Does your bird watch television?

Posted By: Cainman

Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 02:52 AM

I thought about posting this in the cockatiel forum since it relates to a 'tiel but then I realized maybe it could apply to bird owners in general...

When I was with my girlfriend and we would watch television in the bedroom where Bandit's cage was (his cage was right beside the bed for comfort and temperature reasons) Bandit would always watch with us.

He would either fly out of his cage and onto my girlfriend (occassionally me) and sit there the entire time or he would stand on his perch facing the television and watch from inside his cage. Every so often he would fall asleep since we'd usually have the lights out in the room to help take off the glare, but looking back it seemed like Bandit enjoyed watching television with us. I can't figure out if it was because he was fascinated with the moving images or if it was because his owner was there and he felt safe with her in view.

So my question is to cockatiel and 'too owners alike -- and any other birdie breathren for that matter -- does your bird watch television, and if so how much and does he or she seem to have a favorite program?

I've always been curious if they see television pictures in any ways similar to that which we do.
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Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 04:08 AM

I have a Macaw that likes to watch TV. During a football game, she constantly tried to catch the little running "TV people". She also adores watching dancing. She likes musicals too (Riverdance especially), but I think its the music she is interested in on those. But then again, she also likes watching (and trying to catch) the fish in the fish tank.
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Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 04:42 AM

I have a TV in my bird room and its tuned to the cartoon channel. They seem to like any cartoons with music, and Scooby Doo is a favorite, from the reactions I hear when its on. My DYH Amazon dances when Scooby Doo is on, the intro music sets him off and the others join in of course. smile
Posted By: brody

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 05:01 AM

The only thing has really captured Conrad so far is the movie Finding Nemo.......LOL.......hubs wouldn't buy it for him for Christmas......he does listen to the radio tho and responds very strongly to his fav sounds.......


Posted By: Cainman

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 05:55 AM

LOL well if Conrad wants a copy I happen to have one! I bought the DVD and an 'action book' on Finding Nemo and meant to give them away together as a Christmas gift but I thought I'd left the DVD at my place when I went home for the holidays. I found it several days after Christmas and by then it was too late.

I woke up Sunday morning and found myself with a cold that even tonight I'm not entirely over, so to pass the time and distract myself I put my DVD of it in on Sunday and enjoyed the movie immensely (even saw it last year in theaters).

But as I do not really need it if Conrad wants a copy send your address along and I'll gladly donate mine! I'm sure he can put it to better use than I could -- just don't let him take a bite out of it! We lost a DVD copy of Tomb Raider 2 to our two year old chocolate laborador over the holidays and given the shape it was in I couldn't help but wonder if a 'too would have even left anything behind!

Anyways if you need a copy just let me know, I'm sure Conrad would say YES!!! laugh at least!
Posted By: azelvis

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 08:13 AM

Hi all....Yes, our birds do love their TV shows, the all around favorites are: Tom & Jerry & the Looney Tunes cartoons...they all plaster themselves in the corner of the cage nearest the TV when they are on...when we have to go to town & leave them for the day, we always ask if they want their "toons" & the reaction is very vocal until we turn on the TV. My Quaker, Tucky, is especially fond of Tom & Jerry, & is totally mesmerised when I watch Lord of the Rings I & II.
Once, when Tom was in trouble, Tucky started screaming his alarm calls...I said "It's ok, Tucky, Tom's gonna be ok." That satisfied him & he was quiet then. Jurrasic Park however seems to scare the bejesus out of all of them. Ain't birds fun?
azelvis <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 02:22 PM

I wish Ollie watched Finding Nemo, Lord of the Rings or Riverdance. Even Scooby Doo would be an improvement. But nooooo, I'm stuck with Sesame Street. :rolleyes: He LOVES these furry puppets and he goes bananas when he sees them. Big Bird and the pink little creature are his obvious favs. There is one show that he's "interested" in. He'll stand and clearly watch what's on the screen when it's on. It's that Dog School show on Animal Planet. Maybe he's wondering why these four legged creatures are so dumb to obey every command they hear . . .
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 02:54 PM

