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rescues - 12/18/07 02:27 AM

can anyone please inform me if there is any rescues in CA? i have a female moluccan cockatooand she is wanting a mate at this time in her life. thank you
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 02:38 AM

No rescue in their right mind is going to give you another Moluccan to breed. This is not what you have in mind, is it?
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 02:40 AM

Please read this before you go any further...

Then consider staying around and finding better ways to help your bird through this difficult period in her life, without adding to an already desperate situation. I hope you will re-think your plans!
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 03:52 AM

well what i would want is another cockatoo to keep her company and possibly to be her mate sometime in the future
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 04:57 AM

Please read the link in the above post. We do not support breeding of any kind.
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 04:57 AM

Oh man, this makes me want to say things I shouldn't. I'll be polite, well, as polite as I can possibly be.

Do NOT BREED YOUR BIRD!!! For every egg she laid that might hatch, there's probably dozens of adult M2's in horrible homes. You want to add to that??? Why the he-- do you think so many end up in a rescue anyway?
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 04:59 AM

I'm hoping this is just a troll... eek
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 04:59 AM

It does make you want to say things that are not polite, me too. However before that happens here we should try to educate this person.

BarriOs, I have two cockatoos. One is a goffins and one an M2. They live in the same room, and I believe keep eachother company. They cannot breed and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are too many abandoned birds in rescues for me to ever want to add to any numbers.
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 05:46 AM

well yeah ok i know. im just saying any other kind of 2 or parrots. can an african grey co-exist with an m2? or are they known as solitary birds
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 06:32 AM

First off lets back up a second and deal with the issue at hand -THE M2 YOU OWN NOW.
Give us some info about your bird
How old is she?
Are you sure she is a she?
How long have you had her?
What makes you think she wants a mate?

2nd thing - WAY TOO MANY BIRDS in rescues needing homes without new ones being bred.

3rd - Yes there are rescues in California but you have to put your time into it. A person can't just go to a rescue and say I want a bla bla kind of bird and get one, take home and thats it.

4th - Have you read anything on this site? because if you have then I don't think you would have asked the question you did.

READ, READ READ, and READ everything on this site:}
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 05:42 PM

Hello, maybe if you posted in the "New Members" section, told people a little about yourself, and you M2, a little back ground.
Your first post was short, without much information and open to various interpretations.

As suggested, have a good read here, lots of good info and advice, use the search at the top right.

Finding a friend/companion parrot-like is a bit of a lottery.
All birds like people, have different personalities.
No matter how carefully you choose, and introduce them, it may be two birds won't ever get along, or may take a long time before they accept each other.
Though we would all hope for the opposite, it does not always work.

So one part of the answer is also, do you have the time to still give both birds the attention and care they need if things don't go to plan?

Good luck finding a rescue. I would hope they would work with you closely, in the interests of the birds, so you can find a friend for yours and give a home to a bird that needs it.

One of the more difficult problems with a lot of cockatoos, is the bad practice of them being hand raised and coddled by us humans. They do not know they are birds, and introducing them to another can be a long and not always successful process.
But as long as they don't hate the sight of each other, then some degree of companionship can be had.
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 07:16 PM

Introducing another parrot to your home can be a very risky thing to do especially because you have a M2.M2's will often times kill their mates or bonded mate if they do not want to breed when they want to.They will also put other species of parrots in great danger for this reason.Think very long and hard about this.Having a M2 in my home I have had to come up with extra safety precautions for my other flock to keep them out of his beak range because he does not mix with the other parrots and he is still very young and not sexually mature yet.

Also if you don't have the time for the one you have and you are wanting to get another 'too or parrot to be entertainment then you are going to get a big suprize.If you thought you never had the time before be prepared to have absolutely no time now.You are doing much more work and the expenses just doubled so you will have to work more.
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 07:35 PM

Even if you dont breed, when the birds get hormonal, there is always a danger of them attacking each other, male cockatoos have often killed or savagely mutilated their female 'partener'. Its just so different in captivity. In the wild they can choose their mate, it makes a huge difference. (Imagine if YOU were forced to 'marry' the girl of your nightmares, and had to reproduce with that partener aswel) People have commited murder for less. Now....Think about those cockatoos.....
Posted By: rubytoo

Re: rescues - 12/18/07 08:53 PM

Janny and Wishful made important points that I missed out. If it was me I would be aiming for same sex birds if it was a close species. But still need to be careful.
And some can sadly cross breed, Umbrellas and Mollucans? I think someone here has one. So you would have to bear that in mind too.
The last thing you'd want to happen.
Anyway I am assuming you don't want to breed...well I hope not.

