Posted By: bellesmom

Angel - 01/17/14 03:56 AM

I just got a message from the rescue and they have a couple very interested in angel. im going to look at the application and then decide if they can come meet her, then a home inspection. he thinks they sound good. They have other birds and want to give her a forever home. Im going to go in the bathroom and cry now, guess I didnt think it would happen so fast. hope they are ready for the Nth degree
Posted By: bellesmom

Re: Angel - 01/17/14 04:15 AM

I forgot to ask my question. since this is my first foster situation I will ask them to pay the fee to the rescue and what are some good things to look for and to watch out for? Ill be working with the rescue folks but i know some of you here have alot of experience with adoptions. I just dont want to miss anything.
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