replacing his feathers?

Posted By: birdladyofbarton

replacing his feathers? - 11/15/10 10:50 PM

hi all,i have recently observed Nico,trying to put his feathers back in? does anyone else have a Too that does this? when he drops one he can get to he spends hours attempting to put in back in,usually under his wing,but sometimes he will bend down and put it in his crest,i will try to capture on film sometime!
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: replacing his feathers? - 11/16/10 01:39 AM

I read a story about a bird that did that - don't recall if it was on here and was a Too or not, but I know I heard of it occurring. I'll be fascinated to hear if anyone else has experienced it before...Plus, I'd like to see the video!
Posted By: Janny

Re: replacing his feathers? - 11/16/10 02:26 AM

ROFLMAO! Baliey will first hiss at a molted feather and then pick it up and try to stick it in my head....does that count lol!
Posted By: Milton

Re: replacing his feathers? - 11/16/10 04:44 AM

Never heard of that situation happening.Milton holds the feather and stares at it for a while,then he chews it up.Better that way than chewing on them while they're still attached!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: replacing his feathers? - 11/16/10 04:16 PM

If Ozzy looses a feather and notices it falling, he will say "uh oh" (a phrase he uses whenever he drops or throws something). When we find a feather of his, we show it to him and ask "is this yours" he will hiss and puff up at it lol. Occasionally we do find him chewing on a lost feather, but this is rare since I collect them quickly and put them in a vase that houses all of his lost feathers lol. If a piece of his down goes floating past, he acts as though he is being attacked by some flying monster rofl. Very fun to watch and we admittedly egg it on lol.
Posted By: jamienlarry

Re: replacing his feathers? - 11/16/10 05:39 PM

Tootsie sometimes will preen one if I'm holding it near her, but sometimes I do get the fluff-up-hiss display (all for show, she's just playing around). I've put a feather in my hair to see what she'd do and she didn't like it -- I could just see it on her face, so I quickly took it out.

Ha! I keep a big vase of beautiful feathers too. My husband thinks I'm crazy. (Interestingly, I've seen people selling them on etsy. For crafts I guess?)
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