Aviary or home?

Posted By: hollipop

Aviary or home? - 02/16/08 10:58 PM

I have been asked to take a too to be assessed whether or not the bird is suited to home life or aviary. I know nothing about the bird yet apart from thefact he has been in a home for at least three years (my first strike against aviary life) and has not been handled in those years (though there is the possibility his owner was reluctant to handle him as he is her only "big" bird). A freind has seen the bird and said he was edging along the perch towards her when she was talking to him (she is a too person also). Im hoping to god that I can make some sort of difference, I know if he did go into an aviary the place he would be going is fantastic, and I would ask for no better, but I just think if hes not been raised as an aviary bird, then there has to be some hope for him, and putting him in an aviary could be detrimental...but as I have said, not seen Charlie and know very little about him. Not even sure what I expect from you guys, I think Im just sort of trying to sort out the thoughts in my head. We have a similiar bird here, Dolly, she cant be handled although she is getting better very slowly...
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Aviary or home? - 02/17/08 12:19 AM

hollipop after your success with Dolly your house may be just the place for Charlie. Nancy
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