Throwing Food

Posted By: Willy G2

Throwing Food - 07/10/05 05:29 PM

Good Morning everyone! Willy and I are still getting to know each other and I don't want him to bored with his food. Last night I decided to mix up a coupld new dishes for him to have this morning. Well, I made him extra special corn bread (yummy!) and when it was just the right temperature I put a couple small pieces in his dish while it was still warm.

He ignored it (although eyeing me the whole time I was in his cage messing around). Finally he went for a late night snack and saw that in there. He methodically took each piece out and dropped them on the bottom of his cage. Although, it seemed to me, that he actually liked the taste.

About 30 minutes later my husband saw him eating something on the top of his cage. When I investigated it was one of those pieces of bread! This morning as I was preparing his breakfast he couldn't wait to have another piece of bread...It was the first thing he went for when I got it all ready smile

What a guy <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
Posted By: Mia & Kiwi

Re: Throwing Food - 07/10/05 06:47 PM

They are sneaky!
If your 'too liked the cornbread, I am sure he will like bird bread. If you do a search on the diet section you will find a lot of bird bread recipes. I tried this with Kiwi and she loves the stuff. She never leaves any, and she gets a piece every day. I make enough to last a month and then freeze it in pieces that I thaw out daily. It's also healthier than corn bread....and you can sneak in fruits/veggies/etc etc and they tend to love this.
Personally, I find it fun to mix up all this stuff into bread that people would never consider eating together.... I am just a little nuts though. laugh
Posted By: DocT

Re: Throwing Food - 07/10/05 07:30 PM

My birds just love the bred recipes. I vary what I put in it all the time but no matter how I fix it they love it. They will do anything I ask to get the sweet potato bars laugh . I love cooking for my birds as much as I do for my family. I think the birds appreciate a varied diet. When people com over and I am making bread or what ever for the birds. They say mmm what smells so good lol lol belive you me I have been tempted to serve it to a few. Especially the ones who say YOU COOK FOR YOUR BIRDS angry

Posted By: Willy G2

Re: Throwing Food - 07/10/05 08:23 PM

I did look at the bird bread recipes last night. I changed some of the corn bread recipe to add some of the better things for my birdie. I'm really looking forward to trying the sweet potato bars. Oh, yeah, and I love cooking for my birdie too :p

What can I say? I'm in love laugh lol
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