Sad parrot conditions at Tupelo Buffalo Park

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Sad parrot conditions at Tupelo Buffalo Park - 07/09/07 02:53 AM

En route to Oklahoma from Atlanta in May, we stopped to see a zoo that we had not seen before. It was called Tupelo Buffalo Park off one of the exits for Tupelo, MS. The mammals and farm animals were not too bad, but the reptiles and birds were not housed in good conditions. frown They had large cockatoos, macaws, African greys, in small cages in a barn with no lights. A macaw was in a cage that I would have trouble putting a cockatiel in. One of the large cockatoos was in a cage so small it could hardlly move; its food dish was overturned and its water was filthy; the only toy it had was an old phone book that had been in there for awhile. Most of the birds just sat there not moving or playing or doing anything but just staring straight ahead. It was a dark an dingy barn and really stunk. They looked so depressed. We tried to find some mgt. personnel to talk to but no one was available. I tried to photograph them but it was so dark in there that the camera would not focus. Does anyone live near this place that could check on these poor birds to see if anything can be done to improve their conditions?
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Re: Sad parrot conditions at Tupelo Buffalo Park - 07/18/07 09:42 PM

I am truly hoping that this is a case of ignorance, and that can be cured with some diplomatically delivered education.

I found this on the web:

* Tel: 866-27BISON
* Fax: 662-844-8592
* URL:
* E-mail:

There also might be some financial restraints on the zoo, but in any case, starting communication is a first step. If anyone is physically close to that zoo, face-to-face would be ideal.
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Re: Sad parrot conditions at Tupelo Buffalo Park - 07/19/07 04:14 AM

This place strikes me as a roadside petting zoo with a slick website.

They sell buffalo meat on site, cater to overnight parties, and claim to be 'award winning' ... confused

This is not an accredited zoo it's a tragedy.
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