Poll! How did you acquire your bird?

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Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 06:27 AM

Hello All,

Out of curiousity and a few of the threads posted lately I have decided to submit this poll and ask any and/ or all of you wishing to assist as to how you come to obtain your bird. This will help alot of the newbies understand the "cause and effect" of adopting.

Whether it be through Adoption, Rescue, Friends or Relatives, Rehome, Purchased (whether before or after joining Mytoos), or other.
Please be honest and don't be offended. This is only a Poll. You can submit as much info as you like.

I will gladly "Lead the Band".

My bird Lucky M2, 42 years old, came to me/us from our local Rescue. He was a mean S--T! Took a few good blows from his beak. eek
This was the Rescue listing posted for Lucky: (was added after original posting, had to find ad again)

Notes: Lucky is a gorgeous Mollucan Cockatoo who prefers women! Lucky has been known to be very aggressive at times so he needs a very experienced home, familiar with Cockatoo aggression. He has come a very long way in his foster home but still needs that special home & environment to rebuild his trust in humans again. Lucky was left in a vacant apartment for approximately 18 months! His only contact with humans was when a person came to feed & water him daily! His cage, which he destroyed, was only 24" X 24", MUCH TOO SMALL for a large bird like him. . Lucky will make a wonderful pet for the right person. Could that be you? NO SMALL CHILDREN & preferably no males.
We have now had him in our home for 1 month now and is doing Wonderful. Has fully regained his trust in humans........ well, Us anyways. laugh

We are currently Fostering him for a 6 month period then Adopting thereafter. These are the Adoption Rules that are setforth by the Rescue Agency.

Also have a 6 month Green Cheek Conure (Zachary), spoiled rotten too, and was a purchase due to "Couldn't resist his cute little face". Gotta love'em. So darn cute!

Thanks for participating,

Rick and Lucky smile
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 07:01 AM

OK Rick I'll step up...

Rio - Cherry Head Conure - 25+? years old - wild caught. Bought at pet store I worked P/T at to make extra money, as if!! That was 17 years ago...
Still here Thank you Lord smile I knew less than nothing back then.

Rajah - Alexandrine - 17 years old - Captive bred/raised sympathy buy, 16 1/2 years ago... still here & I'm still not too bright either :rolleyes:

Indi - Goffin Cockatoo - 16 yrs old - Captive bred/raised - another sympathy buy, 12 yrs ago - on consignment at pet store, 3rd time round for her, she came home with me . I paid less or equal to what store paid 2nd owner but they don't carry big birds anymore either.
I'm getting somewhat brighter...

Simon - Moluccan Cockatoo - 21 yrs old- 6th rehome thru surrender to private sanctuary I work with. He choose me - that was 11 years ago. I was able to work WITH him before he came home for good smile

The Fab Four smile


PS. I think if you search this one there was a similar thread, but it was quite a while ago.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 07:14 AM

Liisa B,

Wow, what a family you have. Congratulations are definitly in order for you. Where do find the time. Although I should talk with 4 dogs and 2 birds.

Thanks for stepping up.

I noticed this was posted quite some time ago, but wanted to bring a new thread to the forefront, especially for the newbies.

Thanks again,

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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 07:41 AM

Ok here I am...

Tweet is a now 22 year old teil, he was given to me about a year and a half ago, he was unwanted so I offered to take him. He is still a little fiesty but I figure he is old enough to behave how ever he wants to. I adore him even though he bites harder than any bird I have ever been bit by!

Jake, less than a year old, right now cant remember his hatch date, I sorta bought him from a breeder, I sent some of the money and he was dropped off to me. My former friend was supposed to raise him and wean, I think she didnt want to do it any more and he was brought top me with NO LESSONS on hand feeding. I was told I JUST FED HIM and that was that. Unfortunatley, I figured it out and I will NEVER I mean NEVER do that agian. Ive never been so scared of killing something my entire life!

When Jake was dropped off with me, there was also a 2 year old sweet as pie M2 named Billy brought to me from the air port. He was dropped off at my good friends Rescue in MO because he screamed an entire 15 minutes a day!! YIKES how dare him...I truley wanted to help so I took him. Guess what...I quickly realized wuith a toddler who thought the big pink bird was facinating this was a bad decision on my part and I wasnt meant to be Billys mama. With a lot of help from Tammy and Too haven I was able to realize I wasnt bad nor was I giving up I was doing the RIGHT THING and I took Billy to Toohaven rescue. Everyday I smile at my decision because sweet billy has the best home in the world now and that makes me very happy

Then there is the light of my life. Beebop. apx 12 year old CAG...Im not sure what you would call how I aquired him. I was talking to a lady on the phone, land lord lady, she told me she had the meanest bird on the planet and she hated him! BROKE MY HEART. I was new to birds and definatley didnt have THIS KIND of experiance...I made the offer, to take him in, left it at that. I kept in contact with her weekly and finally 8 months later, I finally got the call. I had worried about this bird all the time. FINALLY she told me she wanted me to buy him SO I DID! sight unseen, new he was flipping mean but I didnt care I knew he was in a bad situation so I did it. Now...I really didnt know squat about how to buy a bird, what to offer for such a bird but I did know how much they cost at the bird store so I offered her 700.00.....LMAO! I got a DEAL HUH??? I never saw a meaner more pittiful looking thing in my life. I uncovered his cage and he was so skinny I could count his bones! His keel bone still sticks out bad but we are slowly gaining. I got him out of the carrier and he tried to eat my face off, eat my husband the dog and everything else in that room. He now feeds me everytime I gret near the cage, he steps up and no longer says the mean terrible things he used to 700 bucks I ever spent, and I would do it agian in a heart beat for a bird in his situation. Thats my flock....when I get home to AZ I willget settled and be bringing home a 14 year old CAG. His owner dropped him off and has not returned...its been 6 months now...VERY SAD!

Im done rambling. sorry
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 10:23 AM

OK I will Join in too
I Bought annabell from a couple that decided they wanted to travel and didnt want to leave her home alone anymore so I decided that I would take her and give her a forever home. Just the thought of her being passed around killed me and i know that I can give her that forever home she needed. The couple loved her but just didnt know alot about toos as neither did I till I found MyToos thanks heavens for you all!!! laugh I know that your not suspose to "buy" animals but this couple wasnt in it for the money nor were they going to get another bird so i didnt see anything wrong with it> And i didnt read this site till after i had put a deposit down on her frown But its all done now and we are gonna make the best life we can for her. Shes one of the family now. As for our Sun Conure well i bought it from a lady I know.. I know another bad choice!! But there again I put up the deposit before i read this site!! But whats done is done and now i know dont buy adopt so the point has gota in my head and from now on thats what we are gonna do!!!
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 12:58 PM

Here at the zoo we have:
Sonny- 30 year old wild caught CAG that was given to us when the guys son was hospitalized due to the dust. Hates my guts, bites me any chance she gets, and is my first bird, and I love her to death.

Gracie is my 3 year old Jenday that was a gift from my mom- she bought 2, gave me one, my Dad the other. After Mom passed, Dad was having a hrad time with the conure screech and wanted to rehome her. So now I have both- Gracie and Georgie, and the are my daughters pride and joy. They are kept in her room, seperate cages, and she spoils them rotten.

Raven is my 5 year old U2. She was locked in a laundry room for 3-4 years, no window, lights out most days, getting her cage kicked by her owners husband because she was loud and she hated him. She's been with me about 2 years and is just awesome. I never had any fear of her- when I went to look at her, I was smart enough to bring the truck- she walked across her cage top and cuddled into my chin (what was I thinking???!!!) and her owner burst into tears. She has yet to bite me, and trusts me completly- although she runs my boyfriend right out of the bedroom. I cannot bear to lock her up, so the bedroom has been birdproofed and she only goes into her cage at night.

