My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan.

Posted By: Kelsi

My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 04:03 AM

Hello, and I just want to tell you about my Cockatoo,Tristan. He is a boy, and he loves all of my family members, that is, exept for my big sister.Whenever My sister gets home from school he starts to bang his beak on the perch and starts to scream.I love him so much!I also preen his feathers on his neck, which he can't reach, so I do it for him. He always gets SO puffed up and falls asleep whenever I do preen him. Any one else preen their toos? smile
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Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 04:08 AM

Oh, there is lot's more about him, but way too much to type.But, we got him when he was a couple months old, and my dad bought him right out of the Nursery at Bird Haven,and he hand fed him, and his crop got so full!Oh, his birthay is on Tax Day!
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Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 04:33 AM

Kelsi, you sound young but if you want to be a member here, please read what we are all about. I hope all new members will at least do this much.;f=19;t=000005
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Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 06:17 AM

Oh, I'm really sorry! How old do you have to be to be here? frown
Posted By: MMM

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 06:41 AM

Hi Kelsi - Welcome!

I don't think there's an age limit here, Kelsi. It's just important that you understand what this board is about - protecting cockatoos. That means that we disagree with buying birds from pet stores and breeding them for profit.

Please read the new member's forum so you understand why this board exists. I think that discussing the "cuteness" Tristan's crop isn't really going to make any friends around here. Most of us strongly disagree with the whole idea of hand-feeding a bird or getting a baby bird when there are so many adult birds in rescues waiting for good homes.

Selling an unweaned baby bird is irresponsible of the pet store. Maybe you should share the address of MYTOOS with your parents, since it has a lot of very useful information for raising cockatoos. But please, make sure that if you have something to share, that you've read this:;f=19;t=000005

That way we can make sure that you will contribute to the benefit of the birds, and you don't have to worry about getting booted from the forum.

I hope that this helps clarify.
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Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 06:33 PM

Actually, I feel really embarrased right now. And, I uderstood what this forum was about ever since I saw it. Saving Cockatoos. But all I know is that I bought my Cockatoo from a bird store, and there is nothing wrong with that.I love my Cockatoo. That's all that matters. Maybe I should leave this place since I am only 12. But I really enjoyed being here. I was just trying to explain how much I loved my Cockatoo. Is there something wrong with that? No. I support all of those Cockatoos that don't have homes, or have bad ones.And I always will. I really hope that they find good homes. I truly don't understand why you don't "believe" In buying birds from a pet store. And my dad is really responsible, so he can hand feed my Cockatoo if he likes. Good-bye.
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Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 07:10 PM

Kelsi whats done is done, your family has the bird! What this forum is about is education!

Kelsi your bird was hatched and went to a good home! Some birds are not so lucky they get bought then mistreated by people who dont know Cockatoos!

And my dad is really responsible, so he can hand feed my Cockatoo if he likes.
Not all people are good with birds like your father!

Did you know your father could have adopted a great Cockatoo that already was weaned and even talks and steps up? Alot easier than starting from scratch! Also, Tristan will be replaced by another bird at the bird shop, that bird might not be as lucky as Tristan! And may be mistreated and abused by their new owners......

Breeders and pet shops dont REALLY care about the birds no matter WHAT they say! They sell birds to make money! And will continue to do so as long as mommy's and daddy's keep buying baby birds....

TEll mom & dad the next time your family gets a new bird try to ADOPT one there are THOUSANDS waiting for a great home like yours! (also tell dad when you adopt it cost ALOT less!)
Posted By: MMM

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 07:23 PM

I wasn't trying to make you feel unwelcome or embarrassed, Kelsi. If I hurt your feelings, I am sorry, that wasn't my intent.

Please understand that most of us have birds that are emotionally scarred because they were hand-fed. I am not talking about cute little babies. I am talking about grown-up birds that are older than you - they rip out their own feathers and chew at their own skin because they so confused about whether they are birds or people. The reason that they are confused is because a pet store thought it was better to make money from some really nice, caring person (like your dad) than to be honest about what hand-feeding does to the bird in the long term. I am not saying that your dad is a bad person or not responsible, I am saying that the pet store lied to him.

