Nadia’s Utube

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Nadia’s Utube - 07/18/19 06:07 PM

It’s been a while.We are posting on our 17th Anniversary (Yay!)🥰

Here’s all Nadia. Utube
Reclaiming Hope
is a candid camera style surprise vid,
Taken yesterday,which coincided with a 3 wk seperation,for the evil back surgery 😠
The staff and Store In Pacific Grove Ca
used to sell birds,but now partner with the local SPCA and board them now😇
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Re: Nadia’s Utube - 07/18/19 06:09 PM

is all of them
John and Nadia😎😉
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Re: Nadia’s Utube - 07/18/19 09:19 PM

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Re: Nadia’s Utube - 07/19/19 11:20 AM

John it's nice to see you. Happy Anniversary to you and the beautiful Nadia! I look forward to looking at Nadia's videos, thank you for sharing.
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