Birdline Fire

Posted By: Tiasmom

Birdline Fire - 03/20/14 05:19 AM

I'm sure I've just missed the post, but I thought I should let everyone know if it isn't already known that Birdline in Calgary suffered a devastating fire losing 27 of their flock. Birdline is operated by Anna and Steve, I believe Anna's name on Mytoos is Meegsmom. All of the birds passed due to smoke inhalation... there were six survivors, including Mantra who I believe is a LSC. Lope, an Amazon, is still in ICU.

They've been getting quite a few donations but the expenses will be ongoing... this is their website.

FB page with updates.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: Birdline Fire - 03/21/14 06:07 AM

Thank you for posting this, Tiasmom. So tragic! They are wonderful people and my heart breaks for them. They are definitely going to continue the great work that they do. Insurance has come through for them so they will be able to rebuild. Fortunately, Lope, the 70 year old Amazon came home today, so all 6 survivors Ard back with Anna and Steve!
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: Birdline Fire - 03/22/14 06:23 AM

Omg. My heart is breaking for them. What a tragedy.
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