The only time that the TV captures Echo's attention is when there is music. Otherwise she seems to care less. Janet
Posted By: G2lover

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 03:15 PM

yes my too watches the tv when i have animal planet on :-)
Posted By: littlecharlietoo

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 08:00 PM

both of ours (a TAG and a TOO) LOVE TV. We stick it on Noggin (a channel that during the day is "like preschool on tv" - their words not mine) Bob the Builder, Blues Clues, Oobi, and Sesame Street are the staples. They sing and dance with the music and our grey joins in with "Noooooo, you no! you bad!" and then she laughs manicially! Or she just babbles. Our too displays and babbles with the TV, but God help if the TVis not on... she SCREAMS and SCREAMS until she has her TV and her veggies. (She came from a home where neither were available very often)
Posted By: Tweetie

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 08:06 PM

Mikey watches Tom & Jerry on a 70" screen and he LOVES them. He'll come into the family room from his bedroom to watch them.
Posted By: Diggie Do

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 08:20 PM

Pearl (19 mo. old U2) HATES the TV. I work from home and at lunch I will go in the living room
(where Pearl's cage is) to watch the news while I eat. Pearl will start "growling" to let me know she's not happy. If I make the mistake of leaving the TV on when I leave the room she starts screaming, and I mean screaming. When I cut the TV off she will stop screaming and go back to playing with her toys. Needless to say I don't watch much TV anymore.
Posted By: dicris

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 09:00 PM

Malichi my CAG also likes to watch Noggin, His favorite program being Sesame Steet. I leave it on for him when I go to work. I like it and I believe he does also because the programs are more like talking to him rather than just telling a story. He does not seem interested in the programs that I watch. I am home from work today (kind of a "sick of my job day") and have been watching Noggin with him...don't want to upset his daily routine smile And now I know where some of those cute little noises he has been making came from. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/14/04 10:41 PM

Gracie's never showed much interest in television, but she IS musically inclined. She comes to life every time she hears music, but NOTHING beats Josh Grobin singing at full volume (except maybe Gracie at full volume) - that's her little piece of heaven. Hey, at least she's got good taste!
Posted By: Paul H

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 01/15/04 11:00 AM

My Gracie loves watching animated movies! Ice Age was the first clue I had. So I rent them for her all the time now. She also loved Finding Nemo. She will sit on my knee with one of her favorite toys and play with it eyes on the screen. When something exciting happens she will drop her toy and lean towards the action displaying with crest up and head bobbing. She answers back vocally and chuckles at what she finds funny or if I laugh.

I got the new Sony DVD Camcorder for Christmass and being a total shutterbug I have taken over 200 stills and three hours of movies of Gracie. Well since they play on the big screen TV DVD player she can watch herself now. I havent figured out if she knows it is her or thinks it's another Too. But she is totally mesmerized and doesn't even want a toy to play with. It's really hilarious <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Does your bird watch television? - 02/27/04 05:03 AM

This is so cute...birds watching T.V. I found long ago that Chi likes hearing the voices of the T.V. and laughs when they laugh. It became my babysitter for him and he does sit and watch.

What astonished me was KVIE Channel 6 had this program on about the McCaws of the world and Chi sat stoaic for one hour watching the birds fly and on and off displaying when the birds squaked. So I taped it for him. I mean he was silent and facinated at the same time. Maybe we should all film our birds at play and pass the tapes around for all to enjoy.

Chi also reacts to the Cockatoo noises from this site. I turn it up all the way and he goes nuts. Starts dancing and yelling along with the umbrellas.
Posted By: Ladyhawk

Re: Does your bird watch television? - 02/27/04 07:27 AM

I guess I'm a bad mommy - I don't watch TV and only buy/rent a video or DVD if it's nature oriented or high quality science fiction or fantasy. My other half likes all the pyrotechnics ("action") movies. Those just set my bird to screaming in competition, and the bird ALWAYS wins! She does get really excited when she hears the MyToos opening.
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