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Posted By: RebeccaW

New to forum! - 04/20/13 05:25 AM

Hello my name is Rebecca and I just adopted a citron sulfur crested cockatoo, Meeka, last night. I am in need of as much help as possible in understanding everything I need to do. I have owned a cockatiel before and loved him. I have wanted a cockatoo for about five or more years. She is precious and already letting me hold and love on her. Meeka is speaking some words but only around people trying to show off. The questions I have are all about training... So what should I start working on first? She bites a little when it's not something she wants to do... Like step up. Is there a way to stop that?

Thank you for all your help and I will soak in whatever advice you have. I want to provide the best home and situation possible for a happy, healthy bird!
Posted By: AJMontyBird

Re: New to forum! - 04/20/13 05:52 AM

Welcome to MyToos, and congratulations on your adoption of Meeka! I'd start reading the the behaviour portion of the forum - there are a bunch of articles that you'll find helpful, and chances are you'll find all of the answers you need. I suggest you slow down a bit: Meeka needs time to settle in. Everything else can wait. Enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts! smile
Posted By: jm47

Re: New to forum! - 04/20/13 10:39 PM

Read, read, read. Everything is connected, and even if it doesn't seem to be something immediately useful, you will need it next week or maybe next year.
While it is NOT safe to say that a too is a larger version of a tiel if you learned anything about trust and behavior from the tiel, it will be helpful. I would start in the Applied Behavior Analysis section, with the article on trust building. If you read it aloud to the bird, then over again to cement it in your mind, it'll do you both good.
If the bird is already saying words, I would bet she is understanding more than you might expect, even if you believe everything we say about the intelligence of the bird's. Read to her, about stuff that matters to you both. You can find lot here.
And welcome!
Posted By: RebeccaW

Re: New to forum! - 04/21/13 02:58 AM

Great advice. I will be reading a lot. I did have one question... Do you have your bird on any type of schedule?
Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: New to forum! - 04/21/13 04:15 AM

Just our household schedule here. Out of her cage about 3:30PM or so and to bed about 10:30 during week and out at 8AM or so and to bed about 10:30PM. This wouldn't work for many but works for us. I used to get her up with me at 5:30AM to spend a little time with her when I was getting ready for work, but this didn't work out as I found out early on that she is as much a grumpy doodle in the early morning as I am.

Just an FYI for you. In the future, you should put your questions in the General Cockatoo forum or whichever one is appropriate. It will get responded to much quicker. One of the Mods. may move this one to keep things organized.

Posted By: RebeccaW

Re: New to forum! - 04/21/13 04:34 AM

Okay thank you. Ill make sure to try to understand all the different forums!
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: New to forum! - 05/11/13 02:45 PM

Hi Rebecca. Step up is very important. Although I have realized in almost ten years, every bird of mine has a different way of stepping up. Find out where your bird is comfortable stepping up. My macaw as big as she is, is comfortable stepping on my hand or finger. Angelina, it took me years to figure out, because Im very thin, only steps up on my wrist or lower arm. Just remember when training that everything is on cockatoc time. They love to learn, but will do it when they are ready. Just keep working everyday. Keep watching them, the bites happen, usually after they have given subtle warnings that they are done for the day.
Posted By: jm47

Re: New to forum! - 05/12/13 12:37 AM

Some birds will use the beak to test the place on which they are about to step. Not sure how common this is among toos, but I know conures do it, and have seen macaws literally follow their "noses" along a branch. My cockatiel often holds my finger in his beak as he steps on, and holds tight enough to hurt. Pulling away is not an option, since that convinces him he should hang on tighter next time! I grit my teeth as he grits his beak, and he mostly doesn't break the skin any more. Slow "progress". He's been with us about 9 years.
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