And Julz is right, what's done is done. It's good that you are here to learn about how to raise a cockatoo.
Posted By: Nikki's Mom

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 07:24 PM

Welcome Kelsi I thank we all at some point in time have bought a baby bird I know I have. The thing is now I know I will look to adopt and give a bird a good home that may have never had one in it life. Please don't leave there is alot of good info here that some day you may need to put to use.
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Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 07:38 PM

I was just trying to explain how much I loved my Cockatoo. Is there something wrong with that? No. I support all of those Cockatoos that don't have homes, or have bad ones.And I always will. I really hope that they find good homes. I truly don't understand why you don't "believe" In buying birds from a pet store.
Kelsi, the love you have for your cockatoo is only surface deep. Your cockatoo is like one of your dolls at this point. You can not truly love your cockatoo until you educate yourself on where he came from and where he's going. Then you'll understand where he should be. I don't think there are very many people on this earth that have enough depth to see the forest through the trees and therefore their claims of love are superficial. So until you're educated you'll never truly love your cockatoo.
Posted By: Kelsi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 07:53 PM

I am truly well educated on Cockatoos, and don't tell me wether I love my Cockatoo or not! I love as far as my love will go! And me and my family wanted to start from scratch, with a baby cockatoo that will live for a very long time. I love my cockatoo, and noone, I repeat NOONE will tell me otherwise! I am leaving this forum because you guys aren't making me feel too good, and don't tell me how I am supposed to be! And I will not deal with that! I love my Cockatoo, and always will!
Posted By: MMM

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:06 PM

Well, I am sorry to see you go, Kelsi.
No one likes to be told how they feel, and that their feelings aren't valid. When I was your age, I would probably have reacted exactly the same way... but I want you read one more thing before you go...

Having a cockatoo IS depressing. Yes it can be rewarding and you will love your bird very much. But when you start to see this bird that you love very much start to self-destruct, in spite of all that love that you give him, you will understand then. But, because you refused to learn the truth because it was "too depressing", by then it will be too late.

Imagine if you were a baby bird, but you thought that you were a person because that's who your parents are. Now imagine how you would feel if your parents, who love you very much, leave you in a cage for hours at a time, while they are doing other fun things without you. What happens when you grow up and want to get married? You fall in love with a person, because that's what you think you are, but no one wants to have anything to do with you because you are a bird. You are so lonely, because your best friend keeps leaving you every single day to go to school,and only wants to play with you when SHE wants to. Then, she gets mad at you because you are only trying to say "where are you?" but she only hears you screaming. You have wings, but they are clipped. Or if you can fly, no one lets you soar in the sky with the other birds. You have to stay in a cage all day and think about how lonely you are.

NOW who's depressed?
Posted By: Popeye

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:16 PM

Kelsi wrote:
I uderstood what this forum was about ever since I saw it...
But all I know is that I bought my Cockatoo from a bird store, and there is nothing wrong with that...
I truly don't understand why you don't "believe" In buying birds from a pet store...
I am truly well educated on Cockatoos,...
you guys aren't making me feel too good, and don't tell me how I am supposed to be!
From Mytoos:
We do NOT believe in breeding, or the buying and selling of parrots through either breeders or pets stores, online classifieds or auctions. If you are a breeder, pet store owner, or you support any of these practices, we do not care to debate the issue with you.
...We are not a "fluff" board. This means, that while we welcome your stories, photos etc about your birds, and have a section devoted to those type discussions, do not be put off by our firm and often blunt answers to serious questions.
Perhaps you and your Dad can participate in this message board together? cool There may be information that you cannot grasp, but your Dad can, and he would be able to explain things better than strangers. Your bird is a family bird and I'll bet learning about them together with your family would be beneficial to the bird. smile
Posted By: Kelsi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:27 PM

Thank you Popeye, that is a really good idea.But I think I should just hold off on posting here, because I feel too young around all of you guys.
Posted By: Popeye

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:30 PM

Kelsi posted March 23, 2005 01:27 PM

Why aren't you in school?
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:30 PM

Kelsi no one is saying you do not love your cockatoo!

