Chewy had me scared

Posted By: Chewy

Chewy had me scared - 05/09/07 01:44 AM

I was sitting on the computer and Chewy was in his cage. Well anyways I happened to glance over to the cage just to look at my handsome boy. He had something orange on his face. I didn't realize it was orange, and I have beenreading about beaks bleedin, different forum, and I panicked. Took him out of his cage and wiped it off and realized that it was from the fruit in his food. Had me scared silly though I had a lump in my throat and was about to go get on the bus (WHICH IAM SCARED TO DEATH OF) and take him to Emergency vets. This would give me a panic attack it ain't even funny, but I would have done it anyways, because my mom is getting ready for bible study and the lady that owns this place is the only one here.
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: Chewy had me scared - 05/09/07 03:42 AM

Now take a deep breath and be thankful you have a happy, healthy bird!
Posted By: umbietoo

Re: Chewy had me scared - 05/09/07 04:07 AM

we have all had those scares at one time or another. it feels like the floor falls out from underneath you! thank goodness it was just fruit!
Posted By: jm47

Re: Chewy had me scared - 05/09/07 04:15 PM

I had that feeling one day when I went to my cockatoo-owned friend's house to get something for her. Walked in and the bird was eating spaghetti in marinara sauce, and had it all down his front. . .couldn't understand why he seemed so NORMAL (for a too) when he was obviously bleeding to death! eek
Posted By: Chewy

Re: Chewy had me scared - 05/09/07 05:14 PM

lol what is normal? My mom says it's a cycle ont he washing machine. But boy that would have me in a panic. Did you wash that bird off or wait and let his mommy do it?
I gotta say thatit was amazing to me that chewy let me wipe his beak off. But h'es let me do it before, it's been brown not orange before so that's why I was concerned..
Posted By: SpockAToo

Re: Chewy had me scared - 05/10/07 09:15 AM

My vet says it's pretty common for people to bring their birds in to see him only for him to discover that it's strawberry juice instead of blood.

He was telling me this because I had the opposite happen. I fed Snow White strawberries, and I wiped something that looked like strawberry off one of her nares. When it re-occured a couple of days later, I realized it was blood and took her right in to see him. I had to treat her with a drop of antibiotic down her nares twice a day for 5 days.
Posted By: emmy

Re: Chewy had me scared - 05/10/07 06:23 PM

Thank goodness it was a false alarm. You should be proud of yourself that you would put Chewy’s needs first and get him to the emergency vet--even if it caused you distress.
Many years ago I panicked when I saw red all over Emmy’s feet and perch. Turns out hubby had given her a piece of cherry.
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