Would you like to help a very sick cockatoo?

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Would you like to help a very sick cockatoo? - 03/19/12 07:19 AM

Some of you are aware of the medical problems being experienced by one of our members, Megan. Her 40 year old Greater Sulphur-crest, Bill, is having internal problems and is making progress but slowly. Here is the latest update and various ways to donate a dollar or two to help with his large medical bills. Any little bit would be greatly appreciated! Forty may sound old to you but these birds routinely live into their 60s and 70s! Thank you if you can provide a little more help.

Bill is most likely going to be in the Avian Hospital for at least a week, the vet fees are going to be huge. If you can please send even a dollar, I know it will help Megan Lewis greatly.

This is the hospital where Bill is at Night Owl Bird Hospital Donations can be made directly to them. Night Owl will accept checks as long as it says “Bill Lewis” on the check, they do not have paypal. They wi...ll also take CC donations though
**Night Owl Bird Hospital**
1956 West Broadway, Vacouver, BC V6J 1Z2. Ph: 604-734-5100. FaxL 604-734-5110 Thank you all.

You can also donate to Megan’s paypal

I Know these vet bills are mounting for her and while Megan would never ask for any help, I am going to do so for her. The last time Megan had surgery for Bill, she worked three jobs to pay for his medical expenses.

So even if you can only afford a dollar, it will all add up and help our Megan and Sweet Bill very much.

Today's update from Megan:

Hi Everyone. I am at a proper keyboard now, so can do a proper update. Bill is still very weak and tired, but making these subtle, little progressions that both I and the vet are happy to see. For instance, his feeding tube was bugging him, so he managed to pull it up underneath his plastic cone and chew it off. Also, he tried to climb up me to see who was making a lot of racket down the hall (an ...african grey named Fred).

On the other hand, when I'm holding him, it's with two hands because he's pretty wobbly and I can feel his feel stop 'holding' after a minute or two.

We still don't know exactly what the mushroom slime is in his crop, He is still being tube fed (there was enough tube left to use). We have no idea how long this is going to take, or how strong he will ever be.

Every night that he makes it through, increases his chance of making it through the next. He wsa very tired this afternoon and I broke up my cuddle time with him to allow him to nap.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. This has been a roller coaster!
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Re: Would you like to help a very sick cockatoo? - 03/19/12 07:13 PM

Originally Posted By: Megan
plan for today....
Thank you everybody. Today's another day. I am going in to cuddle him for 10 - 11 (it's surgery day in the hospital, so they have a packed schedule Mondays) then back at 5pm for more. Hopefully we'll have some answers by the end of the day, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was tomorrow.
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Re: Would you like to help a very sick cockatoo? - 03/20/12 12:31 AM

Thank you for posting this Charlie!!!

I just want to add that there are considerable expenses associated with Bill's hospitalization besides just the cost of the medical expenses. Megan has taken Bill to see the best avian vet available to her and she had to take a 4 hour ferry ride (at considerable cost - $200 1-way I believe) to get there. Because of the distance, Megan has had to take an undetermined time off from work. Bill needs her there, and she needs to be there.

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Re: Would you like to help a very sick cockatoo? - 03/20/12 06:48 AM

Originally Posted By: Megan
Bill Update:
Well, he's holding himself up a bit straighter and he fought the vet a little bit this evening. That's the good news.

... On the down side, we still are no closer to finding out what the mass in his crop is. She says it looks like solidified egg yolk or cheese whiz. So, we'll keep plugging along, and trying to figure it out.

He's quite wobbly. His head is a bit wobbly, and he falls over sideways when he fusses with his collar. It seemed to me a bit better from yesterday, but I'm not exactly a dispassionate observer. When she said she was going to test for lead, I almost cried. She doesn't think it's lead, but because there are so many unknowns, she's ruling out as fast as she can.

He mostly slept on me today. He's dopey, drowsy and sleepy. He's focusing for a few moments, then glazing over again. I just want my boy back and well.
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