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Posted By: Jerry

Teen Talk - 03/11/03 03:28 PM

Welcome to TeenTalk! This is the place for teens to whine cry and complain about how "rude" we treat them. This is the place for teens to convince us that they are "different"..and very capable of taking care of a large cockatoo, through - School ( 8 to 9 hours a day) Homework -(? hours a day) Activities - (? hours a day) Dating - (?) football, baseball, cheerleading, swim team, etc etc etc. This is the place where teens can tell us about their college years and what the bird will be doing all that time. This is the place to convince us that as they are starting out in their new and marriage, they STILL have plenty of time for their bird.

This topic is in response to Matt:;f=24;t=000016 By the way, Matt's not the first teen to feel this way. Over the years, about 85% of teens have said the same thing to us (and a lot worse) in different forums.

OK! Lets get started! wink
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 03/11/03 08:44 PM

Okay, you got it.

I turned 16 on December 23, 2002. While I may not have a large cockatoo, I considered getting an Umbrella 'too, and decided I would not (at the time), and got a cockatiel.

That was the first of four birds.

I now have a red-bellied mini macaw, and two parrotlets as well.

About Rudeness:

I don't view the people here as rude, I view them as concerned individuals that care about the bird. I agree with that. Some people are extremely stupid and need to be hit over the head, repeatedly, before they get the idea.

About schedules:

I am at school from 7:25-2:30 on week days. I'm not home when my mom uncovers cages and gives the birds their morning toast.

I work in the afternoons from 2:45-5:30 or so, and I work for my parents, so if I want a day off, I can take a day off. I come home again, then starts the bird time. My brother usually plays with the 'tiel and the macaw, because he can handle them. The parrotlets, on the other hand, will not come out unless I'm there.

I have Gabby on me until dinner at about 6:30, and we have some 'quiet' time. Java's out and the parrotlets have been greeted. All's good. Come dinner, I stuff the microwavable stuff in the microwave to give it time to cool off, and eat my dinner.

After dinner, I mix up whatever the birds are getting for dinner, and open up the parrotlet cages. Out come Pepsi and Cola, and we get Gabby and Java's dinners ready first, then I put the parrotlets on the table with their own plate of food. During this time, I do homework (if I have any).

About 90 minutes later, I put the parrotlets back, and take Gabby out for a little moer before bed time, and then I put her to bed at 8:20 to get her nice and calm before bed time at 8:30. I cover up her cages and the parrotlet cages, and take out Java. Now, Java's been out for most of the afternoon with someone, just not me. After 8:30, we either shower, or keep doing homework, or go on the computer.

By now, the hedgies are out and so is the skinny pig. My weekends involve giving every cage a good going over (7, 4 bird cages and 2 hedgies and 1 skinny pig cages), working on god-knows-what projects. Forget vacations. No such thing. I missed out on a summer vacation last year, willingly, because of my zoo.

About responsibilities:

I have almost always had a dog. Right now, I have a 90 pound chocolate labrador retriever. He is nearly 15 months old. I was responsible for finding a good obedience class and paying for it (which I did), and I was with him the entire way. I handled this dog's training and he listens to me more than anyone else.

I am expected to maintain a grade average over 85%. I'm doing that now. I'm in 11th grade, and school is not easy. It's even harder because I have a hearing disability.

Add my zoo to that, and there you go.

About maturity:

I had to grow up a lot faster than anyone else that I grew up with. I was in the eighth-grade mentality when they were in fifth-grade mentality. I had to grow up quick because of my hearing disability. I can't say I regret it: I got the right attitude and drive to work early.

About post-secondary:

In 2004 I plan to enter the local college in my city for accounting. I'll probably live at home and pay for food/board. That's expected. I have job security because I work for my parents, and they're going to assist in my paying for college.

About dating and marriage:

1. I'm not dating anyone.
2. They'd have to get the okay from my animals.
2 b. This is nearly impossible.


Love me, love my zoo.
Posted By: Mona

Re: Teen Talk - 03/12/03 12:37 AM

As I have told you before and others, you are a wonderful example of a well balanced, mature and amazing 16 year old Michelle ;-)

BUT...dont ever say never...about love and marriage, you just never know about that one, it has a tendancy to sneak up on you when you least expect it..LOL

Keep doing what youre doing, you set a great example for all teenagers that visit the board and you are our very own resident teenage "expert" and an asset to the board.
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Re: Teen Talk - 03/12/03 08:25 AM

Sounds like Michelle should consider Veterinary Medicine school....
(Accounting - yuk)
You are a shining example and may I convey my personal thanks and appreciation to your parents for allowing the "zoo" and for obviously bringing you up so well!!!
I asked for a parrot at age 8 and never was allowed but have quite a few now - I told my mother - See I got my parrot in the end.
db wink
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 03/12/03 03:53 PM


Okay, I won't say never. I'll just say I'm not planning on it. ;-) And thank you very much. smile


I thought about vetrinary medicine, but I don't enjoy sciences. >_< And I'd need a lot of them to get into Guelph University, which is almost three hours away from my I'd have to board somewhere, and the birds have to come.


