How can I help rescue other cockatoos

Posted By: Reka

How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 01/11/13 01:56 AM

I am not looking at adopting or taking in homeless birds. I just do not have the room or time for that endeavor at the moment. What I would like to is be active in another way that would be benificial the helping out the birds I love cockatoos.
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Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 01/11/13 06:47 AM

Support a reputable rescue organization and there are many ways to do this:

You can make one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation. Or, make a trip directly to their AV's office.
Sponsor a bird
Volunteer your time
Make or send toys
Send food - always needed. Pellets (find out what their preference is). Nuts and Nutriberries are also good choices.
Donate supplies - ask for a list of needed items.


Make presentations to local groups/schools on the plight of
captive parrots and be an "Adopt Don't Shop" advocate.

The possibilities are endless....
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Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 02/17/13 08:56 PM

Reka, were you able to find a resuce that you could get involved with? I noticed your post was in early January.

Like EchosMom said, making toys for fosters and donations are a great idea. I volunteer with Florida Parrot Rescue (they have a website and social media), and I'm a low-bie so I don't know too much, but as an example they had a Christmas Toy drive that people "picked" fosters to sponsor for presents. Our foster Grey loved every toy that came in that box. It was such a great help to us becuase we all know that toys are not cheap.

Also, I see from our group emails that tranansport help is always being needed, even from Virginia. Last month there was bird in VA that they found a foster home in Northern FL and needed someone to help make the move.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I'm not an expert, just trying to help spread the love. It's so cool that you are wanting to find a way to help even if you can't take anyone in. If you found a place near you, what have you been able to do so far?

L. J.
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Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 05/15/14 06:31 PM

I help a local rescue by fostering cockatoos. Since cockatoos are the greatest inhabitants of rescues I decided to specialize in them. I also work the booth at bird shows and do show and tell at pet stores when the time is allowed. The rest of the time is spent running my bird club. There is always a slot available for help at a rescue.
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Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 05/15/14 06:59 PM

Bird shows are nothing but disease dens and not any good comes from taking any parrot of any species to any bird show. I hope you are not taking any cockatoo or any parrot to any bird show.

Working the booth at a bird show is not something we encourage here. Unless your booth is promoting not having cockatoos as pets you are not part of the solution. If your booth is parrot free and is promoting don't get a cockatoo as a pet you are part of the solution.

Pet Stores are the problem and are not part of the solution to the plight of captive parrots and cockatoos in captivity and their cycling in and out of homes and rescues.

Bird clubs are typically not a good idea unless they are completely anti-breeding, pro adoption and have a strict code of ethics and enforce a don't buy, don't breed and if you just have to have a parrot adopt from a legitimate rescue.

We are a kind and caring group here for sure.

If you have not already please read all over the Mytoos website

Not all rescues are legitimate and not any pet shop is an appropriate place to do a show and tell with any cockatoo or parrot as it only advertises them and promotes them as pets.

Please read all over this message board to get a feel of what it's about here. We are completely anti breeding of cockatoos, completely anti selling of cockatoos.
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Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 05/16/14 06:56 PM

I think in this case asking for clarification may be in order. A person who does fostering and educational presentations doesn't need to be attacked. I do know of rescues that set up tables at animal expos which are set up for rescues. Not all petstore are selling animals, many sell supplies. If you are going to do a presentation on parrots and rescues what better venue than where animal lovers congregrate.
Hopefully she will come back on and clarify our questions.
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Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 06/07/16 07:34 AM

There are many wildlife removal services.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: How can I help rescue other cockatoos - 06/07/16 12:30 PM

Carol check the dates when reading some of these threads. Some are old and original posters not active.
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