Skoke is my adopted 4 year old CAG and the biggest clown in the house. I saw her on petfinder, listed by a rescue that helped me get a CAG at the ASPCA into better living conditions, and I filled out the application. We were 1 of over 100 applications she checked out, and she never even invited someone else to meet the bird. Love at first sight, Skoke was adopted after we were approved, and she never ruffled a feather. I am her chosen one, although she's getting better with strangers, and she never fails to make me laugh.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 01:20 PM

Tut was a found M2 that the Zoo was called in it capture. I used to work there as a volunteer. The curator told me they were going to sell him to another zoo but was having trouble finding one that could take in an abused bird. I made an offer and they let me have him. He has been with me for 20 yrs. At the zoo for 2+ yrs. How old he is, is anyones guess.

Kyu the U2 was bought from the same curator from the zoo. He had a pair and they would produce a baby every so often.

Sysko the Scarlet was another zoo baby. They pair made a baby and they were not able to send him to another zoo because of the bloodline. Too many from the same pair.

Coowee the quaker was a gift from my nephew 5 yrs. ago.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 04:02 PM

Wingnut the parrotlet came from someone who knew someone who knew someone.

Calypso the tiel came to us as a baby from a client at the vet clinic where I work.

Peaches our M2 came from a client who came in the clinic and begged me to take her. She was so eager to get rid of her that she gave me Peaches, her cage, food and a rubbermaid tote filled with toys and toy-making supplies for free. She even delivered the cage because it wouldn't fit in our van.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 04:26 PM


Kiwi was purchased at a petstore before I had ever looked at mytoos. She was 1 and had already been traumatized by her first family, and was very afraid of everyone. She picked me, and I fell for it. After some research, she came home a week later. She has been with me for 3 1/2 years now, so that makes her 4 1/2 years old.

Aztec is a 10 1/2 year old ex-breeder. When he failed to "produce" he was stuffed into a tiny cage with no toys and fed only seeds. He never had any human contact. He was then dumped at a cat rescue because one of the ladies had a conure. They made a lot of progress with him, but still didn't try to handle him. I adopted him in January and he is one happy little guy. I can't touch him, but after a bit of feather ruffling I can pick him up. I'm also allowed (well, more like encouraged) to give beak kisses.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 04:33 PM

My girlfriend adopted her father's 12ish year old female U2, Harvey. We live together and she is a full time med student, so I have sortof taken over Harvey's care.

My gf's family lived in Indonesia for some time and got Harv there -- a coworker of her father's was emigrating and had to give away her flock. Harv was egg raised by humans and lived as good a life as any captive bird could in Indo.

When they were forced to leave Indonesia after all the Americans were evacuated, Harv came back to the states with them. She lived there for 8ish years before we adopted her. She was somewhat neglected there. The father which loved her very much has a very demanding job and could only spend a little time with her. The step family was afraid of her. So she didn't get the attention or bathing she needed =( She began plucking at this time -- a habit she is slowly starting to break, I think!

Anyway, Harvey is the sweetest bird in the world. She's very calm, has never bitten anyone, and makes all sorts of adorable noises even though she doesn't talk. She's great with strangers -- even the vet! I feel so lucky to get to takr care of her =)
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 05:30 PM

Angelina th u2 was purchased when I didnt know better. Charlie the african grey was given to me by a neighbor who lost his home and couldnt care for him. Vada the blue and gold macaw came into my care because of a relative with a drug problem.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 05:37 PM

Unfortunately I bought my sweet Naya at a pet shop before I discovered this cite. Now I try not to even buy anything from a pet store that profits from selling live animals. Anyway, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me though. I instantly fell in love with her when she got on my shoulder and said "hello" at the pet store. She had chewed off most of her feathers and looked like a plucked chicken. Supposedly the person that had her before me became allergic and she was an emotional mess for missing her "mommy". After awhile all her feathers grew back and she is now the head of the household and really only goes in her cage when I'm at work. Am I totally insane or does anyone else feel like they love their bird almost more than their own family??
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 05:38 PM

I love to be the next one to share my story of how our 10 year young Umbrella Too, Princess Samantha came to be a part of our family. We adopted her from a dear dear friend, Eddie, who (if you read my other post of how I came to be Samantha's Mom it gives the details) is now in his last days, he tricked Samanths & myself into becoming friends before we even realized what his plan was.
She was very protective of him, he has terminal cancer (which by the way he is living longer then the docs suspected) he rescued her, he informed me that they abused, neglected & kept her constantly caged, mostly covered and on terribly unhealty diet of left overs, rotten food/seeds & rarely fresh water. She was afraid of kids, loud noises & lights. But with Eddies love for her she came along way when I met her.
I came about becoming her mom due to Eddies failing health & agreed only AFTER the extensive reading, listening & learning as much as possible did we as a family come to the conclusion that without us she would have had to go to a rescue place (which was a great place, but after visiting it I could not live with myself knowing that all of Eddies love would be lost if I could not find it in myself as his friend to care for the one that was with him with an undying love for him. By my spending time with Samantha we decided that we would have her into our family forever.
We are also parents to 4 Chihuahua's, all of whom stare at Samantha with eyes that wonder what she still is. But they still steer clear of her, but slowly they will stay longer in the room when she returns to her cage to eat. When she comes out they leave the room. laugh We love her & daily I search & see more & more sites stating they SELL these baby birds at an over the top prices providing little or NO education at all about the care these babies will need once they are no longer the funny, cute & QUIET creatures they think they are. I have been compliing this list & will make arrangements to visit as many as possible & give them the correct information I received from the MYTOOS.COM website at least giving the customers (whom I will stop at the doors) and hand out a flyer with the accurate information I read before even considering the idea of becoming Samantha's new family.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 05:48 PM

Earl was in a petsmart for almost a year when I met him, he bit he screamed and would climb to the top of his cage whenever the door was opened and reach down to bite whoever got near him. He would however give kisses through the bars as a trick then bite his potential owners, he was scared. He drew blood on me all the time but I always came back for more. Soon enough he was clearenced to half price and sold, I was sad but assumed it was a good home. Not too long afterwards the owner wanted me to have him because he screams :rolleyes: well my parents took him in for a year and then my mother left the household and my dad gave him to me. He doesnt bite anymore and can climb to the top of the cage without becoming an attack bird. He does scream but I dont mind unless its 6 am but hes a bird. His reciept actually says price change $800 "damaged". He does shake when I come into the room after he has been screaming previous owners banged on the cage to make him shut-up because that works. I also have 2 adopted cats one who is blind. And 4 assorted reptiles who where drop offs and 1 huge friendly hamster left at petsmart. Earl was 3yrs old in april and I look forward to many years with my destructive screaming destroying toddler
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 09:18 PM

Okay, let’s see this could be long with four parakeets, six cockatiels, one lovebird, one senegal, one greater sulphur crested, and a u2 (not to mention six cats and four dogs). I only wonder how to set up a petting zoo to have the animals help pay for themselves. Lol.

Ive, keet, came to me from an office worker who wanted a hand reared parakeet in 1998. She purchased an unweened bird from a breeder and brought him to me. I had been a member of butte county bird club and had experience with feeding. I have fed him and weened him then she decided she didn’t want him. He is a wholly terror and talks of a storm. I got the best part of the deal. Pearl was a rescued keet from a backyard about two years ago. A woman called our volunteer cat shelter looking for someone to come get her. She loves Ivy. Budgie, a keet, is residing with us for a year while her mom a university professors is on sabbatical for a year in Mexico. Blue bell, a keet, is a mickaboo rescue just recently. They all live and play together. The progression of keets shows my progression into a rescuer. Having worked with BCBC for several years, I developed a distain for breeders and relized that either they were good people and broke or they made a living with blood money.

When I moved to Stockton I bought property and began working with many rescues to save animals. That’s where all the cats and dogs came from.