I've been thinking about maybe opening up my own business when I get a little older. smile An exclusively avian store.

I wouldn't sell birds, though, for a lot of reasons.

1. I'd have a hard time selling them (I'd fall in love and never want to let them go)

2. I don't agree with selling birds through pet stores, but rather through good breeders who care about where their birds go.

3. It would be a tough decision that comes from selling to make ends meet and selling selectively. frown

But back to the store:

I'd sell toys, foods, (maybe cages), books, and home-made breads/muffins. That type of thing. smile And books.

A few of my friends (that I admitted this to) said it probably wouldn't work, because the big revenue comes from selling birds. But I just told them "Yeah, and the heartache I'd face isn't worth the revenue."
Posted By: littlecharlietoo

Re: Teen Talk - 03/12/03 06:28 PM

WOW!!! You are truly a special person (and MUCH more mature than I was at your age!!!) It's always gratifying to see "young adults" (you qualify... alot of people much older don't) that think so clearly. smile Even if the store doesn't work out, people like you can make an enormous impact on these wonderful animal's lives! Keep posting! laugh
Posted By: Colin Hatcher

Re: Teen Talk - 03/12/03 07:26 PM

Well I'm impressed too Michelle. smile

When I think of what *I* was like at 16 (words like "immature", "idiot" and "total lack of long term planning capability" come to mind).... wink

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 01:01 AM

O.K. now it's my turn. I have never really told how old I was, but now I am. I am teen. 14. A long while ago, I said I was a little older, so I could give senarios without someone saying that your too young. I knew that! lol smile (Thank goodness)
But here is my case. I have been studying/learning about birds for about 2 to 3 years now. When I found this site, it went against everything I had learned. So then I wanted senerios to know if in a few(well more than few years) I would be suited for a too. Well I don't think I will until I am retired. (hopefully)
I am looking for a bird though, either a cockatiel or budgie. The ony problem is, my mom says no! So I am waiting till I am older, see how my life is, andthen maybe get a bird.
Sorry if I led to make anyone believe that I am older. But I needed to get all of this off my chest.
And to every kid out there, they are not being rude here. They are trying avoid making your birds life miserable, and telling you how it will be if you get one. It took me quite a while to get it in my head that a large parrot of any sort wasn't in my near future. wink

Posted By: Rico's Daddy

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 01:35 AM

Hip Hip Hooray! This board proves that we can get through to teenagers.

Michelle you are a phenom and an asset to this board. Good luck in what ever career you decide. With a mind like yours there is no doubt that you will succeed. EDIT Hey, glad to know your from London, ON - I'm in Mississauga smile

Ronnie, you little devil wink You have shown me that you are more mature than , well you know who by understanding what we all are trying to say and do and thinking about the parrot and not your feelings. But, that would be selfish now wouldn't it. My My your 2 years younger! Go figure! :p
Posted By: blson

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 01:51 AM

I have noticed that teens tend to come in two basic types, the antagonists, the angels. The antagonist wants instant gratification while the angel can delay gratification- such as putting off a cockatoo until they are set up in life and established-while the antagonist just wants one because they are "cool" with no thoughts as to the bird , just the immediate counts with the antagonist. Hats off to these two "angels" for sharing their experiences on this board.
Posted By: Donna

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 01:52 AM

I have always advocated a dedicated kid having a pet. However I also stand strong in the belief that the parents have to be willing to commit to their childrens pets if our children fail.

I agreed to let my 16 year old step daughter get a snake. She had it all planned out, she was going to college and she saved up to buy a mini fridge that had a freezer so she could store the snakes diet, etc. So, for two years, she raised a tiny snake in to an adult with no hitches.

She worked hard, got her scholarship and ran off to college, snake in tow. The best laid plans fell apart. I've had that stupid snake for the past 18 months. I now know I was down right stupid for letting her get it because if the truth be known, I don't like snakes. But every week I feed it, wait for it to poop, clean it's cage and dread that it's another week away when I defrost a dead frozen mouse and feed it to the wicked creature that is living under my coffee table.

And to think that birds are SO much more work. I just hope that any kid who is allowed to get a pet bird has parents who are willing to care for it when the kids grow up and get a life.

