I am a rescue bird

Posted By: Crazy4Sierra

I am a rescue bird - 08/12/13 06:08 PM

I frequent my local bird rescue site and found this beautiful verse to share with you all. True and touching to say the very least...

I am not bright-eyed and brand new, I am not a baby that is adorable and immediately trusting. I have seen the world and had experiences that have become a part of me. People turn away from me. They don't want a bird who has "problems or issues." They don't want an "older" bird. They leave me behind because it is easier to have a "baby." It is easier to "start fresh." They don't know me, they don't really see me, they don't understand me.

I am not perfect. It is my quirks and my past that are a force to be reckoned with! Perhaps my feathers are a bit ragged and maybe I don't eat what you want me to eat, but all I need is for you to help me. Perhaps I may not trust you instantly, but the trust I give is something to be cherished and earned. Just because I may be afraid at first doesn't mean I don't adore you in my own way. I am a jewel, a diamond, a beautiful soul. Perhaps I am older, but love, respect and care have no age limit. Only give me a chance.

Do not turn away from me for fear of issues because so often I have none. My only "issue" is that I have no home and I am waiting for one. Waiting for someone to love me again. Waiting to be taught love and trust. Waiting for you. Love me for the life I have lived and the life we will live together. Because if you do, I promise I will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of my old life and shine in my new life.
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Re: I am a rescue bird - 08/15/13 12:59 AM

that was beautiful
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Re: I am a rescue bird - 08/18/13 02:08 AM

Beautiful and true. The plight of older captive parrot is dismal at best. Many had a loving home once but now find themselves alone and unwanted in a rescue, unable to figure out why. So many others abused and neglected, having never known love. And then we have the breeders who greedily continue producing babies for money, never caring what happends to the majority of them. Older parrots are wonderful, they deserve a chance and personally I think they are much easier than babies.
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Re: I am a rescue bird - 08/19/13 06:46 PM

I agree and accept the challenge of a rescue bird. It makes the success of the bond much more satisfying.
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Re: I am a rescue bird - 08/25/13 10:11 PM

Thank you for sharing this! As I read it over several times, I realized that through ignorance and following the wrong advice from questionable sources, I turned Emmy into a “rescue bird.” I found this site and gradually my little rescue bird did a complete turnaround. I am so glad and grateful that I found this site and caring people here and did not give up.

I got Emmy from a breeder in 1993--too young to be weaned and followed the breeder’s advice until I wised up and found a good avian vet. Things got better, but the groundwork had already been laid for future problems. Found MyToos at the end of 2005 and joined in 2006.

I have always loved Emmy, but at the beginning I did not realize how much I was hurting her through ignorance.

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Re: I am a rescue bird - 09/18/13 02:09 PM

You're welcome! There is something just so rewarding while sharing the transition of a rescue bird in your home. It's nice to see our efforts affect their lives so positively. They all certainly deserve a chance smile
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