I saw Alaska, a beautiful white cockatiel, in a local pet store. I didn’t buy her right away. I did visit her for months. I kept thinking surely someone will buy her. But each time I went, she would be there. She also started to become very friendly as I visited often. Finally after months of visits, I could resist no more and bought her. Later I bought Juno and then Homer, both tiels. Then they had babies. Now living with six tiels. Okay becoming enlighten is a slow process. I realized through internet searches that their were ways I could guarantee or lesson the chances of breeding, and I also discovered bird rescues, so in the long run the babies have been extra blessings.

I have always wanted a large bird but have always resisted the urge. Having worked in a pet store in the late 90’s and a volunteer with the bird club, I knew enough to know it was a big commitment. I am much more settled in my life now and with seeing how many birds, like cats and dogs, were waiting for forever homes, I decided this was the time to provide a bird with a forever home.

I began with signing up to take a class from mickaboo rescue and one from companion parrot connection. It turned out that they were both a month away and on the same day. In the meantime, I would continue to view rescue web sites and think about what kind of bird I would feel comfortable with. From mickaboo, I discovered mytoos which made me shy away from adopting a too. During that month, I couldn’t help myself, and I visited the Peninsula Humane Society and fell in love with Sampson, the u2. The classes were the following weekend so I decided to wait a week before adopting Sampson. But, my mind was made up so I put a hold on him. And I have never looked back.

Birdy Birdy came to me threw the craigs list. His owner was starting a new career and wanted to find a good new home for his buddy. He wasn’t selling him, and was even offended by anyone who emailed with money issues as part of the pitch. So I was the only email which talked about my home and experience. Well, that impressed his daddy so Birdy Birdy, which he loves to say over and over, came to live with us.

Now a new friend will join our flock this weekend. Baby Blaze has come to me from a mytoos member who has come to the realization that Blaze needed a more informed birdy home who could provide more attention and discipline.

Wow this was long, but fun to think about and see my growth and progression over the years.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 09:39 PM

Meeko came to us through our local bird rescue. She is an adopted 4 year old Bare-Eyed.
I fell in love with my girlfriend's Citron and after ALOT of time reading this board, decided we would NEVER buy a bird, but instead adopt one in need of a good home. I don't know if other people realize it, but it was awfully similar to adopting our child out of foster care, homevisits, foster parents, visits to the new family member, etc. Quite amusing. We adore her. She has been with us a month now and is still settling in. But every day we see she is adjusting and doing well.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 09:51 PM

Our Abigail, M2 now 1 and a half years old almost.
Aquired though Owner of avariry, The bird was turned in by a couple that had a baby on the way and the M2 took to much outta them they said. Avairy owner knew of the loss of our previous M2 and called us to tell us he had a Orphan bird sold to him.He kept her a week to clean,her and make sure good health, Then rescued her for 1400$
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 10:50 PM

I’ll give it a shot..

Jessa Bell - 9 ½ yo U2 - Didn’t know better, bought from a breeder.

Amaretto - 8 yo G2 - Breeder needed money, pitty purchase.

Tasha - 7 yo YNA - Someone needed money - traded for it.

Sweetie - age ? RLA - Pitty purchase, paid ransom.

Streaker - 6 yo Red Lory - Owner didn’t know how to take care of - paid ransom.

Zena - 5 yo TAG - Husband’s bird, boughten.

Lucky - 5 yo CAG - Given, birth defects, unwanted.

Jacqo - 30+ yo wild caught CAG - Given, not hand able.

Tinkerbell - 4 yo RB2 - bought.

Cupcake - 13 yo M2 - adopted from bad situation.

Angel - 3 yo G2 - Given, deformities, unwanted.

Enyo - 6 yo IRN - temporary, son’s bird.

Tweety - 8 yo Tiel - temporary, son’s bird.

Almost all of my birds had a ransom of some sort. Since joining this board, I can say that any of the birds brought into my home were being re-homed or had birth defects that needed special consideration.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/30/06 11:23 PM

After survivng all the hurricanes that hit Fl a couple of years ago, while running a service business right where Charlie hit (translation working round the clock!), having my Husband leave me right after Charlie hit and thoughtfully leaving HIS Mother with me, 4 moves all hurricane related in 3 months............I took a weekend off to take my Mother to Ft. Lauderdale,to visit my Uncle. Was driving down a road, saw a "Bird Shop" turned around, went back, asked if they had any Cockatoos. They had one on consignment. I said I wanted her. Bought her. Brought her home. NO research,never owned a bird before. Gosh, I look back now and at least can "SEE" why my thinking might have been so bad!!!! Luckily,(Grace) found MyToos. Was TERRIFIED....still am sometimes....but the rest is history.
Our story is on here somewhere. Someone here I don't remember who, gave me "The dumbest way to get and transport a bird Award" I humbly accepted.

I did meet Lils previous owners, they are wonderful guys. But were forced to leave Lil home alone sometimes for up to 3 days at a time. So she was not abused only by necessity, neglected. They called a few months ago to invite me to a party, but do not want to see her again.

In the shop, she definately gave ALL the signs of choosing me. People there were amazed by her reactions to me. So I like to think it was "dumb..." fate and that I at least got her before she had multiple homes...or worse.

I would NEVER buy another bird. Even though my heart has been broken at the site of them. I like to think that I am educating myself not only on how to live with Lil but at the plight of all of the parrots out there. And, this is only done by being here on this site.

I had always wanted a Cockatoo.........! I have been a dog trainer and animal activist most of my life. But as we all know, that didn't help a hill of beans worth!!!!!! Ground Zero.
-edit- When people say,"Oh so she is your pseudo child"...I say no, she is my pseudo sanity. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/01/06 02:34 AM

We got a phone call one evening from a friend asking if we would want a too.Turns out a young man had been given Sugar by a lady with serious mental/drug problems.Her son got Sugar for her for mothers day mad .It seems the woman was quite mean to Sugar,screaming at her,kicking her cage,I know she squirted her with water.She got tired of the noise and mess and GAVE her,cage and all to the man we got her from.The man sold her to us for $800.cage and all.I had always wanted a parrot,I've had tiels over the years.My hubby wasn't thrilled with the idea but relented.He now calls her Daddy's girl.I'm so thankful we got her out of that situation.The man would have let her go to anyone with the money.Now she's here to stay laugh
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/01/06 02:44 AM

Joker the crazy caique was a purchase from Marc Morrone, the guy who's always on TV with Martha Stewart. This was before I found this site, when I thought buying from a breeder was perfectly fine.

Rose came to us from a friend who bought her on impulse. She had just re-decorated her living room from Ethan Allen's Ernest Hemingway Collection, and figured a nice bird in a cage would add just the right touch to her classy tropical decor! :rolleyes: Her husband, who knew nothing of the purchase until it was a done deal, put up with the bird for two days and said either the bird was leaving or he was!