Posted By: littlecharlietoo

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 05:28 AM

Just a brief congrats on your honesty. :rolleyes: You'll make a very good birdie daddy one day if you continue to put the bird's best interest before your own. smile
Posted By: Maluka

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 08:24 AM

Brave woman Donna....a SNAKE eek I guess for me Hell would have to freeze over before I would allow a snake within 50 yards of my property. But then again I have a snake phobia.... :rolleyes: a spider one too....ha ha ha
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 06:52 PM


I think this teen forum is great! It's a very good idea! I'm a teen and own a U2 named Angel. I'm 18 and have had Angel for almost about 2 years now. His birthday is May 23rd and he'll be two years old. I'm throwing him a birthday party and all my family and friends are invited. No one minds much because they now how much I love my baby. The first time I got Angel, my mom bought him for me. I was 17 and my mom bought him for me for x-mas. I talked to Jerry about this once, and I found out what she did was wrong. But there was nothing I could do about it. The reason my mom got him, was because ever since I was little I have had this love and passion for animals. I have owned many pets and all of them I have loved and adored. If they have not died of old age I still have them. My mother got Angel for me to keep me company. I got engaged when I was 16 and my fiance was killed. I was depressed for about a year, and to bring me back to life and to bring me back to my gentle and caring self Angel was bought into my life. I looked at him once and fell in love with him. Every single day after that I did as much research as I could about Umbrella Cockatoos and Cockatoos in general. Now my Angel is in prime health, happy and loving bird. He has his moments of tantrums but I'm a very patient and understanding person and cuddle and comfort him all the time.

I go to college now, so when I'm away during the day Angel stays with his babysitter, 'his grandmother' until I get home. In the morning Angel pulls the sheet off his cage and calls to wake me up so I can give him breakfast, then he's with me throughtout the morning as I get ready. Then his babysitter plays with him while I'm away. When I get back home Angel starts to cry out and show off displaying himself shouting "Peek-a-boo" so I could play with him. He follows me around everywhere and we are totally devoted to each other. I work on certain days, and Angel doesn't mind staying with this babysitter. Most of my paycheck goes on him. I hardly get anything for myself, and make sure everything is in high quality for him.

I have a boyfriend now. Our one year anniversary is in May as well. We are practically engaged. And Angel loves him, and he loves Angel. They get along very well, and my fiance is very patient with him. Everyone in my family treats him like he's a real baby! Sometimes, when I'm at school or work people think from the way I talk about him that I have a child. I do though. smile When I start to have kids, my kids are gonna be raised to respect animals and Angel. Angel is and aways will be part of the family, and my baby forever.

Posted By: katy girl

Re: Teen Talk - 03/13/03 07:15 PM

Boy its great to hear about kids like you. Most of the time we hear only the negative. Keep it up, you sound a lot more mature than a lot of adults.
Posted By: Rico's Daddy

Re: Teen Talk - 03/14/03 01:02 AM


You are going through before your 20 what most people have before they are 40.

Maybe you can tell me which battery lasts longer Energizer or Duracell :p LOL.

In all seriousness, your maturity speaks volumes. Youngsters like you are a proven asset to this board and especially Teen Talk. keep up the good work. smile
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 03/17/03 02:54 AM

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments. smile

Sorry for my delay in posting; my mother and then I took sick over the weekend. Sigh, and school tomorrow. Oh well. Can't afford to miss it, since we'll be doing review for tests on Wednesday. X_X


Ronnie, your parents are right about not getting a bird right now. smile I got Java (my tiely-bird) for a couple of being that I blackmailed my parents into it. They said I could get a parrot if I gave up my goose. Worked that promise out of them before I gave Blizzie back. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> They were going to make me get rid of her anyway, but at least something good came out of it. Another reason is that I'm generally not a very social person because of my hearing, and my animals keep me company. I was originally going to get two 'tiels, since I played on a travelling team for lacrosse (although I don't any more) and I didn't want Java to be lonely. However, we decided in the end to only get one, because he'd bond with me better. smile

So just wait it out, and enjoy your teen years relatively "poop-free". wink
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Teen Talk - 03/23/03 11:22 PM

My mom is so sick of hereing the word bird. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> The other day after going to see a movie with some firends. We were talking about one of my friends U2 (not hers her grnadmas), and I started saying things, and my mom just flat out said "DONt talk about birds!" LOL. She didn't think it was very funny.
Well I am probably going to keep my teen years poop free, but I still wanted to do something. Thanks to Janice, she incouraged me to make toys then sell them. Well I am going to make toys, but I might donate them also to rescues or stuff. I can't belive my mom is letting me get some leather strips and sisal rope smile ! But I had better get it before she says no.
-Here is a question. I ordered my sisal rope and leather strips throuhg a magazine/catalog, and they were relativly cheap, but the shipping was very expensive. Can I go to a hardware store to get some? or should I not do that due to fumes?
- Ronnie
Posted By: Katy

