Finding a "real" Rescue.

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Finding a "real" Rescue. - 03/03/13 06:16 AM

I would like to find a real Rescue to help---volunteer, foster,etc,..but in far South Texas, all I've found seem to be breeders who "take in" birds---I think some of them just keep the birds for a while & sell... We rescued a Blue & Gold a few months ago from a dark, hot room, with more than 12 inches of feces & trash in bottom of cage---his tail was black from filth. We paid for him just to get him out of there! Seems to me a lot of abused or neglected birds just get left to die because people don't want to admit they can't handle the responsibility. Any ideas, anyone?
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 03/04/13 05:14 PM

Rescues List

What you need to do is contact your Animal Protection Officers in your area and Avian Welfare to get this looked into!

Pictures help and speak a thousand words! You just have to befriend to get them is the only horrible part!
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 03/21/13 12:33 PM

Is there a place I can go to check out reviews on particular rescue groups? I am actually checking now for a group to place my bird in the event that something should happen to me. My family would not be a good fit for her. I don't think they would have the patience.
I have a place in mind, but will need to plan a road-trip so I can see it myself and decide whether or not to put their information in with my Will documents. It is very scary because you just never know people. I want her to get the same care that I would provide and not get bounced around. So far I have found one that states in their contract that in the event the person cannot keep the bird, it needs to be returned back to the sanctuary. And no breeding. That was a huge one for me. If I am not there to provide the care, I want her placed in a good environment. I get sick when you read some of the horror stories..

Have any of you had to do this? Any suggestions or good questions to ask when I am visiting these places?
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 03/22/13 07:18 AM

Your own eyes and ears are the best "reviews" possible. Visit the facility, more than once. How are the birds cared for? Is it clean? Over crowded? What diet do they feed? Do they have 501(c)(3)status and if so, ask to see their financials. Talk to their volunteers. Ask to meet with the board members. Is there a plan in place that insures the continuance of their facility beyond the life of it's current Directors. Ask for references and follow up on them, including vet references. Review their adoption, foster contracts. Google the organization and the names of their board members. This isn't an all inclusive list...just some things that popped into my head immediately.
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 03/22/13 12:28 PM

Thanks. These are great suggestions. I plan on going there to look at it with a friend or my sister. I figured that two sets of eyes are better than just one. I have been in touch with them through e-mails. They got back to me almost instantly and so far that has been going well.
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 06/26/17 08:12 AM

I'm wondering about this, too. I'm interested in adopting eventually. The more I read here, the more I realize that I need to prepare much more. I knew that cockatoos need a lot of time, space, activity and commitment, but it's SO much more complicated than that (blood feathers, ABA, flight cages, ambient vs. focused attention, etc. -- I didn't have a clue about any of those things before!). While I'm getting steeped in all this, I'd like to contribute in other ways. I looked at the forum section for rescues/shelters and perused the list, but there are none listed for my state (Texas). I have searched online and found a few that are designated non-profits and that seem very good, but they don't appear on the Rescues List here. Does exclusion mean that they are not considered legitimate by people here, or is it just happenstance?
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 06/27/17 02:43 AM

No it does not mean that the rescues are not good. Rescues over the years are constantly changing and evolving so it's almost impossible to keep all 50 states plus Canadian Rescues up to date. It's important that you research and visit if able each of the rescues you are interested in.
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Re: Finding a "real" Rescue. - 06/27/17 05:09 AM

Thank you! I was hoping that was the case. I will visit for sure.
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