shower anger...

Posted By: sandiego

shower anger... - 09/06/07 06:57 AM

I give kahlua a shower almost everyday....and he begs for it....yet after he's done he gets super crabby and makes "grrr" noises like he's mad and just sits and naps. why does he do this especially if he wants the shower?
Posted By: CJM77

Re: shower anger... - 09/06/07 07:55 AM

Because he's a cockatoo and just because he thinks he wants something one minute doesn't mean he wants it the next.

But seriously, is he cold afterwards or is there something about the end of the routine that is unpleasant or uncomfortable for him? I think most birds sit and nap after a shower and a preen, that part isn't uncommon. Does he make the "grrr" noises at any other time?
Posted By: Mary Jones - Arfy's Mom

Re: shower anger... - 09/06/07 12:26 PM

Arfy makes GRRR noises when he is getting ready to go to sleep, whether that be a propper sleep or a doze in the afternoon.

Kahlua is probably just exhausted after the fun time in the shower and just wants a bit of a kip xx
Posted By: sandiego

Re: shower anger... - 09/07/07 12:43 AM

No he doesn't make those noises otherwise....he doesn't even preen after the shower.
Posted By: jaznblu

Re: shower anger... - 09/07/07 01:11 AM

Our RB2 gets real cranky after showering too. I have found ( I think..LOL) that he likes to be alone to groom afterwards and gets irritated if I am "in the way". He gets pissy with the mister we use and acts like he hates it, but then displays and opens all his feathers and sings the whole time. Oy Vey!
Posted By: Relle

Re: shower anger... - 09/07/07 08:55 PM

LMAO! My deceased G2, Burrrd, LOVED to shower...and then once she was all wet she was FURIOUS with me! Burrd: "You b**** look at me! You made my beautiful feathers all wet. Get back! Don't touch me! Don't look at me! I WILL find a way to get you back!!!"
She was back to her lovey self once she dried off.

Bud-Bud (G2) won't preen his feathers after a shower until he has dried off quite a bit.
Posted By: sandiego

Re: shower anger... - 09/08/07 02:41 AM

yeah, he gets furious with me too. goes on top of his boing and will NOT come down until he is dry....sits there and naps and grrrrr.
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