I love them both dearly, and would never part with either, in spite of the fact that my not-so-classy decor is scarred up with beak marks, and my hardwood floors have poop-stains on them!
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/01/06 02:48 AM

Teapot (my budgie) I bought from a breeder after the hardest lesson as to why shops arnt up to much. Snowy(budgie) was a rescue, bird of a druggy (I was learning then, just a bit, but learning)
Queenie, RBC2 a rehome. I was soooooo close to paying for him, but held out and he is here to this day (Iwould have payed come shove to push) but holding out...well, he's mine till DDUP.
All my other birds??? Rescue, rehome. Would I ever buy??? Id like to think not, I do think not, but.....circumstances....
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/01/06 05:19 AM

My, what a popular subject. Everyone must be proud of their flock. Since I am too, here goes.
I have always liked parrots, since HS when my best friends mother had a BFA that I thought was the coolest thing I had ever seen. But, raising kids came first.
We had the opportunity to adopt the two birds that resided at my hubby's place of work due to illness in the family when my youngest was 17. We bought the CAG and MRHA with cages from the owner for 900 dollars. Best buy ever.
About 6 months later, we were at a local home show, and the local bird rescue was there. I went over, intending to become a member and maybe, just maybe think of adopting a bird that liked me more (the other two adore my husband, and just tolerate me). When I was picking up paperwork, I looked up and saw an almost completely bare from the neck down, scared, standing up so straight he was rigid M2. He looked at me with those dark brown eyes, and I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. So I applied to adopt him, and luckily I got him. And I have had him for almost 10 months.
He had multiple homes (what else?), his history is sketchy. Unknown number of homes, I don't know how old he is. Killed a female when his last owner tried to breed him.
It took a few months for him to totally trust me, although he never bit me. But I also tried to respect him, and let him step up and come to me at his own speed. Which was sloowwww. Many nights sitting in front of his cage talking to him, and reassuring him. When I would get close, Duck would just would hiss and act intimidating. But I didn't push him, and after a few months he finally saw that I wouldn't hurt him, and now trusts me almost completely. Steps up almost always, and still doesn't bite.
He still feather chews, but is getting somewhat better. And is the sweetest, smartest most majestic thing I have ever seen. I feel so lucky to be able to have him.
Thanks for allowing me to brag about my birds. There are just a select few, who are smart enough to know how special it is to have a bird. Most people just don't understand.
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Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/01/06 05:37 AM

OK....let's see.
I got Chaucer the canary winged parakeet from the flea market from a "bird booth" $250 for the bird and his cage. GREAT deal 'cause he's an incredible bird but now I know better about buying birds.

Avalon and Gwenavier (Gwen just recent;y passed due to reproduction issues. I wasn't breeding...she just kept laying eggs.) I met someone who had them in her garage and fed them sunflower seeds ONLY. I offered her $100 and I got the birds and thier huge cage.

I was given Hamlet the quaker. He belonged to a friend who hand raised him but didn't handle him much afterwards. I loved the bird so he just gave him to me.

Shakespeare the Blue and Gold Macaw is a long story but mainly....he was given to me by someone who did not really have the authority to do so. I had him for 6 months when I got a phone call that the bird had to be returned or she was going to be sued for theft of the bird.
I brought him back but I was devistated over the loss of my dream bird. She lost her job, the original owners took Shakespeare back but I was given thier number by another person who worked at the same place who took pity on me and my husband. Long story short, the 4 of us now share joint custody of the bird and a great new friendship. All this though led to Troy the U2. I was very sad one day flipping through a pet pages magazine and saw an ad for a bird rescue. I had NO IDEA that these even exhisted! Well, I contacted several looking for another Blue and Gold. Filled out the applications, had phone interviews. I was approved for 3 different rescues! I spoke for a long time to one rescue that had no B&G at the time but several cockatoos (That was my second dream bird) She invited me to visit her place and if I didn't want any of the 'toos or other birds she had she'd call me on the first available B&G she got in. My husband and I made the trip. Her entire set up from the custome built log cabing with special bird room to the several out buildings dedicated to the rescue birds was just incredible. She showed us to a HUGE aviary with several cockatoos and pulled out a large Umbrella. She handed him to me, he said "I love you!" and bonked his head against my chest for scritches. I took him home.
The story doesn't end there, about 1 month later she called me and wanted to know if I still wanted a B&G. I said yes but wasn't sure about finances. She said he was new and not adjusting to life in the rescue well. If I liked him she'd make sure I could afford his adoption fee.
That is how we ended up with Aztec.
The history.
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/01/06 06:34 AM

Okay I might as well chime in too!!

First of all, I love reading all of your stories. Thanks for sharing.

I got Lilly Bean (U2) after I got engaged, (sold everything I owned, condo, furniture, etc) and moved to Florida (where my fiancé lived). I had been there for about a year, I was working for a local vet, and had one rescued blind cat I brought with me from TN. I would go by the local pet shop just to talk and visit with the birds they had. One day I noticed they had a bulletin board, and on it an “Umbrella Cockatoo for sale”. I called and talked to the lady and she told me to come over and see if I might be a good match. I went and it was instant LOVE. She came right to me and cuddled on my lap. She was a just under a year old they told me, and they had purchased her a couple of months ago because they could not have children. Well, low and behold, a month after they got “princess” (that is what they had named her) the lady somehow gets pregnant!! They didn’t think it would be fair to the bird with the baby coming…so….they saw the connection I had with her (had interviewed several other folks) but decided I was the right one. So I gave them $800.00 dollars for her and her large cage.

At first the fiancé was okay with her. BUT then to his dismay (not mine) she screamed, she was loud, she pooped everywhere, etc, and his dislike of her got worse & worse. So did him and me (over many other things). So anyway, in 2003. I packed my bags, my blind cat Punkin, and another rescue feral cat I had gotten while working at the vet, and my beautiful new baby, Lilly Bean. It was a 14 hour trip in a Red Corvette, with two cats and a bird…quite the adventure. Have been back in TN for a while now, Lilly is wonderful, has never bitten me ( maybe a couple of time by accident) (but has bitten others in warning, not really bad though) I have learned her body language so very well, so normally can avoid any mishaps. She sometimes picks and pulls feather when something has stressed her out, but over all the JOY OF MY LIFE. We are the BEST of friends, and she trusts me completely. We have such a blast!

We will soon be moving (Jan 10th) into my new house (yea!) and I might, just might have the room for another couple of feathered friends that are in a bad way. I already have a couple of extra cages, and now will have the room. Heck, with Lilly, I do not go anywhere usually, so I feel I can help out another bird or two in need of help if the situation should arise. I will be building an outside aviary for Lilly by spring I hope….SO LIFE IS GOOD. She will be 5 in January. Here come the hormones!!

Joined this site almost two years ago and have been addicted ever since!!

Sorry so long….hope this thread continues!! Kim
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/02/06 07:25 AM

Thanks everyone. Wonderful stories!

It's nice to hear the trials and tribulations knowing we have all basically came down the same path of acquiring our birds and have, after finding Mytoos, developed a 360 degree attitude for future birds. And we cannot forget, we will always be presented with one on one exception bird purchase cases. We have big hearts.

I hope this will help others see, as I stated, the "Cause and Effect" of adoption/rescue opposed to breeder/petshop purchasing.

A little more patience and time is required, alot more heartaches at time, but with all these wonderful people here........Who could ask for anything more.
End result: alot of patience and kindness = alot of love in return.

Makes you appreciate IMHO your bird if you have to have the trials and tribulations to be able to live in harmony. And if not for that, think of all the valuable information you have gained by doing so.

Thanks again everyone,

Rick and Lucky smile
Posted By: couragee

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/03/06 06:19 AM

thanks briorick. i too have loved listening to the stories and seeing every one's growth.
Posted By: YouTOO

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/03/06 02:16 PM

Great, heartwarming stories! Although there are four birds that have lived with us for awhile, been vetted and evaluated, then rehomed, there are three who live with us forever.

Capella (U2) - purchase. Kept walking by this booth at a bird show and this eight week old baby was crying and crying and crying. She was hungry. I would walk away, then come back and eventually I couldn't stand it. I made the seller feed her (who claimed she was nearly weaned), bought her and never looked back. Vetted her for overgrowth of bacteria in the crop and hand fed her until she was 11 months old. Four years old now. I *know*. By doing what I did, I essentially sent a BAD message - selling eight week old babies was perfectly OK.

Little Bit (CAG) - critical resuce - seven years old at the time. "come and get this bird or else". Bleeding, screaming, totally plucked, psychotic (literally) bird. Five years and countless vet visits later, still wears his clothes funny (plucks) and still can't be held - but is happy, talkative, calm, bird of my heart.