I hope others who keep different species will be able to help.
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 09:48 PM

This is an example of mate mutilation:

Small wonder that they bite humans on the nose!
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 10:01 PM

ok heres the thing. my 2 was mistreated when a local petshop owner purchased her from her original family. her feathers were plucked out. before i bought her i would constantly visit her and she was non-agressive. however, shes about 4 years old now and the petshop owner said she might be looking for a mate. shes lately become really aggressive and when i let her out of her cage she chases and attacks the person shes closest to. i need help on knowing why shes been acting so strange
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 10:35 PM

Okay, you do need help and you are in the right place.

i need help on knowing why shes been acting so strange

The bird is not acting strangely; you just do not understand the bird and probably have not yet built any lasting trust. People will be on board to help you but history is quite important.

How long have you had this bird? Cockatoos are usually docile and fairly quiet until they realize that they are not going back to what they have known or they feel brazen enough in a new environment to start testing. This is sometimes called the "honeymoon period". You can search for that using our search feature and read many members advice and experiences.

This bird is also approaching maturity so this will play a big part in how to effectively deal with her.

One thing I will tell you while you wait for other input here. Do not listen to breeders, pet stores or anyone else that feeds their face by selling these animals! The members here make no profit; they see no money; they only care for you and your bird's relationship. Please click on the Behavior Forum and scroll down looking at topics. You will find some very useful things. The more you talk about your bird, the more we will know and the more we can help you. smile
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Re: rescues - 12/18/07 10:39 PM

ive had her for about two months and thought it might be that shes just getting adjusted. would training do her any good during this period in her life?
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:07 AM

Hi there,

The things we will need to know to help you better is this....

What are the sleep paterns like.What time do you put her to bed,what time do you wake her up? Is she in a totally quiet room or do you watch t.v. etc. in the same room as her?

What is her diet like?

What is your idividual time with her spent doing?Are you body petting?Is she free most of the day or caged?What kind of toys do you have for her?

How long have you had her?

How her cage is placed in the room and if she can see you most of the day?

Please explain and share anything you can about her and we will help you work this through.There likely won't be a quick fix for your situation but we can help you build the relationship and help you to understand what she is going through right now.

The biggest thing to remember is do not rush this relationship.Patience,Patience,Patience.Slow Slow Slow.Watch your bird very closely and get to know the body language and what she is telling you.You should do some reading up on Positive Reinforcement and Clicker training.Hormones and breeding Season (although yours is a bit young to be sexually aggressive it is a good idea to prepare)

I urge you not to introduce another parrot of any kind to your home right now as it really is not the answer to anything.What will happen is your going to end up with 2 parrots acting uncontrolable.SPend some time reading and answering some of these questions and we will see you through this.2 months is not very long and she is trying to adjust to your home which is very hard for them to do.It can sometimes take a year for them to feel like part of your home.
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Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:22 AM

ok. she usually goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up aroud 7. for the most part shes in her cage because of her aggression. i do, however, let her out of her cage about 3x a week. the room shes in is pretty quiet, so i leave the radio or t.v on. as for her cage ; its pretty big with toys in it. what i dont understand is why she has so much hate to everyone. she seemed VERY comfortable with the petshop owner and wouldnt bite her at all. eveytime i let her out she goes up to me as if shes seeking atention and strikes at my legs. it came to a point where my family didnt want her anymore, but they also notice that she has a nice side to her and she likes to be petted at times.....just not outside her cage. oh, and i feed her organic pellets with a minute amount of seeds in it and fresh fruit every day
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Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:29 AM