You cannot be as educated about cockatoos as most of the older people on this board! Jerry is the man who started this chat board and he has been dealing with 'TOOS for a very long long time! your only 12 and 12 is young! I have a daughter your age also and she is learning about cockatoos but still has alot to learn! I have only had my TOO for 6 months and I am 41 yrs old (tomarrow) and I am still learning! Hand fed babies unless done correctly will harm your bird when he is older! I am sorry for you if your going to throw a tantrum because we are telling you "depressing stuff"! If your as grown up and educated about cockatoos then you should be grown up enough to listen to others opinions and intelligence about these birdies!
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:35 PM

Popeye alot of kids are out fo school for spring/easter breaks!

Although I am feeling that our "CHAINS" are being YANKED a little!!!!!
Posted By: Kelsi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 08:48 PM

Actually Julz and Popeye, I am homeschooled, and on Spring Break.That's why I get so much time to spend with my Cockatoo. I'm sure you guys are right, I do have alot to learn about Cockattos! But I still know some! I read about them alot,too.Oh, and Julz, King Les was telling me my love for my Cockatoo is only surface deep. Only I know how much I love my Cockatoo!
Posted By: alaska_toos

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 09:19 PM


I’m very glad to see that you are taking an active interest in learning about your bird. It will be very useful in the future.

I would never dream of telling you that you do not love your cockatoo, that would be very foolish of me as I am sure that you do love your Tristan very much.

How old is Tristan now? I know that he is being hand fed, but please remember that when it comes time to wean him there could be a whole new set of rules that apply. The problem when people buy a bird that is still hand feeding is that they do not have the proper knowledge of how to do this. These birds are so emotionally bonded to their human flock and will not understand it when they feel that you are denying them food. A hungry bird will not eat. There are so many different things I can tell you right now about weaning and how it can be improperly done leaving the birds an emotional wreck.

I would like to see you stick around and learn everything you can about these birds. You will need it at some point and time. Almost any question you can think of has already been answered and we have a great search engine located at the top of the page. If you do find something that you do not find an answer to please feel free to ask. The only stupid question is one that is not asked.

Gook luck with Tristan and keep reading.
Posted By: MMM

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 09:23 PM

I think that what King Les was trying to say, is that loving a bird is pretty complicated. When you first meet your new family member, everything is so cute and loveable that it's really easy to give your whole heart over to him. Believe me, I know how it is. I wasn't much older than you are when Mr Mollie came into my life and I would thrown a fit if anyone had told me how ignorant I was when I got him.
BUT - if you ignore all of the things about Tristan's history (like where his parents came from or how adults behave differently than babies), you are ignoring a pretty big part of who he is. And if you choose to ignore those things now, when he's cute and cuddly, it's going to be really hard to keep loving him when he starts some of the really bad habits that often happen to hand-fed cockatoos. If you know about these things before they start happening, you can make changes in the way that you deal with him that can help make his life with you a better one.

Take some time to digest what we've shared with you. I think that you should bring your dad to this message board. The people here are treating you like an adult, so you need to decide whether you are going behave like a child and throw a snit every time that someone challenges you, or whether you are going to read and listen and learn. Twelve years old is old enough to make that kind of choice. Tristan will be better off if you stay.
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 09:29 PM

Kelsi, You seem to be a bright child yet you are a child and many of the other chatters on this board are alot older and have much more experience! King Les was merely pointing out that your love is only on the surface because you have not had your bird for very long to find out that Cockatoos are not all Cute & Cuddly! You are not really gonna like your bird when it goes into puberty! (@ 4 to 6 yrs old) they get mean and aggressive! You might love him but your gonna get tired of the nipping and screaming! Kelsi are you going to love your bird if it gets frustrated and pulls out all its feathers and looks ugly? and dont say your bird won't do this because you do not know what will happen in the future NO ONE DOES!