CeeCee (Goffins) - Another pitty purchase. Had been a pet for six years, bought by a woman who wanted to make him a breeder. Kept in a tiny cage with a conure who bit his feet. All sunflower seed diet with a bit of soda with breakfast, served out of a dainty little tea cup. "He screams if I don't give it to him". Long haul to switch out the diet, get the bird to trust etc. True confession: I really disliked this bird for almost two years. Now you couldn't wrench him from me:) 100% turn around. Delightful, funny, charmer - who still speaks in that old womans voice.
Posted By: oshawapilot

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/06/06 03:06 PM

We came to be owned quite by circumstance as has been the case with others. Although we have both expressed an interest and desire to be parrot owners and had considered this before the timing had not been right and with two smaller children and both of us working shifts it was not in the cards. But last year a school classmates' of our childrens was looking for a place to board their umbrella cockatoo for a couple of days to a week to have some furnace and oven cleaning and home improvements done and we were only happy to bird sit and have a chance at a trial home situation. After a week, we were of course enchanted and when after 2 weeks they reported that the children were no longer having asthma attacks at night and that they were missing him, but thinking of not keeping him for both financial and health reasons we just could not see him go to another home...and so he has stayed and became our boy.
Posted By: couragee

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/06/06 06:00 PM

that's a great story!
Posted By: kylie

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/07/06 10:54 PM

I bought Kylie my LSC2 from a petstore when she was 4 years old, she'll be 7 in march. What I loved about her was her telephone mimic, didn't think how different it would sound from a warehouse till a 12 by 13 ft living room, (where are those ear plugs) lol <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> Then I found Mytoos, too late then.
Posted By: Lynn and Buttons

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 02:13 AM

For every ONE story you read here, hundreds are represented that came on this forum, meant well got rid of the bird and are no longer here. It is a wonderful topic that shows how most of us became "reformed". If I am not mistaken, that (we) still represent about 10% of people
(population?) who can and SUCCESFULLY live with our birds. And, the fat lady ain't sung yet. There is more here to consider than .....did you purchase or rescue or both. There is much more to consider. Making newcombers feel warm and fuzzy is nice. But it won't pay the bills to speak. It won't keep that bird in a home. I am naive but have learned I want the 'smarts' from the people who know what a pain in the ass it is to living with birds. And that no matter how well I do it ...for awhile...I'm still not doing well by them. So I don't like the odds, but I will try and rememmber the 10% that can pull it off and well, are probably here....and have been for awhile. I as a newcomber, recognized that fact EARLY on. It wasn't difficult to notice. It required change in my WHOLE life. Some of it sucks. Some of it is sad. Some of it is overwhelming. Some is glorious. But, if you think you are talking to, or you are, in that 10% of the population that can and will successfully provide for a 'Too for many years, thank you. If you are not sure, like me, welcome,those ARE your odds. Add,work,children,divorce,moves,financial problems,schedule changes,other people,sadnees,routine,noise,spouses,lack of spouses,etc.all continue to effect your success rate. And no matter HOW you acquired your bird....these ARE the odds. How will you stand in 10 years.? My goal is not to be most popular on this forum. Although, I like being popular. My goal is to be counted in that rare 10% regarding my amount of sacrafice and the wellness of a bird. I see many here who are of different age and beliefs. But when they start saving my ass with the bird....they are only my kindred. This message is pointed at ME. To remind me it isn't about popularity (and that just kills me....cause I think if it was the criteria I COULD win. But it is NOT. It IS about doing something difficult,rewarding and special.
Posted By: Lynn and Buttons

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 03:08 AM

BTW - No nastiness intended, just a seperate thought,no biggie.
Posted By: Mothra's Mom

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 04:03 AM

Hm that's a very interesting post, Lynn. Yes, I guess the big question is how many people are not only capable of and committed to taking excellent care of bird(s) but doing so for their entire life NO MATTER WHAT! People rarely give up their children when there is terrible conflict in their lives, but people give up animals all the time. This is partly because it's socially acceptable, and partly because society does not support keeping animals with their people. Look at what happened during Katrina (god, remember that horrifyingly sad story of a woman hiding her birds --maybe it was only one bird---inside her bra so she wouldn't have to leave them behind??). Everyday, bad things happen, people have to move, and most rentals are No Pets Allowed. Everyday, women are kept prisoner in abusive domestic situations because their abuser threatens to hurt or kill the woman's animals. Battered women and homeless shelters do not allow animals (maybe some do, but the vast majority don't). Animal shelters are not able to "board" animals for people who are having hard times but want to keep their animals, simply because of the overwhelming daily numbers of surrenders.

That said, I've only had Mothra for TWO MONTHS. I've had Moira for only FOUR MONTHS. I work at an SPCA (Animal Care and Adoption Center) and I fell in love with the little lutino cockatiel who already knew how to step up, let me scratch her head after the third day of handling her, and often made little chirping noises. She was surrendered by someone who "bought her from a neighbor that morning and realized he couldn't keep her". *deep breath*. She was CLEARLY a loved and cared for bird, I have no idea how anyone could just give her to some loser who would then immediately surrender her. I became convinced that I had to adopt her, so I did, and I've been in love ever since. Poor bird, her first two weeks of living with me were spent morning and night giving her antibiotics to cure her respiratory infection. She's forgiven me since. smile

Mothra was seized by Law Enforcement and brought to the shelter. I am ashamed to say that we gave the Law Enforcement officer a hard time when she brought the cockatoo in! We had just received two neglected Amazons and didn't even have proper caging or room for them. They were being kept in the hallway, in horrendously small cages. The last thing we wanted or could handle was yet another large bird with no cage. At that time, no one at my shelter was a bird expert or even a bird lover (now I'm the closest thing we've got!). Because of this, Mothra sat in the shelter for a day without particularly close care, and then I got curious and tried to take her out of her cage. She sweetly but hesitantly stepped up and I almost collapsed when I realized the condition she was in. Thankfully I was able to get a vet to look at her, give her fluids, weigh her (9 ounces..), and cut her nails. The next day I took her home for what I thought would only be three days, but then it became two months and now that I've been given the bird I'm expecting to have her forever...

As long as.... If... If.... If....
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 04:09 AM

Oh Emily, you brought tears to my eyes. What a story! Bless your beautiful heart for taking care of these babies! We are here to help you along the way, always...

Hugs to you and your little flock... Kim
Posted By: Ducky's Mom

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 06:07 AM

What a poor, sad creature Mothra must have been when you first rescued her. I can't imagine a U2 that only weighed 9 oz. She must have been close to death. Thank you so much for caring enough to "look a little closer". You probably saved her life.
Posted By: Mothra's Mom

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 06:20 AM

Scarily enough I think I did save her life and Law Enforcement DEFINITELY saved her life by taking her. I try not to think about it, it's really terrifying to think that if she were left alone in that house for one or two more days, Law Enforcement might have found a little smoke-stained corpse of what would have been a beautiful, happy, playful creature.

Fortunately, she IS now a beautiful happy creature smile Life is good.

Thank you both for the kind words.

Can I say I've become kind of addicted to this message board and reading everyone's posts???
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 06:48 AM

Mothra's Mom,

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed with all the posts here. I still to this day try and read all the postings. It's amazing what you will learn.

We can't thank you enough for looking past your little babys condition and stepping up to help this poor innocent creature, now, your Mothra.
My heart goes out to you.

Posted By: Lynn and Buttons

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 07:43 AM

Emily & Mothra - Thank you for both being who you are. Welcome to the addiction. I am reading and re-reading your responses. Yeah.
Posted By: Deb&Sammy

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 08:34 AM think that after all Mothra went through that "she stepped up sweetly but hesitantly", poor little baby! I am so glad you went to take a closer look and then took her into you home and heart!