Originally Posted By: barri0s
ok heres the thing. my 2 was mistreated when a local petshop owner purchased her from her original family. her feathers were plucked out. before i bought her i would constantly visit her and she was non-agressive. however, shes about 4 years old now and the petshop owner said she might be looking for a mate. shes lately become really aggressive and when i let her out of her cage she chases and attacks the person shes closest to. i need help on knowing why shes been acting so strange

Please stay around! This is probably the hardest hitting board you could have chosen, but its the best regarding cockatoos. A;so the BEST regarding thier 'parents'. I really hope you stay.
Anne x
Posted By: wishfull

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:40 AM

Barri, I am breaking board rules a bit here by double posting, but I have questions. How old are you? (I know its personal, but it helps us help you) Would your parents join this board and chat, and have a wander and read a bit? If you are a young person at home with your family, then really the idillic situation would be for all your family to join in here. Parenting a person who is parenting a difficult LARGE bird isnt easy! So please, invite your family to join aswel. Your beloved bird, and YOU as her carer, deserve the best we can give. If its a family thing, bring em in!
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:44 AM


I adopted Lucy (U2) in June 07 - Seems like I have had her longer, but within the first two months I had gotten my first bite and my husband several bites.

We learned what to watch out for, but this board was essential to my not giving up! I learned sooooooooo much because prior to that I had a blue crowned conure (way smaller and much less prone to aggression). However, I love that species too, but I would never buy another bird from a pet store or a breeder, regardless of the size.

I could not fathom the number of parrots who are let seems even worse than what happens to cats and dogs and these are highly intelligent creatures. This is unfortunate, We like to think we are making a difference and so YOU CAN TOO !!! (M2)

Best of luck, hang in there and we will be here for you!

Karen, Lucy and Pina
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:52 AM

Do you spend allot of time in the room with her?She will need to see you allot to get to know you.She needs to see you are not a threat to her.You don't have to actually have her on you but being able to see you allot will help her see you aren't going to hurt her.Just sitting and reading in the same room as her and humming a little tune really seems to help relax them.

If you can open her cage and just walk away and sit in the room with her and let her come to you that is always the way to go.Giving her the option.If you open her cage and force her to come to you or pet her when she is tense or scared she will see you and any other person as not trustworthy.You have to let her call the shots a bit and give her the time to get over her fear.Parrots are not like dogs and don't adjust to new homes readily and normally will bite because of fear of something or because it has worked for them to keep people away in the past.Example...our grey used to bite at you when you'd ask her to step up.Once she realised we weren't going away and we used the words come here instead she then started to step up readily because she also new it was followed by a peice of pine nut as well.The pine nut was the positive reinforcement.I wouldn't suggest going that far too fast but it gives you the idea.

Even if your not comfortable with the cage open just yet.When ever you are in the room with her give her treats in her dish.Let her see you eating some carrots and celery and get her curiosity in the food your eating and when you can see she is wanting a tast give her some.If she will take treats from your hand then you are doing great.Then you will be well on your way...if not just offering it to her by hand first and then if she doesn't take it drop it in her dish and hold it a bit longer each time to see if she will take it.

Try not to stare at her.Watch her but glancing at her only.When you look at her drop you glance downward as making shy almost.If you stare at her or look at her straight on she will see this as a threatening sign and very dominating or aggressive towards her.Try not to do that.Try not to move too fast around her either.

Try not to talk with your hands.This was very hard for me to quit but very important to do.Fast movements with your hands is really scary for parrots and even a well trusted companion can be unpredictable at times when you do this.

I am actually walking out the door to go to work so I will try to post more this evening when I get back.This is hopefully a bit to get you started anyway.

I do hope it works out for you and the M2.It will take time but if you are willing to do what we suggest you will be fine.
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 01:56 AM


I missed something. What is the rule about double posting? Are we not supposed to do that?

Sorry, I think I have done several times.

Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 02:06 AM

both my family and i see her a lot. its not so much thatim scared of her, but its hard to notice when she is going to attack. usually if she wants attention she will walk up to my head and leave it there. however, there are times when she does that just so that she can get close, bite me hard, then run away.
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Re: rescues - 12/19/07 02:16 AM

*****usually if she wants attention she will walk up to my leg and leave her head there.
Posted By: wishfull

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 02:25 AM

Stick around barri smile Loads of help here for you and your beloved bird!
Lucy, 'double posting' takes up precious and costly board space, thats why its not really encouraged. The 'edit' feature is here to save the need to double post, cos if you simply forget to mention something, you can add it to your original post. However, i do believe that if what you need to say is important enugh to warrant a double post (in effect, bring the topic back to the top) then its ok. I think it just prevents people from purposely (and wastefully) getting a post with loads of unnessecary 'links'. Im sure a mod could explain this better... Charlie???? Jan????? smile
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Re: rescues - 12/19/07 02:28 AM

Have you taken this bird to an AVIAN VET?
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 02:31 AM

It almost seems like she wants you to scream ouch.She has probably seen this reaction from someone in the past and wants to see you do it.You have to try not to react at all when being hard as it may be.When you do react and they see you scream ouch and move around all they relate to is..."Hey look what I made him do...I think I will do that again". Try to stay calm if you need to go into another room for a moment.Is there anything happening before she bites you...Are you petting her before this and stop and she still wants to be pet.Is she playing hard with toys prier to the bite?Anything like that you can see.Maybe someone else walking into the room?

It's good that your not scarred of her but just know not to have her annywhere near your face.She could in time be more aggressive about her biting.Right now it seems she is just either nipping you for attention or a reaction and not neccessarily to injure you.

Anne you explained just fine.It is when there are many consecutive posts in a row (one following the other when no one else has posted in between) that you need to do an edit.If someone has asked you something in response to your post then it isn't double posting because likely they won't look back to your previous post to see if you responded.
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Re: rescues - 12/19/07 08:05 PM

well yesterday she bit me.....pretty hard. i was lucky i was wearing jeans. i let her out of her cage and started petting her head. she had her head down like she was enjoying it. suddenly she ran behind me and bit my leg. only this time she wouldnt let go so i had to shake her off
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 08:23 PM

Is she on the floor or is she sitting with you?Does she play with toys when she is out?Could you give her some wood blocks,Rope tied in knotts leather pieces to chew? Could you give that a try to keep her attention off biting and playing or chewing the toys instead?

I just want to say...don't shake her off?That could really injure you and her both.Birds are actually very fragile in structure and it doesn't take much to break bones on them especially thier necks.Not to mention she could bite harder and actually take a chunk of flesh right out.You really need to not react to her biting.By simply saying a firm NO and giving an evil eye look if you can will do more than shaking her off.Distracting her attention to something else would be good as well.Try offering her a toys to bite instead.

Here is a link that may help...

behaviour training

What's In It For Me
Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 08:34 PM

she has her toys, but prefers to play with them when nobodys around. i think she was abused before and takes out that frustration on us.
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/19/07 08:56 PM

Most of us have parrot who come to us in very desperate measures of life.What you have in your home right now is a very intelligent cockatoo who is not knowing or trusting you yet and she is likely testing the waters to see what she can get away with.With time and patience she will slow this behaviour down.They can also get upset with thier caregivers and the way they show this is biting when we don't meet thier needs as they see fit.Your new companion needs time to study and get to know you and trust you. You need to let her do this.She wants your affection but probably is still very nervous when she gets it so she will bite.It has likely worked to keep people away from her in the past.Now you have to show her that you are commited and not going anywhere.

Consistencey is also so very important.Spending the same amount of time with her daily so she understands what her place is in your family.

I think you need to read the links I posted for you and really try to understand what she has and is going through right now

Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/22/07 03:21 AM

well today when i took my 2 to get her nails and wings clipped, the man said we basically bought her sick. she apears to have a respritory problem that can be fixed. as for the feather plucking, we learned that most likely its a parasite that was causing her to pluck. on top of it all we found out shes not 3 years old ; shes an estimated 20+ . this gets me frustrated because the petshop owner lied. any suggestions on what i should do? shes scheduled for an appointment tommorrow with the vet
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: rescues - 12/22/07 01:05 PM

Good luck at the vets today. I hope that you didn't treat her for parasites or mites yet. Wait until the vet diagnoses them. All pet shop owners lie. How did the man know that she was over 20 is she banded? Also 20 is very young for a too they live well past 50-60 years.
Posted By: Bokka-pooh

