Cockatiel rescued from roadside zoo

Posted By: RB2sMom

Cockatiel rescued from roadside zoo - 12/27/06 03:28 AM

Several years ago my husband and I were driving around FL near the central area and came upon a roadside zoo (a small facility with a variety of animals). We had been there before. We went in and were looking around when we noticed that a lot of the animal cages were empty. Upon inquiring we were told that the zoo had gone bankrupt and was going to close and many animals had been placed. We noticed a friendly cockatiel that we had seen before all by itself in a single cage in an area that did not get much traffic; it talked and tried very hard to get anyone's attention that came by. No one really paid a lot of attention to it with other animals around like gators, monkeys, etc. We asked a keeper that came by about the cockatiel and where was it going to be placed. The keeper said "it was just a cockatiel and no one really cared about it because it wasn't worth much"; he said that they were just going to have it put to sleep or open its cage and let it fly away. That was all we needed to hear, so we talked to someone in charge and asked if we could take it home. We had flown down and rented a car, so we went to a local store and bought a carrying cage and begged and pleaded to get it on a flight home (which the airline agreed to after we paid their fees). So now the little cockatiel has a nice home in a free flight cage with others of its own kind, also mostly rescues. He is very friendly and talkative and has become a leader in the flock. He was worth every penny to get him home.
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Re: Cockatiel rescued from roadside zoo - 12/27/06 04:11 AM

I found first cockatiel, Birdeau, walking along a pretty busy road. Bless you for taking in the little bird and sharing your home.
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Re: Cockatiel rescued from roadside zoo - 12/27/06 06:57 AM

Yes, thank you for taking in this little guy. So many of them languish alone and mistreated. They are truly great little companions, giving in a way cockatoos will never know. It's so good to see another find a loving home. smile
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Re: Cockatiel rescued from roadside zoo - 12/28/06 02:35 AM

Definitely worth every hardship and more. Tiels are little angels in disguise in my book!

Good on yah!
Tommy, Daddy to Alfie and Victoria
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