I really think this board is for ANY AGE! but in your case I really think your not grasping what people are trying to teach you! When you are able to be quiet then ask a question and read the answers with out misunderstanding then post but for now I really think YOU need to have parental guidance like Popeye suggested!
Posted By: Marie & Peaches

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 11:05 PM

Hi Kelsi,

I am so sorry that it sounds like we are yelling at you. It sounds that way to me and I am in my 50's and have been part of Mytoos for a while. This is a great site to get honest information about cockatoos. But we do tend to get rough sometimes. No one is angry at you. We have seen such terrible things done to these beautiful parrots and it is very frustrating for us. If it was up to us we would make all the pet shops and breeders stop selling cockatoos. Why? Because they don't tell the the people who want to buy theses parrots that once the birds get a little older they are much harder to handle. So most people end up getting rid of their cockatoos and so they end up being not cared for anymore and the pull out their feathers and scream all the time. So, we get upset when another person is tricked by the stores and breeders into buying one of theses hard to handle parrots. I'm sorry we do that.

I believe you when you say you love Triston. And the more you learn about him the deeper that love will be. You have to find out all you can about the way he will change as he grows so you wont be surprised or scared. Be very careful when handling him because he can give you very serious bites that you may need stitches for. Try not to have him sit on your shoulder now that he is little. I know that is hard to do because he is so cuddly now. You need to know that later on he will turn around very fast and will bite. It is too close to your face. Please tell your father also.

Please stay and learn all you can here so you and your family and Tristan will be happy and safe.
Posted By: AggieGrace

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 11:13 PM

Kelsi -- Welcome to the board! I'm sure you and your family will learn a lot about cockatoos here. There is information and advice available here that you can't find anywhere else. I hope you'll keep an open mind, listen to what everyone has to say, and try to understand why they're saying it. Many of us here have bought birds from breeders or pet stores in the past (I have!), but I also think you're mature enough to understand why the board is against breeding parrots and buying them from pet stores and breeders. As I'm sure you know, a parrot, especially a cockatoo, is a lot of hard work. Tristan will go through changes as he grows up, many of which will be unpleasant to you and your family. While I know you love Tristan ver much and will always do so , you need to be aware that his needs will change dramatically in the future and he will not always be the cuddly, quiet baby he is now. Please take the time to read EVERYTHING on this board, whether or not you think it applies to Tristan. You'll learn a lot! Best wishes to you, sweetie, and give Tristan a kiss for me, ok?
Posted By: Kelsi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 11:37 PM

Actually, Alaska_toos, My cockatoo is not being hand fed any more, because he is 11 months old.I really wish you guys wouldn't be so harsh.
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/23/05 11:58 PM

Kelsi, you just said earlier that he was being hand fed! which is it???

also ya want to see why we are harsh?? below is a pic of a bird being raised incorrectly from people who didnt know any better....

Would you PLEASE get it thru your head this is why we are harsh???? This could be tristan if you do not learn to listen and learn!
Posted By: King Les

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/24/05 12:03 AM

IMO, anyone who is old enough to care for a cockatoo is old enough to research a cockatoo and has an OBLIGATION to do so if caring for one.

Kelsi obviously is old enough to read and has been posting a little on this board so she (or he) must be at least a little familiar with the philosophy of this site.

Kelsi stated that she is educated on cockatoos and that she doesn't understand what we have against the breeding of toos in captivity.

I don't care how old kelsi is. She's already formed opinions on breeding. Those opinions have been formed by what? Her opinion is based on the cute warm and fuzzy chick that she had to have. That's a selfish love and a very superficial one.

There is NO ONE that can come to this site and spend some time reading and still claim they don't understand what the big deal is about pet stores and the breeding of cockatoos AND say they love their too. I don't care how old the kid is. Kelsi is either heartless OR kelsi doesn't want the reality of the plight of the toos to screw up her reality...and I'm hoping it's not because she's heartless...But it's not love.

I'm in love with my Les and as much as he warms my heart he breaks it...everyday. I owe it to him to understand as much as I can about his species AND I owe it to him to do everything I can to make sure that one day toos will no longer be born in captivity.

