly but this is what I think...I would really kick myself in the rear for a very long time if...I woke up and my bird had died because I wouldn't spend a few extra dollars.I am not saying this is going to happen but it is a possability.
Posted By: Birdiemommy

Re: >Vomiting< - 12/31/07 10:26 PM

Birds cover up pain and illness very well. When they start acting sick it is sometimes too late. I would get the bird to emergency NOW!
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 01/01/08 03:50 AM

I took her in last night after i got off here she is doing fine doing some bloodwork
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 01/01/08 03:52 AM

Thank You So Much!!!!!!I can not THANK YOU enough.

Please let us know how the results are.I will be thinking of you and her.
Posted By: KiwiNana

Re: >Vomiting< - 01/01/08 03:55 AM

My parents were freaking out and yelling at me for it becuase i have no money yet I am just starting my job out of school.
Posted By: Janny

Re: >Vomiting< - 01/01/08 04:36 AM

I am sorry I know it is hard financially sometimes but in the end if there is something wrong if you wait it could mean life or death.If you really think about it...your parents will forgive you but could you have forgiven yourself if something happened that cost this companion of your it's life.That is how you have to look at it.

IMO you did the right thing.I am sorry your parents don't understand
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: >Vomiting< - 01/01/08 05:33 AM

Caring for a 'too properly (or any pet for that matter) is a huge responsibiity, especially for someone so young, who still must rely on parental support. You did the right thing and I hope that the labs come back OK - please let us know.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: >Vomiting< - 01/01/08 11:28 AM

We'll be keeping out fingers crossed that the blood work comes back fine. You did the right thing and should be proud of yourself regardless of what your parents are saying.
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