Update on closing of World Parrot Refuge

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Update on closing of World Parrot Refuge - 09/18/16 10:58 PM

This is from Vancouver news:

I know that someone posted about adopting several of these birds, but I could not find it. A person from Vancouver Island posted this news in another chat. I hope that these birds find a forever home. It sounds like that Vet stepped in with others and sanctuaries to try and treat the birds and find them homes.
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Re: Update on closing of World Parrot Refuge - 09/19/16 06:56 AM


We are one of the many people that have stepped up and adopted from the WPR. There are a few others here from Vancouver Island who also adopted.

I was originally 3toos, joined back in 2002. Now, after losing my password, I am 6toos, as we adopted 4 cockatoos from the WPR.

Our flock consists of 6 cockatoos, 2@m2, 2@U2, bare eyed and a Goffins as well as a yellow fronted Amazon. We also have twin teenagers. So the cockatoos have lots of drama to entertain themselves.

There are still many large birds looking for homes, but only available for adoption here in Canada. If you know of anyone, please let them know.

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Re: Update on closing of World Parrot Refuge - 01/30/18 02:05 PM

An update on the "situation" of what is going on with these birds:
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Re: Update on closing of World Parrot Refuge - 01/31/18 12:15 AM

This was on their Facebook page. Quoted on the Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary yesterday. "Thank you to CTV for visiting us today. We are still looking for a new shelter space. What we need is about 3000sqft, ground floor. We need a very basic kitchen space. It has to be clean, safe and capable of deterring rodents. Noise is of course an issue so a stand alone building or concrete construction is key. We are very open to the geographic location. At most we think we need a one year lease so if you have a property you are holding for development, this can work for you."
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