Bird boarding dilemma

Posted By: Barney

Bird boarding dilemma - 02/15/12 10:03 AM

I thought I had found a good holiday boarding place to take my parrot.
The birds were out of cages all day, they limit the amount of birds they have in at any given time as to give more attention also they asked me to get blood works done for pcisticois so I did.
How ever since then I've been told they haven't a clue only been doing it 5 minutes also they took in a rescue couldn't cope with it and the bird was back with in two days the chap who told me this is dedicated and runs a very ethical rescue.
I know a lovely lady who has many rescue birds in her home she also does boarding but because she has so many birds my cockatoo would be in a big cage in a bird room with lots of toys but proberly wouldn't come out and this is what bothers me.
We don't go away a lot only 5 nights max.
What do you guys do when you go away?
Would be great to have some feed back.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Bird boarding dilemma - 02/15/12 11:45 AM

I would give your vet a call and have them refer you to someone. No quarantine, all the birds in one room is not a good thing. I've heard too many horror stories of birds being hurt when housed with other birds. All it takes is one bird getting loose and landing on cages for possible bites to birds. Although being in the cage all day for multiple days is not a great thing, it's not always terrible either. My bird sitter does not have the bird out all day at her house. Even though they are all in different rooms she is too fearful one will get hurt. I board birds and do not have them out of the cages all day. They are given an opportunity to get out of the cage and stretch their wings a few times per day if they want to with supervision. Many birds choose not to leave the cage at all which is fine. They are all kept busy with new enrichment activities daily, music or tv and interaction from us through out the day. My own vet does not want people boarding at places that keep all the birds together and is very vocal about it.
Posted By: PJsMom

Re: Bird boarding dilemma - 02/17/12 02:26 AM

I guess i'm lucky! I board PJ at my vets office. No other birds generally and he has the run of the place, (and everybody there!). Its nice to have a place he can go where everyone is excited to see him. Ask your vet if there is anyone in the office who takes care of parrots/clients in his or her home, as is the case with our vet tech.
Posted By: reproman

Re: Bird boarding dilemma - 03/27/12 03:39 AM

I have always used bird sitters. I don't like disturbing the guys from their environment. Plus the weather is not the greatest here so moving birds around is not an option. I have been very lucky. I am on my 4th sitter over the past 4 years. Two moved, one had health issues and my latest lives within a mile. They are all bird people who have or had birds. They all know how I like to know how their day was and if there were any issues so we keep in daily contact via email. One used to bring her husband when she felt that my Sun Conure needed some male bonding as he dislikes females. He snuggle right up to him and enjoyed the company. They may introduce new toys or games. They also enjoy the flock I have assembled each with their unique behaviors. And I feel that a new person in a stable environment is good for their socialization. My current sitter says when she first enters the house, it gets real quite. Then my U2 will say "hello" and then they all start to chatter. All their food is here. I know they will get all their fruits and veggies. Plus they have their TV. My trips are not long but they do appreciate my return. I can see that the U2 and the Sun Conure do show an attitude when they see my luggage as they know I will be out for a day or two.
Posted By: PJsMom

Re: Bird boarding dilemma - 03/27/12 04:01 AM

Oh yeah, do I know the attitude! I tried to get away for a girls weekend and PJ guessed what was up. Getting him off of me was kinda like giving a cat a bath in reverse! :P no bites or scratches though after all Papa stayed home with him.
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: Bird boarding dilemma - 03/27/12 02:42 PM

Having the birds taken care of in your own home in their own environment is the least stressful for the birds. We used to board ours, but just transporting them to a strange place was stressful for them and us. They are much happier in their own home. We have a friend who feeds our animals when we are gone and also a backup in case this person is disabled in some way from getting there. There is less chance of the birds getting sick when they are not boarded because being around other birds is a risk, as you do not know the other birds, their care or their owner.

We also have security system set not only for theft, but for Carbon Monoxide, heat, and fire detection with specific instructions for the security service that we have parrots that need to be rescued. We have their 2 carrying cages, gloves, and nets right by their cage in case and written instructions as to where their food is and who our AV vet is as well as who to call if something should happen to us. All this is in place all the time, as you do not have to be on a long trip to meet your demise, you could be killed going out to dinner in a wreck or lightning could hit your house and start a fire when you are not happened several blocks from us. It does pay to be prepared.
Posted By: reproman

Re: Bird boarding dilemma - 05/02/12 03:50 AM

That is an excellent review for being prepared for the worst. I am going to contact a security services firm and see what they have to offer. Plus I have summaries of all the birds likes and bad habit I have taught them. That is the hardest part in re-homing a TOO, you really have to work together and figure the fit from scratch.

I got a one page written letter that my TOO was shuttled around for 4 months and bites. I found him to suffer no real repercussions and he was not a biter. He loved to dance, sing, talk, cuddle, and want constant attention.
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