molting or plucking???

Posted By: joemadness

molting or plucking??? - 08/12/03 10:40 PM

I have noticed that Ruby (11-month-old female LSC2) has 3 balding spots. One on either side of her neck and one on her chest. I can only notice them when her feathers are ruffles, or when she is wet. Then I have to really look to notice the spots. When she is dry or does not have her feathers ruffled, I can not see the spots. I am concerned that this could be feather plucking. I never have seen her pluck, nor do I see excessive amounts of feathers on the bottom of her cage, or around her cage Just the normal amount of down feathers. Any ideas or feedback?
Posted By: Charlie

Re: molting or plucking??? - 08/12/03 11:04 PM

Hi, Joe. Our GSC2 has the same look, especially noticeable when wet. I was also worried about how bald her wingpits ( <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> ) looked. It was enough for me to consult with her vet but he assured me that she was in fine feather and that the skin between feather tracts becomes more visible during displays and when wet. Now, that's what we found but if you are really worried about it, I would suggest that you get an expert opinion. smile
Posted By: joemadness

Re: molting or plucking??? - 08/12/03 11:10 PM

My vet just returned my call. She commented that this pattern of balding in normal for a cockatoo (she stated the name of the condition (not abnormal!!), bit I did not write down), and that they may never grow feathers in those stated areas, especially over the crop. Thanks for your feedback.

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