Re: Teen Talk - 03/24/03 02:04 AM

LOL I love these people. As I THINK you know, I am, as well, 14, and the owner of a U2. I'm lucky smile Homeschooled. Zeebas on my shoulder, or no more than 5 feet away from me during my schooling. It was decided before I got Z that i'd go to a local college (there are plenty around) and live at home, with mom here to play with Z during the day (hes a womans bird). As far as maturity goes, I got myalgic encephalo myalitis 3 years ago--i've lost friends, gained friends, had to stop going to school...I think I did quite a bit of growing up in those few years. I diddn't have much of a choice smile .

I'm healthy enough to clean cages, play with handtoys (err, with the bird of course), prepare birdy food, etc, but I don't waste the energy I do have by going out every night. I usualy make one or two outings a week, for NO MORE than 4 hours, and Zeeba goes to bed early (about 9)--thats about the time I go out, so she dosen't even miss me.

Zeeba will be with me for as long as i'm breathing smile

A quick note--I definitely DON'T think you all are rude! You're honest, very knowledgable, intelligent, and truely care about cockatoos. NOTHING wrong with that! smile
Posted By: Rico's Daddy

Re: Teen Talk - 03/24/03 02:35 AM

Hi Katy! You know it's really the youngsters who are immature in their responsibilities that misunderstand or take offence on what we are saying.
This site has teenagers known and unknown and we are finding out more and more of their maturity level. I for one am glad to hear from you, Michelle, U2Angel and Ronnie and take pleasure in the fact that we can still scare the immature away. Only when they reach your maturity will they feel comfortable coming back to face us ~old rude adults~ again laugh <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Teen Talk - 03/26/03 05:20 AM

thanx Rico, that's sweet of you!!
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 03/27/03 06:43 PM

Thank you. smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Teen Talk - 04/04/03 12:50 AM

LOL! I havn't noticed this till now, but the greeting thing to this part of the board says this...

The place for Teens to whine, cry and complain about how we treat them ...

Well....i though it was pretty funny!! <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 04/04/03 05:20 AM

Lol, that's what grabbed my attention the first time. I thought it was pretty funny.

So how are my other teeny-boppers holding up? wink
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Teen Talk - 04/04/03 05:20 AM

lol! I agree with you Ronnie! Although, I don't think I could ever whine or cry about my baby! smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Teen Talk - 04/05/03 06:04 PM

O.K. heres my schedule

School - 7 hours to 7 1/2 hours

Homework - Anywhere from 0 to 2 hours(But high school is coming up, and I dont know how much they will give me.) (But two of my teachers give me homewrok that a Junior would have.)

Activities - After school for maybe an hour, then during the summer, I am outside (backyard sometimes elsewhere) 3 to 4 to 5 hours. Never know during summer.

Dating - Havn't started yet.

Yup thats me for now, but when highschool starts it will mos likely be changed. wink Oh yeah, got these topics from top of topic.
Posted By: Mandy&Cael

Re: Teen Talk - 04/06/03 03:46 AM

Hee hee, I too thought the topic of this page was funny. I would like to give a big huge thank you to Jerry for , truly a wonderful site and provided all the information I needed straight out! smile About a year ago I had been greatly wanting a cockatoo but untill I had read I had changed my mind. I'm at school from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm during week days, I'm 16 and in High School, tenth grade. So having a cockatoo alone for that many hours , just wouldn't be fair to the bird. So I decided to look into other types of parrots, and me, being the bird lover I am I often visited the pet store after school to look at the birds or play with them (if allowed) And well one day a green and grey parrot in a large glass aqaurium happened to catch my eye. It was a Quaker parakeet, he was in there with two cockatiels. I asked the pet shop owner if I could see the parakeet and he allowed me to do so. I reached in slowly for the parrot, expecting him to bite me , but to my suprise he didn't and just huddled in the corner of the cage. I picked him up and he sat in my hand nicely and snuggled up. I instantly fell in love. He was about five months old and this was last year in December. I then Decided i'd buy him and worked out a deal with the pet store owner, he said he'd put the bird on hold for me for about a week or so, I went to the pet store every single day to visit my bird and hold him untill I had enough money to buy him, he cost $350.99 not including the tax or all the food and toys i'd have to buy him. I already had a large parrot cage given to me from my dad which I scrubbed and disinfected. Come christmas time I had been given a very genorous amount of money and I took my new feathered friend home the day after christmas. For the first week or so he hated to come out of his cage and was afraid to try new foods, such as fresh veggies and vegatables. But well time passed since then and now he'll only eat new foods after he's seen me eat it first, or he'll just try and eat whatever i'm eating. In the morning's cael sits on my shoulder as I get rea for school, we eat breakfast together (of course he has his own birdy breakfast , fruits, veggies and pellets mixed together, he loves it) and then I put him back into his cage and I'll change his toys (I rotate his toys so he doesn't get bored with the same ones over and over while I'm at school). When I get home from school I immediatly go to let cael out, and he always knows when i'm coming home because he'll sit at his cage door waiting for me. Then i'll take him out and we'll have our play time together, and eat supper at about 6:00. He lets me know when he wants to go back into his cage to play with his toys or eat some food or take a nap and such, so he's usually out with me all the time when i'm home, unless of course he wants to go into his cage n.n. He says a few words now and only talks to me lol, he's not too fond of my little brother, but he's never bitten anyone in my family. Yep he's my little feather baby and I love him so much smile He's been sitting on my shoulder whistling to me the entire time I type this out lol
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 04/06/03 07:14 AM

