Is it a rescue or a purchase?

Posted By: Ducky

Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 10:34 AM

Im have an internal battle of what to do at the moment, here is the story;

I know a person who is moving away and cant take thier birds with them.
They are trying to sell the birds, but no one is interested.
If they dont sell them to a specific buyer, they will be going to the petshop.
They intend to leave by the end of this weekend.

I've met these 2 before; (white cheeked conure and alexandrine) and apparantly im a complete annomoly, since from the moment i met them, i was able to pick them up and cuddle them with no problems, whilst usually the whitecheek doesnt like men and the alaxandrine doesnt let anyone touch it appart from its owner.

The person says they dont want to sell them to the local pet shop because they have left them their for holidays before and they get sressed and upset, but they need the cash for the move.

So what to do?

I swore I'd not fuel the trade again after buying Ducky in my early days and technically i wouldnt be, infact it seems like prevention; stopping them going into a pet shop, but everytime i pose this argument to myself, i cant help but think im doing something wrong.

As for the money to purchase them, i am not doing as well financially as i would like at the moment although if i needed to i could probably push around some funds, but the timing is unbelievably bad. (Final year of university, exams start in 5 days)

Anyway, i like the way the mytoo's collective thinks, so i would really appreceate some advice.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Kyrie

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 02:13 PM

Ducky, if you can provide a good home for these birds and feel you have the space, money, time and get along well with the birds, I say get them. In my opinion you are not fueling the pet market by purchasing these two. However I would inquire of the current owners if they are going to get more birds after they move. Pets are not disposable and that's how these people are treating these birds. If they are willing to sell their birds for quick cash, they don't deserve to own the birds in my opinion. Please let us know how it goes.

I would add, in my opinion "rescue" and "purchase" are not mutually exclusive terms. In other words, even bird rescues usually charge some fee for adoptions to defray costs. Also, if someone pays for something they are more willing to take care of it. Again, just my experience.
Posted By: Ducky

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 02:49 PM

Thanks Kyrie.

I appreceate what youre saying about mutual exclusivness; we had to pay to get Perry the cockatoo before the previous owner would relinquish him. Obviously he meant the world to her being locked in a small cage all day with nothing. So what your saying does make a lot of sense to me.

I think i should rephrase the "rescue" part, because it makes the seller sound like a monster. They havnt done anything wrong to the birds, other than not put them first when moving out, which i know many people do. In fact, the birds both seemed quite happy with the owner. So i would say its more like a pre-emptive rescue before they get bought by some idiot at a pet shop who thinks "ooooh, pretty!"

But this brings me back full circle; is it right for me to get another bird right now? In the long run it would be no problem, im never going to leave Ducky behind, so why dont i pick up some other birdies in need of a home and bring them along to share the ride. However short term, the next 6 months are a mess. Exams for the next month, then im still in this flat until the end of August. During this time, I'm going on holiday once, possibly twice (depends on my degree results), followed by finding a new place 100 miles away, moving in with Naomi and getting a job.
Not to mention all the other little things here and there.
So as you can see, the immediate future is problematic, but is this to say i shouldnt take on the responsability? Im not sure. After living with their old owner for 5 years, they could struggle just fitting in anywhere for 6 months regardless of my activities and being in a petshop may cause even more stress.

My head is a mess!
Posted By: jm47

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 05:27 PM

Ducky, talk to the person and see of they care enough to negotiate prices, and if they intend to buy more "pets" when they get where they are going.
We sometimes tend to underestimate the ability of animals, not just birds, to learn and adapt to new situations. If you get both birds, that will be a huge advantage to them; even if they don't have anything else familiar, they do know each other, and that will be better for them than being (probably) separated. IMO, Moving house in a few months, if they stay with the same person, is probably less stressful than being separated, sold to strangers, and probably rehomed a few more times, then winding up in a shelter.

You know them; they like you; possibly their "job assignment" right now is to catch you by the heartstrings and stretch you in using your compassion.
Posted By: Kyrie

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 05:27 PM

Ducky, I understand your dilemma. It is a hard one. I think that if you feel in the long run this could work out, then the next six months is just a drop in the ocean. Also, they could languish in a pet store for much longer than that. But I would hate to see you get in over your head and stressed out. The two birds in question are lower maintenance than cockatoos (usually) so that could work in your favor. If you think you can provide a long term home, then the next few months are not that relevant, but if you have doubts about the long term commitment, then that is a much larger issue.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 05:28 PM

Ducky, you and Nai are really a great young couple. You have so much ahead of you and I hope you don't burden yourself with too many birds between you going forward. This is a busy and exciting time in both your lives. I understand that you are compassionate and want to help these birds but please think long and hard about the future. The fact is that a time will come when it will be an easier decision to make. I'm not trying to discourage you but young people need to think about themselves too!

