This site ROCKS!

Posted By: Charlie

This site ROCKS! - 03/27/11 09:22 PM

Having read all the posts this week, it just never fails to amaze me the amount of really great first hand and linked information being passed on. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and senior members and their input.

In addition, I am noticing more and more that even new members are adding their first hand observations and ideas for discussion. There is absolutely no reason we should quit posting after a moderator makes a statement! The reading base of this site is huge and this is how the best information is broadcast to bird keepers everywhere. Our members will pass information on to others that have never been to Mytoos. This is what we exist for, to get real, useful information to people that need it, not a bunch of internet mumbo-jumbo hearsay. People need to know what it is to live with these animals on a daily basis for years, it is only for a small percentage of the general population.

Keep up the good work Mods, senior members, new members. Don't stop here either, tell everyone with a bird, or is thinking about a bird, the truth so they won't go out and buy a cockatoo that lives 50 years and end up "tired" of the mess, noise, expense and loss of their lifestyle after two years or less! These birds deserve better and they don't deserve to be put on this earth to satisfy a fleeting curiosity of man. They are wild animals at heart!
Posted By: Janny

Re: This site ROCKS! - 03/27/11 09:35 PM

I agree Charlie! It is also nice to see all the members jumping in with advice and guidance and not waiting for a Mod or Admin to reply.It really does us a huge favor when our Members,new and long term,help out like this. wink
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