Posted By: Falchion

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 03:33 PM

I have four birds, all resuces. Hollywood, I've had for 11 years is a white-eyed conure. His previous owner purchased him from a pet store was uneducated on the care. I went to her house for a different reason and noticed his poopy water, mound of fecal matter at the bottom of his cage etc... I convinced her to give him to me.

Sam my Quaker was in his new home for a couple of weeks before his new owner tried to return him to the pet store in which he purchased. He didn't realize Quakers make so much noise. The store refused to take him back because of his exposure to the owners other birds. I just happen to be in the store at the same time and offered to take him.

Marsha, my pride and joy is an 18 yr wild caught U2. I adopted her after reading her story on the avian connection. She had been resuced by a wonderful lady out of a breeding situation. Marsha was fearful of everything and the lady did not want her placed back into a breeding situation. I've had her since January and she has really calmed down. Her cage is open at all times during the day and is only closed at night. She hangs out on her playtop all day when I'm home and has started eating from my hand.

Liberty is the newest of the bunch. A lady at work needed to place her because her mother had suddenly taken ill.
Posted By: dmdonna196334

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/08/06 03:41 PM

what amazing stories
heres mine
squeeker- umbrella cockatoo was purchased when he was 2 months old- 5 years ago

chewy- greenwing macaw was purchased when he was 4months old- he's now 4 years old...

lucky- greenwing macaw adopted from the oregon humane society- age unknown but have had her for 3.5 years

sammy- umbrella cockatoo was adopted a year ago.she was a rescue shes 7 years old now

sammy- Harlequin macaw.adopted from a rescue he's 10 years old He's been with us for about 4 months

casper- blue and gold macaw, age is guessed at 6-7 years old..she was also adopted from a rescue.she our newest feather friend

when we had purchased our first feather friends we had no idea about rescue.until we saw on the news about the oregon humane society and all the exotic birds that they had.
from there we have only adopted from rescues, alot of the birds that we have have a very special need..lucky was and still is a feather picker and nobody wanted her because she was not perfectly feather.feathers to us does not make a perfect bird.
she is a very loving bird, just naked.
and that is ok by us.we love her anyway..
if i knew then what i know about birds in need i would have only adopted from rescues.
but theres not enough news and stories on birds in someone just starting out will go to there local pet store and purchase what they see.
just like we did.but know i try to spread the word.go to your local rescues, before you adopt spend the time with the birds.learn all you can, talk to others..
tis the season and people dont think till christmas is over and then the newness runs out and they find birds are not for them..
well i have rambled enough......thanks for this wonderful site..donna
Posted By: white_green_wonder

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/11/06 06:22 PM

how wonderful stories, you are such wonderful people.

Here I go,
Coco my 5 year old yellow crowned amazon parrot I bought in the worst petshop you can ever imagine, I didn't know any better. They sell birds too young and often sick and die within weeks or months some even in days.
So coco came to me, 5 weeks old, only pinfeathered and had to keep him warm and handfeed him, often he was ill and spend many nights at an avian vet. I got him tested and luckily no contageous diseases. Later he got older and got behaviour problems like excessive screaming, my husband couldn't say anything at all or coco started to scream. We went with him towards a parrot behaviourist and together with him and later with help from internet boards to deal with these problems by positive reinforcement, I know I made many mistakes. Today everything is fine with him, he can be loud now en then but not anymore like he once was.

The screaming was over, but hubby couln't do a lot with coco, so we decided to buy a second bird, he wanted a too, I didn't. In my opionion it was searching for trouble to own a too, I never read about them, not really interested in them, I lived in an apartment, so what do I want with a too???. We talked a lot about it and finally we decided to have a too, we had bought a house with a garden in a quiet suburb of a town. So I read and read and read all about them and they started to touch my heart. From a friended breeder we got our D2. We've have him now for 4,5 years. He's like a adhd child very busy and can't concentrate long on a toy or something else. I trained him to play on his own, he can do that for quit a long time now. Well he is needy, very busy, lovable, sometimes mean (but never bit me in a way a too can, never had to go towards the emergency room, allthough coco has bitten me harder) he can be loud and can act as a clown. He's in a difficult period now, dealing with his hormones and I respect it and let him be, whenever he showes behaviour like that. The next day is allways a new one, I start over that day and everything is fine then.

I won't go to petshops anymore, not even to buy food (coco and blondie eat harrisons, which I have to buy from a vet) and I make my own toys or buy them at places where no animals are sold.
I hope one day to adopt a parrot, resquing U2 is a dream, but I guess it stays that way. I hope I can recue one after I have been retired and I can have all the time and more inner rest to make a neclected or abused bird happy again.

The story is a bit long
Posted By: white_green_wonder

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/11/06 06:32 PM

I must tell you guys, in the states you are sooo much further with rescueing and adopting parrots. Here in the netherlands are only two foundations who have parrot wellbeing on number one and replace them to new (first screened)households.
In the netherlands, most people bring their toos or parrots to an parrot reception center. Most parrots handreared think they are humans too and are afraid of other parrots. There they are placed together in aviaries. Many parrots die because of stress.

Two weeks ago we visited this receptioncenter, I needed a week to get over it. There was a bare eyed too who wanted to come with us sooooo dearly he clamped his two feed around our hands to say please take me with you. Unfortunatly they don't give their birds away for adoption and unfortunately I didn't have a concrete steel scissors with me or he went home with us. He belonged in a family and not in a receptioncenter. My heart cried there. I won't go back there.
Posted By: Kuba

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/11/06 09:00 PM

It seems in the USA there are big problems with the TOOS and a lot of sad stories but almost many with good endings. I bought my U2, from a petshop.
angry2 Main reason being I don't think these birds are there for attraction. I hate it when I see animals being used by shops to attract people. I am now trying to improve my Czech even more so I can find out what is happening here in CZ to the toos and if there are any rescue places for parrots in general but on the good side I don't think there is a big market for big parrots because of the price also people here are genrally afraid of them.... But I am on a mission to help here in Europe (mainly CZ) To help people understand them and help Toos. Luckily Kuba is in a great family with me and my wife and children. I keep you posted on the story on the other side of the world
Kuba and Family
Posted By: white_green_wonder

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/11/06 09:36 PM

I live in the netherlands, approximately 800 km away from you, here the problems are large too. There are a vew large parrotstores who sell parrots as if they are dvd-players. And not telling buyers the truth about parrots, they still tell people that m2's are cuddly and never change, when buyers doubting he knows to talk just that way, you come home with a parrot and a loan. When your dear parrot dies or gets ill, they are not home or they tell you it is your own fault, you should have taken him to an avian vet, all baceteria over there, and if you want to sue them, they send some large men to your house so you do want to make an arrangement.
These guys are criminals, and they even use negative attention for advertising. Its soooooo sad.
Posted By: pjcoop

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/12/06 01:57 PM

ok...I was not going to post to this..but I read the post about being the dumbest way to get a Cockatoo and thought I would throw my hat into the ring.

Where to start? I needed a hobby to help with my stress and anxiety and depression...I tried a lot of different things....oh I am retired with time on my hands and a wonderful husband.

I told him I wanted my hobby to be a Moluccan he helped me look on the computer...then he bought me a book on the computer to read called All Abot Too's...a link led me here.

oh you guys I wanted so bad to walk in a place and let someone pick me folks here at MyToo's changed my mind about just going out and buying a baby to Rescuing an older bird at least 20 years or older and a Male.

Trouble is when you have real Anxiety....taking classes downtown and all the other stuff that goes along with the rescue procedures was not an option for me.

One day a friend of mine called and said that there is a 14yo,talking,hand raised,dna'd Male Moluccan in the local news paper $800.00 price encludes huge cage....she gave me the number..but I did not call right away...again thinking of you folks...then I thought what could a phone call hurt???

Question 1. Why are you selling your M2?
Wife is going to have baby, bird tooooo loud.

Q2. Does he prefer Men or Women????
A. both he likes both??? I said really????

