We still get letters.....

Posted By: Charlie

We still get letters..... - 01/30/09 12:05 AM

like this one and I want to share it with all of you. Together, we do make a difference every day, to someone!


I registered an account at your forum on, but realized that an email would probably better serve as a way to express my thanks.

Thank you for providing frank, realistic advice on what it takes to own a cockatoo. A neighbor of mine recently rescued an Umbrella Cockatoo from a family member who was keeping the bird at his shop in a backroom, with little interaction. The bird was starting to pluck it's feathers. My neighbor owns a beautiful blue and gold parrot (unsure of the proper name for it), and took in the cockatoo. But two birds is proving to be a bit too much for them, so they are trying to find a home for this cockatoo, or else take it to a rescue.

He had her outside yesterday, and of course, myself and my children were enamored with her, and would have loved to have taken her home. I do not nor have I ever owned a parrot (other than a cockatiel, who was a dear pet and companion for some years), but I knew that they involved a lot of work and commitment. Knowing it was a big decision, I put off taking the bird home until I could research the type of care that this beautiful bird would need. I am thankful to your site for spelling out the pitfalls that clueless people (like myself) can so easily fall into. I know now that as much as I would love to have one of these birds, with three small children, and our current lifestyle, it just would not be fair to the bird. I have your site to thank for that.

There is another family in the neighborhood who is also considering taking the bird. They have small children as well, but even less time than I (I'm a stay at home mom, they both have full time jobs). I will definitely refer them to this site, and hope that they reconsider.

Should I ever get to a place where we are ready to bring one of these beautiful animals into our lives, I will remember this site!

Much Appreciation,

Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: We still get letters..... - 01/30/09 12:11 AM

What a wonderful testament to the impact the message that Mytoos can and does bring to people. Nancy
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: We still get letters..... - 01/30/09 12:16 AM

Thanks for sharing this with us Charlie and I agree with Nancy - it's a wonderful testament to the work we do here. And BRAVO to Tammy for researching before leaping! I hope the bird finds a good home.
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