Re: rescues - 12/23/07 09:53 AM

Oh wow, I can see why your having trouble with her. Her hormones are picking up, she has already had a tough caged life as it is, and now your cagin gher for longer period sand only letting her out of her cage 3xs a week for who knows how long.. sad... and you ask why she has these problems?? I recommend

"your outta control bird" by Nikki Moustaki

I recommend READING A LOT ABOUT COCKATOO BEHAVIOR, FEMALE COCKATOO BEHAVIOR, CORRECT HOUSING, ABOUT TOYS, FOOD, HORMONES, IT ALL!!! You can search our files here!!! READ READ READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW AS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE NEW COMPANION FOR THIS PARROT, TAKE IT TO AN AVIAN VET!!!! You cannot know if she is 20+ unless she is banded and you know personal background on her, you cannot blame anyone but yourself now, you bought her, you didnt take her to the vet, SHE NEEDS AND AVIAN (BIRD) VET CHECK!!!! Blood work, fecal, IT ALL!!!

What are you feeding her? Size of cage? Toys? How many hours per day (per time yo ulet he rout) is she out and with you? How do you know she is sick if you havent taken her to an AVIAN vet? etc etc etc? Why are you avoiding answering questions?
Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/23/07 08:02 PM

can you not read???? i took her yesterday. and i found out shes been acting like this most likely because she has a virus. if its what the vet thinks it is, then she might live only about 1-3 more years. the virus attacks the birds immune system. he also said it mihgt be something else thats curable. now, can you stop being so ignorant? its all my fault????? even the vet said, its not my fault, its the pets shops for not talking her to the vet in the first place. usually they sell healthy and not sick birds. (if they are a responsible one) and im not avoiding any questions, so dont be blaming me for anything.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: rescues - 12/23/07 08:13 PM

ummm excuse need for you to be rude. People here are really trying to help you. Your post before last states...

well today when i took my 2 to get her nails and wings clipped, the man said we basically bought her sick. she apears to have a respritory problem that can be fixed. as for the feather plucking, we learned that most likely its a parasite that was causing her to pluck.

then you said....

shes scheduled for an appointment tommorrow with the vet

you NEVER said YOU WENT, nor did you say what your AVIAN VET said.

Bokka READ exactally what YOU YOURSELF WROTE.
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/23/07 08:20 PM

Okay Okay...lets settle down for a moment.

I am so glad to hear you took her to the vet.I pray that it is curable and she will live many years happy and healthy.If not I know you can make the most if her time and show her the best of her time left.The fact that you are sticking around says volumes.

Please let us know what the results say when you get them.

About the pet stores....well anything to make extra money.If they spend money on a vet visit then they have just decreased their profit.About the age...Well the average person isn't going to know the difference between a young parrot and an adult parrot so they will say what they need to in order to make thier "product" sell (being a 'too in this case).You can make visual observations to age a parrot.The feet can say allot.They will see the wrinkes and the appearance of scales on the feet and that will tell them the bird is older than expected.There are other ways but I am not an avian vet so I don't really know how they do it.

It is sad you were taken advantage of and my suggestion would be to get something from the avian vet in writing to say the 'too was sick and if he/she can say that she was sick at the time of purchase( if they can tell for sure) then I would copy it and return to the pet store and see if they will at least honor the vet costs.Keep in mind they don't have to but it is worth a try.Unfortunately it is considered "Sols as is".I am in Canada and there is laws set up in order to protect the consumers here.Every animal sold needs a health certificate from a qualified vet and pet stores have to abide.I am not sure if the same goes for your area or not.You could look into it.

As for your gal.Keep a close eye on her and if you notice any changes...hanging out at the bottom of her cage and not perching,exsessive shivering,basically any change in her...take her to the avian vet immediately.Unfortunately they don't show many signs of illness until they are very sick.Just keep a close eye on her.
Posted By: Bokka-pooh

Re: rescues - 12/23/07 11:12 PM

Originally Posted By: mom2beebop

Bokka READ exactally what YOU YOURSELF WROTE.