Because I love him.
Posted By: Mia & Kiwi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/24/05 04:46 AM

That was very well said. Before I found this site, I was not aware of the problems with owning 'toos or of the number of homeless 'toos out there. I loved going to the pet stores to look at the babies because they were so cute.
Now, I walk in to a pet store and I am disgusted to see cage after cage filled with baby birds. I am even more disgusted with places that display the "newborns" that don't even have feathers yet in these fishtanks for everyone to see. They don't deserve to be on display this way to make ignorant people (like I used to be) fall in love with them and make the stores money. It breaks my heart to see these babies now knowing the emotional damage that they will most likely live with for the rest of their lives, like Kiwi. She will probably never accept new people and especially not men - all because a family walked into a pet store and fell in love with a cute cotton ball and took it home - clueless....followed by torment and abuse.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/24/05 05:37 AM

Mia, you just hit on one of my favorite pet peeves. As bad as stores can be, I have a special disrespect for the ones who put the neonates with barely opened eyes out in a plastic tub under harsh fluorescent lights. Cockatoos, and most other parrots, are raised in tree cavities where it is dark and peaceful, above the fray, the parents make sure of this. One can only imagine the effects on their sense of security as they grow up. Really sad. frown
Posted By: Popeye

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/24/05 11:14 PM

Alright Kelsi, so you are home schooled and on "Spring Break". Who is teaching you at home, and why can't the teacher/Mom/Dad work with you when you are learning about cockatoos on this board? It might be more productive for you, since us adults seldom have the patience for youngsters who think they know it all and youngsters who aren't receptive to learning but are always on the defensive.

Julz--I'm getting that chain jerking feeling too.
Posted By: Baxters Mama

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/24/05 11:15 PM

You sound like a bright young lady. Please understand our passion for these great creatures. We have their best interest in mind. No one intended to hurt you.

Keep coming back. This board hosts a wealth of knowledge. It is truly a great place to learn.

I also contributed to the breeders success, unknowingly. I went out and purchased a large cockatoo, prior to having an understanding of the reasons we should not own these magnificent birds. They belong in the wild. But the sad truth is, we do own them as pets. It is now our duty to do the best thing for them. You job is to learn as much as possible. To learn..learn…learn…and prepare yourself for a lifelong commitment. This cute little guy may one day grow into an adult parrot and live up to his full potential in every respect. Hormones…noise…messy…

I suspect that someday you will be the one writing the emails discouraging someone from purchasing a cockatoo.

Good luck and we look forward to your experiences.
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/25/05 12:42 AM

Kelsi, please be aware that buying a baby bird doesn't guarantee a long life or a perfect bird without problems. That is one of the things you should learn. All the love in the world can not protect you against feather plucking, mutilation and early deaths. That is the problem in owning and caging a cockatoo. That is one point that I like to make clear to everyone who thinks buying a baby bird is so much better than adopting.
Posted By: kimbirdie

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/25/05 04:12 AM

talk about jerking chains... I don't think "Kelsie" is a 12 year old homeschooled kid... just my opn, but I've had that feeling since "her" first or second post... "she" knows what to do/say to get the responses she's looking for to feed her own sick little agenda. I think Les said it best - she's old enough to have her own opns, she's old enough to have the truth socked to her. She's doing nothing but playing stupid little games...
Posted By: Calif Condor

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/30/05 08:14 PM

Do we think that we are going to help save too's that are being abused by attacking a kid who love's his too as much as anything in his life ???

Breeding for profit is a way of life in this country. We aren't going to stop it. Especially by attacking a kid that is treating his bird with the utmost love and kindness.

How about we attack the pet stores that take these birds in and sell them for profit. How about we attack the breeders, if that's what you want to stop.

I personally know eight breeders here in Florida and their facilities are nicer and cleaner than most people who own birds.

If attacking kids who love and are proud of their birds. Who just wanted to share that good feeling when his bird snuggles up to him.. If that is what this board is about, then remove me from the list of members.

I want no part of that kind of board.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/30/05 08:54 PM

This board was never intended for children. The whole purpose at Mytoos is to educate and inform people about life with one of the big Cockatoos. To discourage, wherever possible, the purchase of any Cockatoo.

It's great that Kelsi loves her bird. I know you love your bird from your post yesterday. Everyone on Mytoos loves their bird or they wouldn't be here. The members who stay are the ones who realize that buying, selling and trading them is wrong. The toll is too great for such a sensitive and long lived animal.

