hope i did right

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hope i did right - 01/13/17 08:15 PM

Hey everyone been a loooooong time ,if you check back in post you will see I rescued a citron cookatoo maybe 4-5 years ago named Sysco ,well Sysco is doing great,now onto my question,AGAIN I rescued a umberella cockatoo, appears to be I will be the 3rd owner,the owner was female who came upon really hard times and had developed an addiction and no longer really afford bird,the bird was no longer her objective,she wanted to sell bird for $500 with the help of 2 other witness of how the bird was living they offered to pay one of her utility bill and the other person bought food and I came up with,the other 2 people who helped said they didn't want the bird they just wanted me to take it and get it out of house so I did,well took bird to vet after almost $400,we got complete blood work fecal exame and few other things done ,we have a healthy female,,the vet was amazed after seeing the living conditions (they secretly took pics)the 2 other witnesses would not let me go there to see the bird in person cause the were afraid I would have went nuts and got arrested
my concern is this, I have read and heard that these guys need to have someones attention ALL day ,,well if I was retired wouldn't be a problem,here is the schedule when we get home from work(5pm) we let her out we pay some attention then move about with other choirs,about (8:30 pm )we cover her up and bed time,she doesn't scream when covered up,on weekends she is out ALL day til time to go to bed That stays the same as rest of birds,the vet gave us the go ahead to move her into the area with other birds and people,he said not to worry about time spent that she will be fine ,,,just looking for people opinions
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Re: hope i did right - 01/14/17 04:39 AM

The most important thing for her is to give her plenty of activities to keep her busy and enough room for her. Congratulations and best of luck to all of you.
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Re: hope i did right - 01/16/17 10:55 PM

Our M2 is by herself for eight hours a day and sometimes a little longer. Then out of her cage until 10:30pm or so M-F. On weekends she is usually out for 16 hours. While she doesn't get the recommended 12 hours sleep at night, I think she makes up for it during the day. This is the schedule we have had for nearly 12 years now and works for us. Just make sure she has things to do during the day. Good luck.
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Re: hope i did right - 03/06/17 10:40 PM

Yes, when you come home from work be sure the bird gets immediate attention.. My Too Sydney is was fine for years staying in his cage till daddy came home from work, but then it was a must! OUT OF THE CAGE and onto the perch next to dads chair for attention and petting! This site is full of heart breaking stories about interactions with Birds and people, but the reality is the people have to learn more than the birds most of the time. We bought Sydney around 7 years ago from a female doctor that had raised him alone with her daughters. This was all my wife's and daughters idea, I was along for the ride... We went to see Sydney at the doctors home, she was outside in the backyard in the pool with one of her friends that new Sydney very well. Sydney was on his perch out back too. My wife did her thing talking and petting the bird, so did my daughter while I stayed in the background leaning on a post, the entire time noticing the bird was giving me the eye the whole time from a distance. The Doctor informed us that Sydney hated men, he was a 20 year old citron crested too that had not been around men, the ones he had been around he did not like at all! Finally my wife turned around to me and asked me if I was going to say hello to the bird.... The Doctor immediately warned that he would take a chunk out of me if I got close enough... But one of the things none of them new was that I had been a bit of a "BIRD" person even when I was younger, even had pigeons that would follow me around town walking as much as flying to keep up with me... The Bird eyed me as I walked up to his perch, we stared eye to eye in silence for probably 3 minutes. I put my hand on his perch stand and asked him.... So are we gonna do this or what?... Sydney eyeballed my hand, looked into my eyes, eyeballed my hand again, looked into my eyes again and started climbing down from his perch. He reached the stand and looked into my eyes again.... walked over to my hand, climbed up onto me, walked up my arm and buried his head into my chest! Th e doctor and her friend both gasped and said that had never occurred before. Needless to say Sydney the 20 year old Citron crest cockatoo came home with us that day. He is most assuredly my bird, or I am his human, depends on perspective.... I can do anything with Sydney, clipping nails, trimming flight feathers or clipping his beak even because it tends to grow a little more on one corner that the other... On the other hand, he doesn't care for women at all! LOL. Maybe this means 20 years worth of women should be enough for ANY male... LOL, I dunno.... Bottom line, he is a part of this family, he walks across the cats like they are not even there, he enjoys feeding the dog bits n pieces of the food we give him. If it's on my plate he wants his piece, it's that simple! My heart goes out to the birds I read about in this forum, and if possible I would even consider adopting one of them, my largest concern would be my best friend, Sydney.... Just don't know how he would take to sharing his humans.... lol. But I have thought many times of getting him a cage mate, or a play mate at least... And to top that off, I am now retired and maybe an extra fishing buddy might now be a bad thing. Sydney loves to go to town with me, fishing, flea markets.... everything... He is quite a ham and loves to dance with music....
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