Q3. Is he missing any feathers and if so where??
A. Just the tips of his shoulders. Previous owner said he was just bored and needed more attention.

Q4. What is his name???? Peaches.. What? Peaches? I thought you said he was a boy????
First thought was I will change it to a boy's name soon as he settles in.

Q5. Can you deliver him and his cage out to me?
A. YES....would you like him today or tomorrow?

ok guys I bought Mr.Peaches sight unseen out of the news paper...I don't even get the news paper!

So the young man drives down our drive way with Peaches on his shoulder...he gets out of his little truck with a little hat,little dress and flip flops...he was the nicest young man...21years old...said Hi and watch this he held Peaches over my plastic potted plants that look real and said Poo Poo Poo to Peaches and Peached did poo poo...

then he put Peaches on my SHOULDER...I almost wet my pants(hello baby's bite page Lynn i think).

I smiled and looked UP my goodness this is a tall bird...and he could take my nose off....

he tilted his head down and bumped my cheek with the top of his head and said H E L L O ....I just melted his voice so deep so caring...he bobbed up and down a little and said I LOVE YOU...I felt at that moment this bird has had a lot of love in his past...I can only hope I can do him Justice for the rest of his natural life with me...Then to my daughter,then to my granddaughter she is now 12.

Just thought I would share smile
Posted By: GeriDoc

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/12/06 04:13 PM

Kitty, our U2, was purchased (before we knew better). Donkho, our CAG was adopted from one of my students who realized that she was in over her head with a long-lived parrot. I regularly talk about my birds in class (about how difficult they are to have), and this student felt that I was dedicated enough to bird welfare that I would provide a good home for her grey, which I have tried to do.
Posted By: Kuba

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/12/06 06:22 PM

HI WGW Yea problems atfer problems here, but luckily I have been in this field my whole life with animals in South Africa. So I knew what I was getting myslef into before I got Kuba. But the laugh is on me. The nears is 200Kms from where I live. But I love travelling So I going in the new year for a check up. and the other stories about breeders in this country are really upsetting but as I said I will find away how to helpand fight it over here Good luck to you...
Posted By: jesse_dup1

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/13/06 10:25 PM

Hi, This poll has been sooo much fun to read! Figured I'd join in! I have a 10 yr old Quaker, named Quincy, and love him very much. He doesn't love anyone except me, and to be honest, he actually just tolerates me at times! It's all about him, and his "mood" He says lots of words, sings, whistles, waves, etc. Before Quincy, I had keets, and tiels as I was growing up. They were lots of fun, 2 of my keets also talked. Then...4 months ago, I got the monster! My first large parrot, Peeechoo is an 18 yr old male wild caught "rescue" Moluccan Cockatoo. He had a very tough time in his previous homes. Being hit, kicked, totally neglected, left in dark room...... You all know the story! So, after finding Mytoos, I did research for a couple of months, and finally decided to take him--thought I was ready--HA HA. All I can say is WOW!!!! I've been bit several times, once badly, lunged at, hissed at, screamed at, humped, etc. And I really believe you don't know what noise is, until you own an M2! In the past few months, I have decided to "get rid of him", about 20 times. But for some strange reason, I love this bird. He is now eating Roudybush, very little seed, tons of friuts & veggies, has a brand new huge cage, tons of toys. I think he is finally starting to settle in. He has time out of his cage every day from about 5pm--8pm. He is very entertaining, chases balls and throws them back! Great vocabulary, such a show off! I adore him, and give most of the credit to mytoos for helping me get through the first really hard months. Oh, by the way, he LOVES my hubby! Go figure! Thank you all! Jesse
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/14/06 12:57 AM

Taming of the Shrew, or in your case the Wild M2.

Jesse sounds as though you are experiencing what most of us here know all too well when it comes to the "Trials and Tribulations" of being owned by a Too.

Yes, I too, when I/we first adopted our Lucky (M2 now 43 yo) felt much the way you are feeling and wondered if I hadn't made the biggest mistake of my life after reading through Mytoos forum. Yes, I was one of "those people" who adopted first and read later, although I did have a B&G Macaw many moons ago, so felt I could handle it. Whoa, much different temperament! My B&G was so sweet compared to this "Godzilla", as the Foster Parent had called him when they first got him.

As days went by and I was repeatedly hissed at and not so welcomely wanted, I wondered if this bird would ever come around to a friendlier state of mind. I decided to give him an open door policy as I am home 95% of the time. I believe this has helped us to gain Luckys confidence more than anything. He would just sit and observe. He was also in the main traffic flow of the house so he would not be avioded.

I have attached my original thread should you like to know more of our journey.;f=25;t=000760

But as time progressed, Lucky and I learned to respect, well maybe I was one that LEARNED respect.....2 pretty good DEEP wounds later. Big Ouches!!! Hurt Like Heck!

It has been over a month and a half and he has become the gentleman I was hoping for, with exceptions of a few days, but very sweet and gentle to touch now. But, hey we all have those days, and he too is allowed.

Time and Patience as I was told REPEATEDLY by the other members here was the main KEY, and I have that now drilled into my thought thinking process now. Best advice of all, it truly works. But always being on guard with the body language, never get to comfortable and think "it will never happen". Guess what?

Quick story about the Noise factor. When we first brought Lucky and his gigantic cage home from his Fosters home in the SUV, Lucky was in a Pet Carrier in the front seat next to my partners lap. All of a sudden, unexpectantly, Lucky lets out a huge squawk, I almost ran off the road, scared the Crap out of us, Brian (partner) didn't know if he had crapped his pants or not. He, Brian not already being too sure of this big bird anyways as he has a Green Cheek Conure, ever so sweet. What an odd coupole this would turn out to be. We did laugh it off after we gained control of ourselves. WOW!
So yes, can relate to those wonderful noises, but I truly love when Lucky displays and prances, squawks. To me, I feel he is happy.

Jesse, with that being said, hang in there. We all have wonderful and crazy stories to tell, but in the end when our feathered friends start coming around to us, it is an absolutely wonderful feeling that you have made a breakthough with this bird. A new relationship has begun.

Thanks to Mytoos and the wonderful people here I have been able to learn and live in Harmony with Lucky. I am so grateful for their presence.

Sorry for rambling, forgive me. I love these stories of first encounters and the progress through it all. Great job, you will not faulter.

Keep us posted.

Rick smile
Posted By: Lynn and Buttons

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/14/06 10:09 AM

Hey pjcoop - Since you threw your hat in the ring, I will gladly share my "Dumbest way to get a 'Too" award with you". <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
What a great story. I am glad for you and I that our dumb luck, proved to work out well. wink
Posted By: pjcoop

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/14/06 10:52 AM

oh Evelyn...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing your title with me!!!!!!!