The thing that bothers me most about Kelsi is that no one else in her family cared enough to show up. Very few children will grow up though childhood into adulthood with a Cockatoo (or any other parrot, really). They just have too many changes to be able to accommodate a large, demanding bird. The parents are the majority caretaker for the most part, or should be.

Kelsi's family has other small birds but that can, in no way, prepare them for life with a healthy, mature Umbrella Cockatoo. It's great that they are cute babies but are they all prepared to handle whatever may come their way? Screams, bites, plucking? In too many cases, the answer is NO.

It's really not insensitivity on the members part, it is the knowledge of what may lay in store for this bird. Buying and gushing about baby Cockatoos accomplishes one thing, a guarantee that more will be bred and suffer.

I hope you don't quit but honesty is important here.
Posted By: Popeye

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/30/05 09:16 PM

Thank you, Charlie, for that reality check! The type of love we (on Mytoos) have for our birds is unconditional love. We will love them even when they are bad, in sickness, and when they are a burden. It takes maturity to realize the difference between unconditional love and superficial love.
Posted By: Mia & Kiwi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/30/05 09:23 PM

Infatuation is the right word. My aunt purchased a baby U2 around the time that I got my C2. The whole family was in love, including my 2 young cousins (who sounded very much like Kelsi). They wanted to help with everything and wanted to take him out if his cage constantly. Now, 2 years later, things are very different and it is so sad. He is in his cage all day and is out maybe 1 hour a day, if that. He hasn't started plucking, but screams constantly for attention - attention that he used to get and now does not.
They have a macaw as well, and don't try to understand the differences. I feel so bad for him, and have tried soooo many times to educate her on how to treat the U2, etc but she won't listen. And this all started out with a cute, cuddly, half-feathered baby at a pet store that the whole family fell in love with and had to have. Did I mention he started biting too? More punishment and in-cage time for that! mad
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/30/05 10:05 PM


Dont get your feathers in a ruffle! I would have said that to my own children! A cockatoo is not a childs play toy! I am VERY sure alot of the birds in rescue are from people who THOUGHT they would be good with kids! I would rather someone told off a silly child then to let another babyTOO end up in a rescue or even worse an abusive home!

Calif do not worry to much I think Kelsi is a fake! I think it is an adult playing around! There are a few others on the "FLUFF" boards who are jealous of Jerry and MYTOOS, that like to play games!
Posted By: kimbirdie

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/31/05 04:48 AM

fake is the word... you notice, as soon as "she" started getting ratted out, she disappeared... sometimes you just have to read between the lines; in this case, you didn't have to strain yourself. Save the space for people who are serious...
Posted By: Magenta

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/31/05 08:41 PM

I don't know, I understand why everyone feels the need to inform her about the issue of Cockatoos, but the damage has been done, the bird was bought and handfed. That part for Tristan is over now. What is important is that Kelsi learn the importance of care and diet. We don't know that her parents aren't the sole caretakers for Tristan. Kelsi is only 12 and probably sees the bird as her bird because it is cool. We don't know that her parents aren't giving Tristan the proper care that he needs. And the reason why they don't come here might be because they don't know about this site. Most parents don't know what their kids are looking at on the internet, but I am sure they would be happy to not it is a good site like this and not something else.

I don't think it is fair to make it seem like all handfed Toos inflict self damage like plucking. My bird was handfed by my mother and today she has never plucked one feather out to harm herself. Sure, I wish we would have known about the problems these birds face and tried to get one from a shelter, but this was 10 years ago, internet was not as popular as it is now, and frankly my mom didn't surf the net much because I hogged the computer all the time. But she did make sure she understood the care that was involved from the person who gave us the bird.

Harshness is needed when it comes to explaining the care for these birds, but you don't have to be harsh before the person even comments on something they have done wrong in the care of their bird.
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 03/31/05 11:26 PM

When it comes to the care of TOOS then we might be harsh! I do not think ALL HAND FED babies pluck and your mother night have had luck on her side! I believe my feathered freak was also hand-fed and he is fine! But why chance it???