You feel under the gun because of time. Don't be pressured! We can't save them all! I hope exams go well and your plans come toether. We will be here for you regardless! smile
Posted By: Bird Servant

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 05:35 PM

I think that in your heart you know what you want to do. In spite of your circumstances for the next few months, you will be settled eventually and somehow the money will come. Regardless they will be better off with you (in my opinion) than at a pet store.
Good luck and keep us updated.
Posted By: Ducky

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 05:42 PM

Thanks everyone.

Im about to go to Naomi's (its her birthday tomorrow!) and im arranging to drop by their place on the way there.
Im hoping seeing them again will give me some perspective; or drive me crazy! Either, Or, you all know how it is. Then again, we're all bird owners anyway, so we're already the latter.

Ill post again later on once ive had some time to mull over the events of the visit.
Posted By: Trish and crew

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 07:20 PM

I know this is a really tight spot and you certainly do have the best of intentions, but I offer the following concerns:

-You mentioned finances are tight right now. I feel you owe it to yourself to take care of you and the bird(s) already in your care and not add to the financial strain and over extend yourself by adding to the flock. Take it from one who had an unexpected $4000 vet bill from Thanksgiving of 2005 and has forced us to push back purchasing our first home as we lived month to month for a while. I would wish that stress on no one.

-From my understanding you are in college and a younger person, adding more birds to your flock can have more long term impact on your future affording you fewer choices when the world should be full of opportunities. I would fear that you will miss out. You are much more tied down.

-Also if you are balancing school, a relationships, a job?, and birds already in your care it seems you would be spread pretty thin and that adding to that mix may upset your delicate balance!

I am glad you are giving this a lot of thought and I appreciate your struggle, but I would advise against it. I would love to see the current owners change thier minds and place the birds with a rescue or sanctuary (not that I don't think you would provide a good home but the rescue and sanctuary would be able to provide more steady resources), but we all know the power of the almighty dollar. The fact that they cannot move without selling the birds is alarming and tugs at my heart strings for fear of how these birds may have been neglected, but I fear you would be enabling them to make future poor choices by purchasing the birds.
Posted By: mom2paulie

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/11/07 11:12 PM

Remember...more birds means less time to give to each bird, and they need lots of attention. Taking them on may not necessarily be the best thing for them.
Posted By: Ducky

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/12/07 02:15 PM

Hey again everyone.

Im still undecided with what to do. The white cheek is the cutest little thing in the world and has a character to match and has given my heart strings a good tug, but then again im quite bias as conures are IMO the best birds in the world! Furthermore, my input on a birds fate shouldnt be decided by if its cute or not, as im sure all of us are aware or have experienced ourselves, cute and cuddly may not last.
However, i do get the impression it would thrive either in home or in a sanctuary.

The alexandrine on the other hand is a much bigger bird which entails its own problems i.e. sufficiet exersize space.
It is also quite a closed book and i really am finding him hard to read, let alone attempt to determine its needs.

Trish: University is almost over, in a month ill have finished my course and ill have my degree in hand by the end of the summer. With the exception of a few training courses planned for the summer, my education is nearly over, then ill be sorting out a job, but this may well be something i can do from home. The relationship part is an interesting one to say the least; she is more crazy about birds than myself and will always welcome a needy bird.

However, the financial side of things does concern me and as you pointed out I may well have to spend a lot on these birds and the more birds in the flock, the more likely this will be.

As for the birds life with thier current owner, i dont know what to say about that. I cant honestly imagine they've had a bad time as they both seem happy when theyre with the owner and th conure particulary is very humanised and gets on with thier family.

I have also thought about the concept of a sanctuary. I mentioned this in passing to the owner a while back, but they didnt seem interested. I have also thought about buying them and giving them to a sanctuary myself.

Im still rather lost with this one and really appreceate all the view points you guys are giving. If anyone is holding back, in fear that they may insult, please dont. I would rather have my ego chipped, than to make a decision that is poorly thought through and means that the birds loose out as a result of it.

Thanks again everyone.
Posted By: Lovey's Mom

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/12/07 03:26 PM

My congo grey has been with me now for 4 years. His owners were moving and they had placed an add in the paper. I don't know why I called, because I hadn't been saving for a bird though I did know I wanted a grey to add to my one bird home (conure). Anyway, I called the couple who were moving to take care of his elderly parents. They knew there would not be room for Simon in their home. I told them I only had $500.00 and they said they couldn't do it for that. I left their home, but kept thinking about Simon and about this couple who I really believed wanted to do the right thing for him.