I was only brave because you showed me the way to just put it out there...I figured I would probably tick off someone or at least get some sort of grief from someone....they are probably tired of reading this topic wink I thought long and hard before I decided to post my story and thought what the heck....I am a big girl.
Posted By: Lynn and Buttons

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/14/06 11:00 AM

Amen Sister wink
The title is now mutually shared, I am glad it was you that I must share with. I am honored to be in such good company. deep bow.
Posted By: pjcoop

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 12/14/06 11:17 AM

Right back at you smile Bow and everything.
Posted By: Specialist Elbru

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/04/14 05:49 PM


I find this a fascinating thread from many years ago. I see that many of the old times that are around today have a post on this thread. It would be cool to see if some of the not-so old timers would be interested in adding to this thread.
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/05/14 05:40 AM

Angelina was bought. My first large bird. Charlie my grey was supposed to only stay awhile till my neighbor came back. He didn't and my Macau, a long story came from a drug addicted cousin
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/05/14 05:04 PM

Echo (M2) - first large bird, impulse purchase at a pet store.
Nikki, (Eclectus)-adopted from Project Perry
Sydney, (LSC) -adopted from Project Perry
Alex (RIP) (U2) - rescue/hoarding situation
Noelle (M2) - adopted from Project Perry
Charlee (RIP)(M2)-adopted from Best Friends
Peach (M2) - private adoption
Nina (U2)- private adoption
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/05/14 07:47 PM

Cassie BE2 purchased from pet store
Biddybe (RIP) Budgie adopted from the Cumberland Animal Control Shelter
Posted By: AJMontyBird

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/06/14 06:15 PM

Monty (LSC2) - Private adoption
Luka (GCC) - Given by a friend who had "accidentally" bred.
Yuki (Budgie) - Dropped off for "birdie sitting"; owner never reclaimed him.
Aphrodite (Budgie, RIP) - Can't recall the exact circumstances.
Zeus ('Tiel, RIP) - Friend of a friend begged me to take; originally a gift to her kid
Posted By: Mel55

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/07/14 03:07 PM


I'm new to this amazing forum. So much great information. I have an African Grey, Bogie, that I finished handfeeding that is almost 29. Information was much harder to come by back then. Bought a lot of bird talk mags :-) and tried to see Sally Blanchard when I could. Times have certainly changed. Recently I was looking to adopt one of the smaller cockatoos and came upon "Boss" at a pet store in Berkeley where I bought my baby Grey. Hadn't been there in at least 25 years. The same owner, Claudia showed me a Goffins that was 21 and I fell in love. She said many people had looked at him, but we're afraid of his age. "Boss's owner had been evicted. Any way.....lucky me.... He's wonderful!!
Posted By: ForBoomer

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/07/14 07:48 PM

I got Aphrodite my CAG female from a coworker, she was 23 years old and a plucked chicken when she came to me. I had never had parrot experience, but studied hard. Found it came naturally to me and she flourished here. Took in another CAG rescue male Sylas with special needs, he was a terrible biter, has scoliosis, and arthritic wing and hip, and now does not bite unless you do not read his signals. My Moluccan Cockatoo Boomer is a foster for a parrot rescue, she plucks and came from a home that had 11 birds and the previous owner had died. Since she has been here, I have been schooled the hard way on Too's! She started chasing my hubby and attacked him after "mating" with me. I was used to greys!! I was really glad to find your site, because I was confused by this behaviour LOL! I am also adopting a Nanday conure from the same rescue in a couple of weeks named Snuggles.
Posted By: bajarascal

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 11/18/14 10:28 PM

Before we knew any better we purchased our bird from a couple that was divorcing and could not keep her. The husband told us that several adventure companies and a restaurant wanted her for their entrance but he was adamant that she go to a good home that would love her. He put a price on her because he didn't want to give her away to just anyone. He had 2 couples at the top of his list when we inquired about her. We wrote a long email describing our lifestyle, our pets and our bird experience along with pictures of our property and our plans to build her an aviary should we be chosen. The next morning the man spoke to my husband and told us we were by far the front runners. He needed time to say goodbye so a few days later we picked her up. She bonded immediately with my husband after he started preening her head. She is the love of our life. I feel like every morning when I get up and uncover her it's like I'm going to lift my baby out of her crib.
Posted By: mommy

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 01/23/15 12:42 AM

hi, i got mine from one of my patients, they have had over 30 years of experience with toos and parrots, she is one yr old give or take a couple of months, they raised her from a fledgling and i got her approx. 1 mo. ago.
Posted By: CrocusBlooms

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 01/23/15 02:08 AM

My G2 was "given" to me to my elderly neighbors who used to run a "pet bird sanctuary". Basically they used to take in unwanted parrots and do their best to re-home them. They did their best but some of the stories they told me about previous rescues had not-so-good endings. frown

Griffin came from a breeder originally, and was bought by a young couple who liked him until he was no longer a cuddly chick, then moved him into the garage when he became "bitey and screamy" and re-homed him with a young male friend of theirs who "wanted him". The young man treated him very inappropriately, and was physically intimidating and abusive. Griffin was then "rescued" by the young man's aunt- a well-meaning woman in her late 50s- as a "companion" for her elderly mom... who quickly realized she couldn't handle him either and called my even more elderly neighbors. They took him in and asked me to come and "work" with him, as he had bitten both of them pretty badly and also their adult daughter, and grandson. The two small dogs in the home were afraid of him too. I went over just to "help them out" & see what I could do with some clicker training ( I have been a horse and dog trainer since college), and Griffin just took a liking to me. It was mutual. They "gave" him to me for Christmas (surprise!) and I took two weeks researching- when I discovered MyToos for the first time- and deciding whether or not I could reasonably take him on and provide him with a positive environment... and another three trying to get a decent cage shipped to me without damage so that he could be safely enclosed in my office )I'd like him in the living room, but safety first- so he's in my office while I get the dogs used to the noise and the bird smells and visa versa. I spend a lot of time in my office anyhow, and it's got nice light.

After being shuttled through at least 5 homes in his young life (the foster family and vet think he's in the 2-3 year range), Griffin has now found a "forever home" with me, my two rescue dogs, and my boyfriend (who is still more than a little intimidated by the beak- smart man!)

Griffin came to me with his original cage(his original cage was one of the smallest I've ever seen- 12in wide x 13in high x 20in long., a chewed up 1/2 in wooden dowel perch and two rusting food and water bowls, a big bag of department store seed mix, and an old green sheet they covered him with. His foster family gave me the book "All About the Parrots" by Arthur Freud (c. 1980), and also gave me the play-stand they had purchased for him- a PennPlax sized for a parakeet (complete with copper bell which I removed as soon as I saw it), and said they had been keeping him away from it because "he was just chewing it up". (Again- well meaning foster-folks, and I'm so thankful they brought Griff and I together, but their bird rescue information/methods are from the 1970s/80s, when they bred finches and budgies.)

Thanks to MyToos and the other resources I've discovered, Griffin and I seem to be doing pretty well so far. Cross your toes for us smile

As usual- I've written a long-ish answer to a short question!
Posted By: Specialist Elbru

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 01/23/15 04:33 AM

Originally Posted By: CrocusBlooms
After being shuttled through at least 5 homes in his young life (the foster family and vet think he's in the 2-3 year range), Griffin has now found a "forever home" with me, my two rescue dogs, and my boyfriend (who is still more than a little intimidated by the beak- smart man!)

I've heard from Mytoos members who volunteer at bird sanctuaries and unfortunately, a bird with 5 homes in less than 4 years is not an uncommon occurrence.

Originally Posted By: CrocusBlooms
I know this is the only the beginning of a long road for me and the Tiny Dinosaur, and I KNOW I actually have no idea what our journey together will look like- what challenges and triumphs lie ahead... But I am SO grateful to have found this site, these message boards, and all of you passionate, caring, KNOWLEDGEABLE folks.

And, I am grateful to see someone like you willing to take on a challenge, who knows that there will be rough patches along the way! smile
Posted By: CrocusBlooms

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 01/24/15 08:10 PM

@Specialist Elbru- yes, I've certainly read that here on these boards, and it's really so sad. I really appreciate all of your detailed, informative posts on this board- I've learned so much from them, and hope for many more in the future!
Posted By: OwnedTango

Re: Poll! How did you acquire your bird? - 05/28/15 06:34 PM

K, here we go. Tango, my MSC2, spent first few years in a tiel cage, hit, screamed at, fed seeds,given beer and wine...u get the picture. He ended up at a tiny rescue run out of a home. They got him from plucked chicken to fully feathered but not happy. A wonderful friend of mine took her when the rescue closed. She had him for six months but she wasn't home enough and his cries hurt her boyfriend's hearing aids. I gladly took Tango for free as my friend only wanted him to have a good home. I spent over 20 years working with animal rescues and I will admit toos are harder than lions and tigers. :-)
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