If ya read my post above then you will see that I don't think KELSI is real.... alot of others on here believe the same thing.... so it really doesnt matter tooo much!
Posted By: katiej

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/01/05 04:41 AM

Err on the side of caution. Let's treat Kelsi as a young person who is learning. Do you want to drive her away? False accusations are extremely hurtful, and how can any of you be so sure?
Posted By: Mia & Kiwi

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/01/05 04:51 AM

In Kelsi's deffense, she sounds just like my 11 year old cousin when she talks about her cockatoo and the other members of her flock. ("hers" means she plays with him, my aunt actually takes care of all of them)
Posted By: Magenta

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/02/05 04:05 PM

I think we should caution because in readng Kelsi's posts, she does sound like a 11 year old. Nothing alarms me that it is an adult posting as a child.

But we should be cautious because you don't want to turn away new members that have new birds. This place is a great place to learn how to properly take care of a bird and if it is the bird we are worried about, then making someone mad by insulted, whether you meant to or not, could turn them away from this board and on to another where they will tell her the wrong way to care for the bird. If she can educate herself more on the proper way to care for Tristan, she can pass this information on to her parents.

Making people mad only makes them want to not come around and not listen to anything anyone has to say here, and that is terrible for the bird.

And on the hand feeding topic, showing pictures and preaching on birds plucking as a side effect of hand feeding to someone who has already hand fed their bird and is past that point is pointless. Plus it makes it look like you are saying, "Oh look what you have done, your bird is going to start plucking now." and that can scare someone who didn't know any better.

I know we all say people should do their research on birds before taking them. But do you know what the majority of the research is out there for people? The bird store kind. Most people don't think to pop on the net and look it up because they trust these places to give them the correct information. How can we solve this? Don't know, but once someone has purchased their bird and then finds this site afterwards, we should welcome them and fill them with all the proper information that they will need.

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/02/05 06:01 PM

Julz, Oh my God where did that photo come from,it made me heart sick but its true these birds are out there living horrible lives and we do need to educate anyone we can.Dawnmarie
Posted By: jonmorton

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/06/05 10:30 PM

Julz and Kim,

Man you should open up a detectives office together or something. The way you could look at a few innocent (I want to tell everybody of my love for my bird) posts and instantly tell that it's a fake. Ya got ME on your side. The fact is, there's no possible way that you can tell whether this is a 12 year old girl, or a 45 year old man. And if you think you can, then you're even dumber then I initially thought.

You want to feel good about yourself because you think you have the gift of "reading" people. Alright fine, but you just scared off a 12 year old girl from ever coming to this site again.

Guess what? I have the gift of reading people too: And if you really did care about THAT LITTLE GIRLS COCKATOO, then you wouldn't be accusing and attacking her for not even being a little girl. The fact is, YOU DON'T KNOW, so you need to get out of her face and every other lightminded face on this board and keep it to yourself. I've said it before, we don't need the negativity. Try building a relationship with, and helping this girl out. What in the world do you think driving her away is going to do?

Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/06/05 11:05 PM

First of all, JON, I made every attempt to tell Kelsi the TRUTH about TOOS and she claimed to understand the MYTOOS agenda yet spouted over and over again how she thought it was OK to get a baby hand fed bird

posted March 23, 2005 12:53 PM
I am truly well educated on Cockatoos, and don't tell me wether I love my Cockatoo or not!
We treid to explain to her about the cockatoo as it gets older, when she started hearing the truth she split!

But all I know is that I bought my Cockatoo from a bird store, and there is nothing wrong with that.
I am leaving this forum because you guys aren't making me feel too good, and don't tell me how I am supposed to be! And I will not deal with that!
Now JON she was not feeling so good about all this because we were trying to explain that TOOS are not all fun they are hard work! When she refused to listen after being told a dozen times (atleast) that is when a few of us believed it might be a JOKESTER!

JON if you read this WHOLE thread you will see that I did NOT start of attacking her! read the entire thread before you start accusing people of DRIVING OFF chatters OK????
Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/06/05 11:10 PM

By the way I will repeat what I said before! I would and have warned kids mine and others about the ownership of companion birds!