I called them back and offered to give them the $500 down and to make payments of $250 a month to pay off the balance. Each month when I sent the money I updated them on how he was doing and they got into the habit of sending Simon and I periodic cards, etc. I could tell Simon had been well cared for by his former owners and felt lucky to have him. Several months ago they came to this area to visit and they made arrangements to come to visit Simon. It made my day because I know that Simon still remembers them and sometimes calls their dogs or talks like the man.

Since then I have adopted a lsc2 from a rescue and I had to pay something for that. I also adopted a u2 from her former owner and I told them I would not pay for her but would give her a good home. They gave her to me and I purchased her toys, cage, etc. from them. Anyway, those are some of the arrangements I have made and I have no regrets.

I will say, adding one bird is like walking a tight rope at first. It is hard to figure out how to give everyone enough attention. Then all of a sudden you get the routine and everything seems to fit together. Be aware though, Ducky will not get the amount of attention he is at this time. Best wishes.
Posted By: Paula0442

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/13/07 12:25 AM

I'm not talking about bird experience but, since I have 1 Too, 5 sugar gliders and 5 dogs, I find myself running out of time to give everyone the attention they need. My main attention has been going to my Too (BoBo) and that's just not fair to everyone else. I know I'll get back on animal track soon but for now it's mainly BoBo.
And just so you know I'm not young, not in college and nowhere as busy as you must be. I'm a stay at home mom that is spread to thin.
Take care of you first!!! Stop going to see these birds. You're only making it more painful on yourself. What ever is supposed to happen, will happen.
I hope that you're happy with the decision you finally make.
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/13/07 04:42 AM

Ducky...I'm soooo glad you are able to make the right decision. Keep us posted!
Posted By: CABirdMom

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/14/07 06:45 PM

Rescue vs. purchase is more then semantics. A rescue is taking a something out of a bad situation and placing it into a better one not necessarily with you. A purchase is paying money for something. A rescue can be many things that do not have to be bringing the critter home. But the whether this is a rescue or a purchase is really beside the point. Many times things are both.

Enabling the behavior of I need money and I donít need the bird therefore I will sell the bird is inevitable if the people are successful in finding someone that will give them money for their birds. This is where the problem lies.

What seems to be more at issue here for you is whether adapting them into your family is a good decision for you and your family. You are not a rescue or a sanctuary and therefore the real question is will the expansion of your family improve your life and the lives of the rest of the family. In the end no one benefits from a pity purchase or adoption regardless if money changes hands or not. Increasing the stress level of a family benefits no one. A good fit to your family is the only reason to expand it.
Posted By: Ducky

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/15/07 10:08 PM

Ive been thinking hard about this and im still so torn.

Part of my problem is that regardless of the money involved, if i dont do something, they will end up in the pet trade and this is my last wish for them.

The conure is a small bird and after much consideration i feel i could handle keeping another small bird happy with the resources and space i have available.

The alexandrine is a different story. Due to its size, I am becoming far more reluctant as im not sure it would be fare to keep it with the spce i have available.

I know this may seem contradictory as if you know my backstory, you know my girlfriend and i have a goffins cockatoo (although it lives with her) and im ok with that. However, Perry is such a mess from previous events that there is very slim chance that he will have the flight feathers or develop wing muscles enough over the next year to need flying space. During this time, its quite feasable that I'll be in a much bigger place and will be able to setup an avery.

However, all other arguments aside, I already have a bird which owns my heart first and foremost (Ducky) and im not sure how she will cope with having to share, as the white eared conure is quite taken with me.

The other option as i think we've already talked about a little is sending them to a sanctuary. This could work, but then they would be split up (which is one of the things im trying to avoid, even if theyre not best friends, they are used to each others presence).

What to do, what to do.

Anyway, first exam tomorrow; very nervous.

4 exams in total and 2 presentations left, then i have a degree!
Posted By: brody

Re: Is it a rescue or a purchase? - 05/16/07 10:58 PM

you need to sort out your internal answer to this question

is it ok for you to pay money for a bird?

my own answer is no and I am grateful for having that in place... if other people buy a bird and then send the bird to me I'm not happy but I haven't violated my own code

I have left many many sad cases where they were while I networked other solutions for them ... I take no issue with people who "bail out" birds and I could honestly see at some point tossing my own code aside - so far tho I haven't had too and as I said having sorted it out well in my own mind has made my life much easier


and good luck on exams wink
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