I see nothing wrong with what I wrote, I was in no way, ignorant as the original poster claims and not even my vet knew what was wrong with my bird after he was there untill after the bloosd tests came back along with the gram stain.. my vet would "suggest" what he thought, but that could be like anyone of us can say what "we think" could be wrong. Its when the tests come back when you know for sure!

You say your not avoiding questions.. but why were mine and the same ones asked before left un answered...?

Im sorry if my post seemed rude, but I just wnat you to do hats best for your bird if you truly have one. Think abou tit, we have to talk to ignorant fools a lot about care and everything regarding cockatoos and other large parrots and birds in general, We get many people coming here who try to "out smart us" and tells us why breeding is ok, why not to take to the vet, why what they do is the right thing, so I just added my two cents, as honestly as anyone here could incase you really have a bird. If you do, and like anyone else here, no one wants you to leave. But you reall yneed to understand that caging because of aggression IS NOT the answer. This is why you need to take her to an AVIAN vet, not a "regular" vet anyone can just waltz right into and have a cat/dog/rat/horse etc seen, a vet who actually KNOWS birds, DOES BIRDS DAILY AND FOR A LIVING. please read our files about proper foods, housing, handling, hormones, behavior, etc etc just so you get to know and understand cockatoo behavior smile

Mercedez smile
Posted By: Bokka-pooh

Re: rescues - 12/23/07 11:15 PM

Originally Posted By: barri0s
well today when i took my 2 to get her nails and wings clipped, the man said we basically bought her sick.

You never said if this was the vet or not. All you said was "the man said.." and then below you say;

any suggestions on what i should do? shes scheduled for an appointment tommorrow with the vet

Where does it say in any new posts that you took her and the VET SAID she has a virus and it can be treated, where does it say you had a well bird exam, anything at all??? Had respiratory problems?? Heck my dog/cat vet can clip nails and wings (I would never take them to him either!!! Thats like taking my dogs to a human doctor, they study and learn different things, so I stick with AVIAN vets :))

I still stand by my very first post in this topic smile! And by chance I missed something,I apologize and second what Janny says smile
Posted By: rockinseattle

Re: rescues - 12/24/07 01:01 AM

I personally get the impression after reading everything that barri0s has written and have come to the conclusion that HE/SHE is young and is trying to post false information just to get a reaction out of the very compassionate people on this forum.

barri0s If this is the case then I think you should find something else to do with your free time as there are too many people and birds who need help:)

Posted By: Birdfriend

Re: rescues - 12/24/07 03:01 AM

I'll admit, these latest posts had me stumped. I read and reread these things trying to figure out what could possibly have happened here! Did BarriOs post on a different message board and think it was us? Was he/she so distraught with the vets information that he/she forgot to click the "submit" button after posting and all was lost?

I have come to the conclusion that it is one of those weird cases that prove how hard it is to communicate in writing. BarriOs posted that he/she was going to the vet the next day and thought we were morons when we asked if he/she went to the vet. Of course he/she went to the vet! He/she SAID they were going to the vet the next day! Can we not read??? (Ha Ha!)

This is like the weird alternate universe of what is happening in the "sick 'tiel" thread. Ari SAID she was going to the vet the next day. We waited around for the update and then we find out she is still thinking about going to the vet someday...

Opposite sides of the same bad coin. Weird stuff. But it sounds like it could be all too horribly real. What say we calm down and carry on, everyone?
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/24/07 04:52 AM

Okay this needs to be dropped...NOW! If this member is legitimate this M2 needs all the help we can give.This is a bird owner that is younger and needing allot of assistance.If you believe it is a troll then fine...don't waste your time posting here then and just move on to the next thread.If it is a troll and I am wasting my time helping then that is MY problem and I still have time to help others.

I asked for this kind of back and forth posting to end in my last post and don't appreciate the continued remarks and back and forth accusations like this.When this continues and there are posts to assist this bird then they get lost in the school yard banter that is not helping anyone.If you have something helpful to share then fine if not go to the next post.

