Harness trained! YES!

Posted By: Katy

Harness trained! YES! - 06/05/04 10:38 PM

I did it! After lord knows how long (probably over a year of trying again and again), I think I *REALLY* have Zeeba harness trained! I'm so thrilled. I love taking him places, and he loves going places, but frequently I worry about something spooking him, or him even blowing away (well, catching a tail wind and flapping off my arm). If we're outside, despite him being clipped, he could always flutter into a street or what not, and I HATE carrying that darned cat carrier all over the place to put him in when we're crossing parking lots!

So today we weant to a very small pet store together, and sat on the floor for awhile with the harness, and I just put it on. Well, it took a little work--anyone who's held a feather teather could tell you theres more to it than "putting it on." LOL. I was about ready to slap whomever came up with the design for it. Anyhow, he let me put it on, fiddled with it a little, but we kept moving. If I stopped and poked around, he'd fiddle quite a bit, and I didn't want him chewing through it (since we hadn't even paid for it yet). In the end, I decided to buy it and he wore it out of the store. In the car I took it off so he wouldn't chew it, but when we got home we did some laps around the house with him in it.

Finally! Okay; now a silly question. Do you think it could have been the color before that made him more touchy about it? The last was red if I remember correctly, and the new one is blue.

I wish my digital camera was working! When it is (or when I get a new one), i'll post pictures of him in it. laugh

Posted By: littlecharlietoo

Re: Harness trained! YES! - 06/06/04 02:33 AM

Katy, Our grey HATED her first feather tether (it was grey) and once we bought her a red one (her favorite color) she was fine with it. She will fiddle with it because it musses her feathers if we don't keep her busy enough but she seems very happy with it. Her current one is a figure "8" type which we bought when she was young... luckily she's filled out enough that she may fit into the next size up which isn't the figure eight style.
Posted By: RomyNRoz

Re: Harness trained! YES! - 07/21/04 03:17 PM

I have always wondered about those harnesses for birds. I was going to try it out at one time, but thought my goffins would be annoyed by it. I would love to take her places without having to cage her up all of the time. I'm glad to hear there is good luck with them. Thanks.
Posted By: angie

Re: Harness trained! YES! - 07/22/04 07:36 PM

I have a feather teather for my amazon. It seems like he is getting used to it...he loves to ride in the car and go to the park and other places..and now it seems like he knows when we put it on that we are going to pick my husband up from work...and since my husband is the love of his life, he doesn't complain about the feather teather...(the bird,not my husband) can be hard to get on the first time, but it seems like it goes good now.
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