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Posted By: Jomo

New Member - 02/01/18 08:44 PM

I am a new owner of a beautiful Bare Eyed Cockatoo which I bought from an amazing pet store... just joking as I rescued this bird whose name is DJ.
The rescue will be delivering the bird (aka home inspection) next week on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can hardly wait--I think.
Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and DJ
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: New Member - 02/01/18 11:49 PM

Welcome to Mytoos Jomo and DJ. How old is DJ and sex? I have an almost 14 year year old BE2 hen. You're in for a treat all the attitude of the big birds in a smaller package! Oh and add in a good dose of ADHD, they are the energizer bunny of the too world! Looking forward to hearing all about DJ next week. Good luck.
Posted By: Jomo

Re: New Member - 02/02/18 02:12 AM

DJ is a 12 year old female.
I have a question/request from other members. Can someone please supply me with the shorthand notion for the birds. I get that BE2 stands for bare eyed cockatoo. While I figured out others there are some that go right by me.
Posted By: AJMontyBird

Re: New Member - 02/02/18 09:44 PM


I'm having issues linking directly to the post, but if you go into "Other Information You Should Know" > "New Members Please Read", there's a sticky a couple posts down labelled "Common abbreviations".

Hope that helps!
Posted By: rb100

Re: New Member - 02/06/18 10:00 AM

There is no link to common abbreviations. When you paste the url, you get a 404 "File Not Found" error.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: New Member - 02/06/18 01:11 PM

If you followed the directions that AJMontyBird gave above you would have come to it. You go to the Forum Headings Page then you will scroll to the bottom of the page "New Members Please Read" click on Thread Title "Common Abbreviations"
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