Hiya Mandy!

Welcome to the board. smile
Posted By: Katy

Re: Teen Talk - 04/07/03 07:53 AM

Hello mandy! I think this is the first time i've seen you post, so I just wanted to say hello, and welcome. smile
Posted By: ParrotGurl

Re: Teen Talk - 04/07/03 07:08 PM

Hi my name is Lindsey and im 13 years old and i have 6 birds which are a M2 named Ariel which is 4 years old and i got 2 years ago and that was my first bird,2 CAGS named Allie and Gracie which are both are 9 months old,a Yellow Crowned Amazon named Corky and his age is unknown,a sun conure named Nikki which is 3 years old and a female SI Ekkie named Ember that is only 4 months old.I love them all really much and im homeschooled so I can stay at home with them most of the day.Well I would love to hear about all of you alls birds
Posted By: Rico's Daddy

Re: Teen Talk - 04/07/03 07:28 PM

Hi Lindsey: Welcome to the board. You have quite the flock. I trust that your parents assist you financially with your flock, correct?
It is important that all of you express the demands that your "babies" place on you and your time. My concern is that other teens who may be considering being owned by a Too or other may get lulled into a false sense of bird caring.
Teens who have the dedication and home time to care for their friends as well as the maturity such as the teens I mentioned earlier should take it upon themselves to inform the others.
The responsibility that you have decided to undertake is by no means easy and it should be expressed as such.
Don't get me wrong. You should express your happiness and love and all that good stuff but let it be known that there is a big price to pay for all of that. wink
Posted By: ParrotGurl

Re: Teen Talk - 04/07/03 07:33 PM

Hi Ricos Daddy yea they do assist me financially and my mom helps me clean their cages every night and feed them their fruits and veggies too.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Teen Talk - 04/07/03 07:36 PM

Welcome to the board. Got a Would love to know how you came to get them all.
Posted By: Katy

Re: Teen Talk - 04/07/03 11:13 PM

My goodness, parrotgurl! Quite the group you have, and at 13! I'd love to have a few more birds, but I think if I got my U2 at 11 years old I wouldnt've lived to see 13....good job! I'm 14, by the way. Right now i've just got my U2, and may be getting one or two smaller birds soon(max size, an amazon). I look foward to talking with you more. smile
Posted By: zoe luvr

Re: Teen Talk - 04/08/03 12:44 AM

I would like to stick up for all the teens who are responsible. We are not all out there parting it up and doing all the itiotic things that some teens do. I am 17 years old 18 in May and I have never went a day in my life with out having a pet. My first pet that was mine and not the families was Natalie the hampster who I recevied on my fifth birthday. Natalie was followed by 6 more hampsters, 4 rats, lots of fish, 3 cockatiels, a cat, and a rescue red eared slider turtle, who I am happy to say is living it up in a friends step fathers pond with two other turtles. I now own a cockatoo, another parrot, my cat, and a fish tank. I pay for everything for these pets exept for the cat. encluding vet bills, yes if I do not have the money for everything at the time my mother kindly loans it to me, but the money is always returned to her. I am home most everyday, I work with my mother in her office and because I am a temp I only have to go in when I want to and I can also bring work to do at home, I make 9 dollars an hour and in my opinion that is a lot for a teen to make. I am studing for my ged, and I will soon be starting college, however I will not be in a dorm and so my little family will be with me. I also have a boyfriend who I have been with for 16 months and that in no interferes with my time with my birds. We can all snuggle! As for any other parents decision on wheather or not to allow there children to get a pet all depends on each childs responsibility and maturity level. If your child is irresponsible the DUH do not let them get one, however we are not all that way.
****Here is a good test, is your child willing to pay for the bird or would they rather buy clothes and shoes?? If they will pay hundreds of dollors for a bird odds are they will take care of it***
Posted By: Mandy&Cael