There is another Toos message board were they have glorified fussing with MYTOOS chatters on occasion that is why I felt and still do that Kelsi might not be on the up & up!
Posted By: jonmorton

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/06/05 11:54 PM

OK let me get this straight. She's a fake because she got defensive when you attacked her and basically told her that she was satan for buying this bird from a pet store. Oh yeah and when she was told that she didn't love her bird. I'm not exactly seeing how this makes her a fake.

I did read the entire post.. And let me tell you, it took a little while sifting through all of the bullcrap that you fed her.

My point is that if you truly did make her so upset that she'll never come back here again, then how in the world have you helped her and her bird. Where will she go when she needs help?

Honestly, I completely agree with most of the stuff that you have all said, but I don't agree with the way it was presented. Let her feel good about her new found relationship for two seconds before you start telling her how awful she is.

Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 12:04 AM

Jon I want to know WHY you thought it was nessacary to attack ME I was not the only one who laid doen the facts to her!
Why dont ya take a minute and ask WHY you feel it is needed to come in here NOW and attack me?

What a double standard!

It wasnt ok for me to "attack" as you say, but it is OK for you to "attack" me????

Jon, LETS drop this and worry about the birdies because that is what this forum is for!
Posted By: jonmorton

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 12:24 AM

That's my exact point, I want to worry about and concentrate on the birds. I just simply used your name because you were the one that came out of nowhere and called her a fake. Call me crazy, but that upset me a little bit.

I'm sorry if you feel I'm attacking just you, I'm not. I guess I'm just frustrated that there's a little girl sitting at home right now scared to death of ever posting on a forum again. Like I said earlier, I agree with what everybody is telling her, just lighten up for just a bit. NOW, who knows where she's gonna go to get her questions answered. All I know is that there are a lot of crappy websites out there, and I would rather her stay here.

Again, I'm sorry if you have felt attacked, I guess I did attack but it wasn't directed towards you, you just got in the way smile I'm just upset with what this girl's probably feeling/thinking right now.

Posted By: King Les

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 12:29 AM

I'm the one that told her that she didn't love her bird. Yup, that be me...and I don't take it back.

The kid made 29 or so posts to this board and therefore wasn't considered new. She was aware of mytoos agenda.

For her or anyone who has posted to this board more then a couple of times and still post that they don't see the problem with breeding and selling toos is not a person who has the ability to love their too.
Posted By: brody

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 12:45 AM


used to be you'd be considered new here for a solid year and only not new if you were contributing in a useful way

I haven't read the whole thread- but people who don't promote a non breeding, non buying agenda should just be dragged out behind the woodshed IMHO

times they are a changin' if a one month member isn't new- I personally have never thought the number of posts were an indication of anything but a big mouth, a great mod, or lots of information!


Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 12:51 AM

OK I concede niether one of knows WHAT this girl is feeling! Your not sure it was a fake I and I am not sure it was real! If she TRULY wanted to learn she would have stuck around! I have talked to MANY people who are gung-ho on breeders that are sooooo sure it is fabulous to buy babies that will not be hanged by what ANYONE says! I tried to explain what Jerry's board was about! But she was getting depressed..... OMG! Hopefully someday in a few months or years she will find out what we told her was true about TOOS!
Posted By: King Les

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 12:55 AM

Brody there are a lot of people that stumble upon this site via the mytoos message board who don't realize until after their first few posts what mytoos is about. When I say 'new' I'm referring to new to the philosophy of this board. As far as I'm concerned, a kid with 29 posts behind her is no longer new to [the philosophy] of this board.
Posted By: jonmorton

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 01:09 AM

I think the crucifiction that she went through at the beginning of this thread is plenty enough to leave, no matter how much you want to learn.

LIGHTEN UP, you're turning away a lot of well intentioned people that just want to learn.

Posted By: Julz

Re: My Umbrella Cockatoo, Tristan. - 04/07/05 01:20 AM

I am finished........

I am no longer gonna discuss this issue! If someone wants sweet talk about TOOS let em go else where I am tired of seeing pics of chatters birds missing feathers and emotional problems cuz no one told the TRUTH about birds like we do here! I will not coddle those who refuse to learn, child, man or woman!

LIGHTEN UP, you're turning away a lot of well intentioned people that just want to learn.
If she wanted to learn she would have not insisted she would still buy a baby! And she would still be here!
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