I also want to point out if this 'too has been locked up for long periods of time before arriving to this home it may very well be insecure away from it's cage and needs to leave the cage when it feels ready and secure...not forced or the aggression will happen until it feels comfortable.The cage may be the only place it feels safe right now.Yes illness will make aggression happen but it also needs an adjustment period and 2 months is not much time for that.
Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 02:00 AM

if she gets tested positive for the uncurable disease, mostlikely, i will atleast try to get half of my money back. my 2 was happy at the pet store and appreciated there. and i highly doubt they'll sell her again. i mean, ive bonded with my bird, but i wanted one that would have lasted me many many years. however, if what she has is curable, then i'll do whatever it takes to cure her
Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 02:13 AM

oh. and as for "locking her up" in her cage, she readily comes out of her cage. its just a matter of trust; i mean every time she comes out she luges for a leg or foot. her cage is big enough for her to jump and run around in, and it has toys. she likes being both in and out of her cage just about the same. even when i let her out she will sometimes go in her cage to stand on her perch
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 02:13 AM

Barrios what is the incurable disease the vet seems to think she may have? Hopefully it's not something so severe. Maybe she just has an upper respitory infection which can be cured. Best of luck to your bird. Nancy
Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 07:45 AM

i forgot the name of it. but he said it first affects a birds skin from where the feather grows and that it eventually attacks the immune system
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 08:18 AM

When will you hear back from the vet now? I imagine there will be a wait because of the holidays now.I really do hope everything works out and she just needs a good dose of medication and love to pull her through.

Your right she does need to trust and in time she will.Keep working on it.You will get there.Time and patience that is what it takes to have a 'too.
Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 07:47 PM

thats the thing.i took her to the vet but we didnt get the biopsy done. he just gave us a probable diagnosis. he said the biopsy alone is going to be $250. that why i am planning on telling the petshop owner if she can atleast pay the fee in order to give my 2 a diagnosis
Posted By: Janny

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 07:58 PM

Is she being treated with antibiotics or anything right now then? She will need to be treated as soon as possible because once an Avian shows any signs of illness it is most extreme and the time allowance for treating them is small. You will need to find some funding as quick as you can.I know it is costly but you don't want her to stay sick for long.She can die and very quickly.
Posted By: Chewy

Re: rescues - 12/25/07 10:44 PM

Good Luck in getting hte pet store to pay for anything When Chewy almost died, I triedtog et the pet store where Igot Chewy from to pay some but they wouldn't
Posted By: RescueMom

Re: rescues - 12/26/07 05:02 PM

Could the disease your refering to be the Pssittacine Beak and Feather? My vet tested my plucker for that, but he came back negative thank goodness. I automatically had my newer bird tested in with his regular bloodwork.

Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/27/07 12:03 AM

yes. there you go.we need to get her tested for that. when they test for it, do they also test for other things at once? or do you have to pay for some more testing?
Posted By: RescueMom

Re: rescues - 12/27/07 02:05 AM

I work at a vet, and I sent off alot of bloodwork at one time. The Pssittacine test was an extra add-on, not part of the Avian panel + CBC that I sent off as basic bloodwork. I also had a fecal culture done which came back fine for the first bird, but the preleminary bloodwork we have gotten on the second one shows alot of bacteria. Look up psittasine online and read about it...If that is what your AV thinks it may be, definatly have it tested. I am pretty sure it is contagious to other birds as well.
Posted By: wildirish

Re: rescues - 12/27/07 03:38 PM

I guess I am confused as well. I have not met an avian vet that would tell someone that thier bird has a disease like PDFD wothout testing being done. Plucking is not always a symptom of a virus, alot of the time is mental! You stated that "the man" told you your bird had a respitory problem and other things, HOW did this person come to those conclusions without any testing...also you said you had a vet appt scheduled, how did that go....

Our vet charges about $300 for a full exam including blood work etc, we are lucking enough that he does his own testing inhouse without sending it off somewhere. So we very rarely wait more than a couple of hours for results other than cultures, which take thier own sweet time! The other testing is about $150 over and above the main CBC etc.

Posted By: barri0s

Re: rescues - 12/28/07 09:51 PM

the guy that clipped her wings and nails is the one who referred us to the vet. the vet just told us what he thinks the diagnosis is. i suspect disease as wel. her feathers arent getting any better by the day. they keep on getting worse
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