Re: Teen Talk - 04/08/03 01:31 AM

Thanks for the Welcome, I try to be the best I can be and I take good care of Cael (my quaker parakeet) I always make sure I have some money saved up incase there's ever an emergency and I have to take cael to the vet, wow avian vets are really expensive, but the money isn't what matters as long as my little feathered fried is safe happy and healthy then i'm, happy too ^.^
Posted By: Jerry

Re: Teen Talk - 04/08/03 07:01 AM

Mandy&Cael... welcome to the board! smile I'm glad you like it here and hope you'll learn something.

Now... to Zoe:

As for any other parents decision on wheather or not to allow there children to get a pet all depends on each childs responsibility and maturity level.
Zoe... I know what you're saying, but trust me, you cannot properly care for a cockatoo through the child-teen-and college years. Its that simple.
Notice I said " Properly ".

Unless you're schooling-dating-working-and taking college courses in your home, it cant be done.
Where is this cockatoo and cat kept?
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Teen Talk - 04/09/03 09:09 AM

lol, that is so kewl parrutgurl! You rock! I'm 18 and have a U2. He's just about the smartest bird in the world and so smart! Right now I don't think I could take another bird. In the future though, I plan on getting another U2 to keep Angel company, but I'm afraid he won't love me anymore...?

I think taking care of all those birds at 13 is great. Tell me, how do you manage to play with all those birds? Are they all good-tempered, not jealous of anyone?

Posted By: ParrotGurl

Re: Teen Talk - 04/10/03 12:38 AM

U2Angel,well 2 of the birds are my moms so i dont hold them 2 at all she does the one bird of hers bites ya if anyone trys to pet her except my mom and the other one of her birds just is scared to step up on your hand.One of my birds doesnt like to be held so i just let her sit on her cage thats the sun conure.The eclectus and african grey I usually hold them and play with them an hour each night(the african grey is nippy so its not easy trying to hold her and play with her!)My moluccan cockatoo sometimes screams when I hold one of the other birds but she stops after maybe 5 minutes the others dont really care its just moluccan cockatoo(she is SOOOOOOO spoiled and screams usually as soon as I go in the room!)So its hard work trying to care for everyone but its worth every bit of it! smile
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 04/11/03 06:03 PM

Just a thought, and not trying to be rude....

Since you're homeschooled now, you have time for your birds...what happens once you have to go out for college/university?
Posted By: ParrotGurl

Re: Teen Talk - 04/11/03 10:45 PM

Im going to a near college where ya dont have to stay in room things at the college and I will still make plenty of time for my birds im defiently not gonna just forgit about any of them.
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 04/11/03 11:17 PM

So I see...dorms. That's my plan, too.

But are you positive that you'll be accepted? The one of the three colleges I'm applying to are in my city and the other two are about 1.5 hour drive either way.

It's easy to say that now, that college won't take up that much time. But remember, depending on what you want to do and what programs you take, it's going to be one heck of a lot different from home schooling. You won't have half the time then that you do now.
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/13/03 12:15 AM

yea I dont know if i will be accepted or not but oh wells its still a little while for me to worry about college.Im gonna try to go to college to be a avian vet but I dont know if I will make it to be one of those or not!I dont know how long it even takes to be one of those probably at least 5-7 years but dont know.
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/13/03 02:40 AM

ParrotGurl. I am debating whether to be an ecologist, biologist, marine biologist, ornithologist, or Avian Vet. And If I become an avian vet, I already have a bunch of people that will come to me. (hint - Alaskatoos wink )
We were discussing this on chat a while ago, and a lot of the people said that it was harder/longer, to become a good avian vet, than a human doctor. Now this is what I have heard...anyone else think otherwise??
- Ronnie
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/14/03 03:15 AM

I always wanted to be a veterinarian.

However, as I grew older, I very, very quickly learned I hated sciences and I cried just watching a dog being put to sleep on TV.

I faced the music: I can't do it.

