Posted By: HollyAnn

Playstand - 10/18/10 01:22 AM

After 3 days my U2 Fred finally tried out her playstand! It took a month for her to use the gym on top of her cage. I am proud of the progress she has made with trust. Today when I started to leave for a hayride with my son she didn't want to go back in her cage, I tried for 20 minutes. When I got her some maple brown sugar oatmeal, she went in on her own and waited patiently on her perch. I feel like she is training me! I have done wildlife rehab. for two years and have never been so proud!
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: Playstand - 10/18/10 03:17 PM

Training you she is. laugh
Posted By: bellesmom

Re: Playstand - 10/19/10 04:48 AM

Be careful with the sugar, its not good for them. She is definately training you but congrats on the progress, its so much fun to see them growing and accepting new things.
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