Rescued Corella looking for a new home

Posted By: Hugo C

Rescued Corella looking for a new home - 06/04/14 01:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am writing looking for advice in finding a new home for a Long Billed Corella named Hugo. (I am in Sydney, Australia)

About 10 months ago, my partner and I found a Corella in our backyard in Baulkham Hills. It was being attacked by other cockatoos and was clearly a tame bird. We put it in a cage and advertised for the owner and in the meantime, the more we learnt about Corella's we could tell that this one had been mistreated and probably kept in a small cage on a seed only diet. We decided to take the ad's down and care for her ourselves. We have purchased a larger cage now and she is much happier. She no longer plucks her feathers, she is friendly and loves a scratch and a cuddle but does not like being picked up and she does not fly well either.

My partner and I have decided to separate and with both of our living situations, we unfortunately cannot commit to the care that the bird needs and would love to see her go to a loving home.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Rescued Corella looking for a new home - 06/04/14 03:46 AM

Can't help from the States but I would consult with local avian veterinarians as they are networked with more cockatoo oriented people and may be able to give you some leads. Good luck and thank you for caring for Hugo.
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