To top it off, there's the cost of schooling: $80,000.00 CDND. >___<
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/14/03 04:56 AM

Ah--I did the SAME thing Michelle. EXACTLY the same thing. I really don't like science, and I couldnt stand seeing animals hurting or put one to sleep...
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/15/03 02:56 AM


Me, I'm content with my babes, I think I can live without the guilt of putting animals to sleep. And I have a bit of trouble controlling my mouth. If something's wrong, I'm darn well not gonna keep quiet. mad

Some people are just soo shtupidness. (Typo on purpose. wink )
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/15/03 10:19 PM

Me too! I am known to express my opnion with some of the people I am close too. I wont do it all the time, but when I do, there it goes!
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/18/03 07:53 AM

heeere we go!

Im only 14, not yet a fully fledged teen, i like to think the world has yet to see my bad side, but i believe every teenager is different. Some of my friends are responsible with their appearance and manner, but not with school work, some are responsible with school work and homework, but not with their appearance and being social, then again, some are a little bit of all at times! I like to think I'm responsible with all my animals, (2 cats, numerous tropical fish and a lorikeet, soon hopefull to be a goffins as well) My appearance and social life comes next, followed by school, then of course Homework. Its a bit like a priority timetable, but most teenagers have basic common sense that just needs to be dug out every now and again!
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/18/03 08:00 AM

Just thought I'd add on about the Avian Vet thing.

I plan to be an Avian vet as well, fortunately for me New Zealand only has 3 certified A.Vs and all three are in the North Island, Its likely I could grease sponsorship of many of the 200 odd amatuer and professional breeders in Auckland, or if that fails, off my rich half absent Father :rolleyes: Unfortunately There is no Avian Vet School in N.Z, so it looks like I'll have to ship off to Aussie for a few years. I hate seeing animals put to sleep, but i honestly think its alright if the animals are seriously suffering e.g paralyised, severe cancer etc etc

All you future Avian Vets out there, keep going, and when your done, come to N.Z cos the 1000 amatuer and professional breeders down here need you!
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Re: Teen Talk - 04/24/03 06:17 AM

I also wanted to be a vertrinarian, but the same reason is what turned me away. There is no possible way I could bring myself to putting animals down, ....or cutting them open and such even if it was to help them.
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Teen Talk - 04/24/03 05:18 PM


I agree about the euthanasia, but it's still hard for me to do it. It's easier to be something like a veterinary technician than it is to be a vet. I'd know, my cousin Kassie was a vet tech for two years.

Mandy, Katy,

I know the feeling. Ye gawds, I cannot, I mean, cannot cut an animal open for any reason. I'd be too scared of doing something wrong. It's better left to the veterinarians that have the guts to do that.
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Re: Teen Talk - 08/11/06 11:55 PM

I am 15 years old and have two birds - a Poicephalus and a MSC2.
"ALL teenagers think anyone over 30 is "rude"
That is not true. As said, I am only 15 years old but I have met TONS of more rude teenagers than adult people, I'm rather in school with educationalists and teachers than spending time with persons of my age. (And MUCH MUCH rather with my birds wink )

I have permission to start school later in the morning, just because of my birds. When I get up,
the first thing I do is to let my birds out, prepare breakfast for them, and after they have finished eating I play with them, especially the cockatoo. (No "preferential treatment" here, it's just that my other bird don't get it with toys and she will rather just sit on her cage or on her tree) I have special rules in school because I have Aspergers syndrome. Therefore I don't have to do all subjects in school, I've just chosen five I have to concentrate on. And therefore, I have more time with my birds. I don't have to do any real homework either because I write so much on the computer anyway.
When I come home from school, after maybe five hours, I open the birds cages and let them out as
fast as I come through the door. Then it's time to cook for them. Saga (the parrot) is sitting
on a chair while Yondo, the cockatoo, plays on the table.

When I'm going to college I'm gonna have special rules there because of my birds, I have already
visited the school and they know about my birds. Normally a pupil with pets are not allowed to take their pet/s out of the room, but I may have my birds in a part of the "animal house". (Where they have birds, reptiles and rodents in separate rooms) It was also discussed that I may take my too with me on some lessons, maybe. So he don't have to feel alone. They are with me everywhere I go and I don't vacation more often than... every seventh year. (I went to Florida when I was nine and next year I will travel to Gran Canaria, but I almost never go on vacation)
At the late afternoon I'm in the birdroom, talking and playing with them, or they are with me in my room, at the computer. I don't cuddle with them a lot, Saga does not even like it and the cockatoo mostly prefer just being scratched, when HE feels like it. But I play with them, fly-train Yondo, klicker-train them, etc. Saga is my best friend and Yondo is my baby.

What activities? You say "football, baseball, cheerleading, swimming, etc." I don't do any of those things, have never done and never will. I don't enjoy company with people, anything like that mentioned above is pure nightmare to me.

