Just thought this was cute.

Posted By: Alison

Just thought this was cute. - 12/23/03 10:22 PM

I have been in the aviary making new toys and restringing toys for my flock. Most of my birds were out on playstands, or cage top play areas. I had all the new fruit flavored wood and rawhide etc on the floor where I was sitting. Many of the birds, even the ones who normally don't come down, came down and started stealing the stuff and running like the dickens back to thier areas. My U2, however, didn't even try to run, he just stood there on the floor next to me, destroying as many pieces as he could, as fast as he could. Talk about being spoiled, by the time he was finished there was a pile of splinters next to me about two inches deep, but at least he left 'some' for the others. I found this to be funny and cute and hope you do too.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/23/03 10:44 PM

That is a riot. I make a lot of my own toys, especially since my "Beaverlips" G2 is so destructive. When I clean cage papers every morning, he is the only bird that gets up with me, so he "helps" me. What this means is that he raids all the other cages for toys, food, etc. I just made new toys for the Amazon, Pionus and Conure and he felt they were "his" to destroy. Mind you, he gets three toys to their one, but of course their toys are more fun laugh
Posted By: Ron Pack

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/23/03 11:22 PM

Fruit flavored wood? Hmm...sounds like a good recipe for an impacted crop. How long have you been using flavored wood and aren't you worried the birds might try to eat it? eek
Posted By: Alison

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/23/03 11:32 PM

The fruit flavored wood is put out by Jungle Talk International. They sell it in 'Toy Boxes'. You use it to restring and/or make new toys and its made with FDA approved colorings and flavorings. This is the same product that a large majority of bird toys are made of, so no I don't see this as a problem and I have been using it for a long time. Impacted crop from using the same wood most toys are made of? Are you suggesting that you don't give your birds any toys? I hope not.
Posted By: Jo Ann

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/23/03 11:38 PM

I think what he ment but didnt say it right, was that the wood being fruit flavoured may cause a problem as the birds like the taste and may actually eat the wood instead of just destroying it and tossing the pieces as it tastes yummy
Posted By: Alison

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/23/03 11:59 PM

I have never had a problem, or even heard of anyone having a problem like that. I don't expect that Jungle Talk would still be in business if their product was killing birds. Doesn't anyone else use Jungle Talk toys? If there are any documented cases showing that something is wrong with this product, please let me know. It was an Avian Vet who recommended the product to me. She wanted to help me save money by making my own toys since I go through so many.
Posted By: brody

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/24/03 12:51 AM

I dunno about the wood but there are documented cases of problems with another Jungle talk toy - the cotton rope toy they have- check our back posts you'll find lots there I'm sure ...... in the cages and toys section

You are a doll making your birds toys- as long as they aren't eating them I'm sure all is ok- just watch them carefully - some of my birds tear stuff up and can have things other birds would eat (Conrad lives to destroy not et things.....thank god or we'd just move into the vets given his bizzarre tastes- LOL)


Posted By: Katy

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/24/03 02:02 AM

That IS cute! lol

I've used the flavored wood. It's probably the same stuff Alison is talking about. I bought it in small bags and also used it to make toys. Honestly, I don't even know why I bother getting it. I could probably get the same reaction from my boys if I used a branch that I cut up myself...but being the bird toy snob that I AM...LOL. If you smell it, all you smell is wood. Period. If there is any flavoring, there isn't much at all. I did not see ANY consuming of the wood, whatsoever. It's also a very hard wood, so it dosen't even splinter or chip much. It is mostly knawed at; at least thats what happened with my guys. If you have a VERY aggressive chewer, they may destroy it. In my case, they really couldn't eat it anyway, since like I said, it didn't chip or splinter off much, if at all. But naturaly, every bird is different, and if your bird tends to consume parts of toys, don't give this to them (yadda yadda).

Katy smile
Posted By: Ron Pack

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/24/03 03:26 AM

Thanks Jo Ann, laugh
No, I'm not at all suggesting that I don't give my birds toys. Acually, most of my weekends are spent making toys and with 6 umbrellas, 6 amazons, 3 greys, and two sun conures, it keeps me pretty busy. smile
I did find a couple of previous posts on this subject if ya care to have a look.;f=1;t=000145;f=1;t=000219
Posted By: Mona

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/24/03 03:31 AM

I agree with Ron. Avoid any toy thats "flavored" because the bird might eat the toy. That doesnt mean don't give them toys, it means don't give them toys that taste good/like food.
Posted By: Jo Ann

Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/24/03 04:33 AM

wink welcome Ron Pack I knew what ya ment hehe <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Just thought this was cute. - 12/24/03 06:49 PM

Thank you Ron for the clarification and the links to past discussions about the flavored wood. I have never seen any of my birds eat the wood, but enough people appear to think its a bad idea, so I guess I will have to look for other wood products to use for my birds toys. Sorry if I took what you said wrong. I just figured that since it was Vet recommended that it was okay, especially since I had never heard of anyone having a problem with it. Thank you to all who replied.
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