Oh god you must be kidding... as said, I don't enjoy people company and have nearly been killed by some certain persons two times, and been ganged up on constantly for four years. I can't trust many teenagers and ESPECIALLY not guys. I don't like small children either, and I have my birds so then I don't "need" children of my own. (I feel almost disgusted just of the thougth)
My birds is my life and I can never let them go, no matter what.

But I absolutely understand that you don't think most teenagers are good bird-owners. I have,
among others, met a 17-year old girl who have NO respect for animal lives whatsoever, she thinks
that animals have no feelings, no thoughts, etc...

And MANY teenagers and kids are really irresponsible. Now I do everything I can for my birds, but when I was eight and I had my first hamster I barely wanted to clean her cage. THAT is really irresponsible! But I know what you're all meaning, most people are not able to take care of any parrot, and especially not young people.
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Re: Teen Talk - 08/12/06 02:01 PM

Well, all of the teens in here should be commended. You guys need to spred the word to other teens...and you guys sure are above the norm. I only have one regret about my Linus..and that is, that he didnt fly into my life sooner.. i am 40. He is 2. I think it would be wonderful to have my whole life with him.
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Re: Teen Talk - 08/13/06 02:21 AM

I notice that many of these "kids" have some sort of "challenge" (to be PC) to deal with: a hearing loss, Asperger's Syndrome, another multisyallabic one that seems to be a chronic pain syndrome. . .

These youngsters have HAD to develop a lot of maturity early on, just to cope with everyday life. They also tend to be more in control of their own schedules and lives than most teens are allowed to be, mostly in order to deal with the various difficulties presented by their physical and neurological conditions. Their birds, unlike some of ours, are blessings for them, rather than "burdens". God bless 'em all, kids and birds!
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Re: Teen Talk - 09/06/06 03:44 AM

Hi all... I just joined the board yesterday, and I am not a teen, but mother to two homeschooling teens. The above post echoes just what I was thinking...

Teens who are able to manage their own schedules tend to be much more productive than those who are "micro-managed" by adults.

My two home-schooling teens do not follow a curriculum. The have, however, developed their own interests, which they pursue with passion and energy - perhaps because they are young, curious, and not defined by other people's views of what they "should" be doing.

Neither of my teens own their own parrot, but we have three in our home. The kids are attentive to the birds, playful with them, and very conscientious about the birds' needs. When their friends visit and say, "Man, that bird is cool - I want to get one!" they always tell them - it's not a toy. You have no idea the responsibility of owning one of these.

I say, trust our teens. Especially the ones that are dilligent enough to seek out a place full of information like this to help with their birds. Let THEM be the ones to tell other kids, "This is not to be taken lightly."

All of you teens are amazing, thoughtful people here. You are a wonderful example of what kids can and will be when they have the respect of the adults around them to grow and flourish. Hope I can keep remembering that with my own two teens.
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Re: Teen Talk - 09/06/06 05:54 AM

YondoToo- I want to give you a special welcome. My son's best friend has Asperger's Syndrome. I taught him in first and second grade. It's wonderful that you are so open about it, since many people either don't know about it or understand what it really is. Thank you for sharing.

I have to piggy back on JM47's thoughts about kids who overcome special problems. For those of you who do not know, my son who is now 13 came into my life when he was 8 years old. Without going into the gory details, of which there are many, we were told that his IQ was in the low 80s, he would probably never be able to function well in society, his abuse was too bad, the drugs and booze that went through his system did too much damage, etc.

I'm not going to lie and say that things are always great now and we live a fairy tale life, although his IQ is now testing at average and he reads on grade level. Not that things are all bad- all kids have challenges. He just has very special, and interesting, ones. In many ways he's like a Too himself!

But I will say that he is absolutely amazing with animals and with Salvador in particular. He will be the caretaker of the bird when we pass and I have absolutely no worries at all. He is amazing with animals and is very responsible with his own cat. Would I get him a Too? No way. But he tells his friends the truth about what it's like to live with one. He's working on teaching his "brother" tricks. When I had to leave town to take care of my sister who has cancer he stepped up to the plate and took over my duties. That bird was out every day at the usual time and got all the attention he would normally get.

So I think there is something special about teens that have to overcome things that other teens don't have to deal with. And God bless you!
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Re: Teen Talk - 09/06/06 07:40 PM

Oh Michelle, you make me smile, you remind me so much of myself a few years ago!! smile

Keep doing your very best at school, i know it's hard, but it's worth it!!!

I have less than a year to go now, boy am i glad to get my degree july next year, and get my own place, only me, NO HUSBAND (LOL wink ) and the birdies laugh

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