Hello from OH (New to toos)

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Hello from OH (New to toos) - 12/22/11 05:24 PM

Greetings everyone! First off, let me say that I'm very excited to be a part of this forum. I've spent about 6 hours on here so far reading everything from the purpose of this site/board to articles and individual posts. And there's so much more to learn from you all too!

My name is Katie and my menagerie includes 3 shih-tzu, a Timneh African Grey named Oscar and an Umbrella Cockatoo named Zippy. First off, I know Zippy is very young but his story is a bit sad but in a way good. He was bought from a breeder at 4 months old by a family looking for a parrot. They knew he had mandibular prognathism (parrot underbite) and thought they could handle the issue. After about a month and realizing that the vet bills were expensive, let alone all the toys he chewed through, they returned him to the store. I suppose it was good that they realized the fact that they couldn't care for him early. I frequent this store for nail trims, food, toys, etc for Oscar and noticed this little guy on a play stand. The proprietor told his story and, as she knows me, offered him to me to ADOPT (not buy) and give him a stable home. I discussed it with my fiance, talked to Oscar (silly but I think he understands) and we decided to adopt him. He is our first cockatoo and we have a lot of time to give.

I am independently wealthy and, instead of working at a normal office, I manage an estate from the comfort of my own home. I spent 98% of my day at home with the animals either watching TV or on the computer. We have a good amount of room now but will be moving in a couple of years to a larger house where I can build and outdoor aviary as well as having a room dedicated to just the birds. Even though we have small dogs, the house is very quiet and we are set in our ways. We hope that time, attention, and a stable environment will benefit our cockatoo!

We won't pick him up until Wednesday and I am having moments of sheer terror! As I've said, I read many things on the forums already and it certainly has put the fear of god into me. My absolute fear is that as much as I hope to do for him, he won't be happy. I suppose it's much like a mother about to give birth to her first child- the feeling that you won't be an adequate parent. I really believe that I have the time and love to give and the desperation to learn as much as I can from all of the members here. I would not jump into owning a 'too without knowing what I am in for and would NOT think about abandoning him just because he isn't perfect, has temper tantrums, bites, and screams.

In closing, I'm really looking forward to reading more and more about our new flock member. I'm also looking forward to learning more from everyone here. The members in the forum have so much knowledge to give and don't skirt around the trials and tribulations of owning a cockatoo like a lot of forums do. Thank you so much!
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 12/22/11 08:23 PM

Welcome1 I have been coming to this site on and off anytime I need help with my babies or reaffirmation. The people on this site are very very helpfull. I also just adopted an umbrella and have had her 1 week ( formerly badly abused-wings broken ) I also have a very loved Citron Cockatoo.
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 12/22/11 09:17 PM

Katie welcome to Mytoos. Please feel free to post questions and to use the search feature at the top of the page. There's 10 years of information here to get any and almost all the information you will be needing. Also take some time to read all of the articles in the Applied Behavior Case Studies section. There are some excellent articles and some great training that has been on going. In this section though discussion is only between the instructor and the original poster of the thread.
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 12/28/11 05:06 AM

welcome. smile
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 12/30/11 02:22 PM

welcome to mytoos
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/04/12 01:48 AM

Welcome to you and your flock!
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/04/12 02:36 AM

Welcome Katie and crew.

No difference between buying and adopting from a pet store. Money goes into the store owners pocket to buy another Too. The cycle continues. Only adopting comes from the rescues.

Ok that said. I learned the hard way 23 years ago about Umbrella and still have her my sweet chainsaw with feathers. At the current time I'm nursing a pretty good bite to my lip from her. There are lots of U2 caretakers here to learn from....the good, bad, and ugly of Too life.
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/05/12 05:45 AM

"Sweet chainsaw with feathers"! Very descriptive!
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/05/12 05:51 PM

Welcome! This is a great place to learn.
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/05/12 06:40 PM

Welcome to you, Zippy and Oscar (and their 4 footed friends) and a special kudos to you for taking in a special needs Too. My heart (and my pocketbook) go out to these special ones. I know you will find support for any problem that you may incur, and best of all, those who you can share those special moments that endear us to these wonderful wild things.
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/05/12 10:10 PM

ROFLMAO -Chainsaw with feathers...Too funny...yes, I am into that 2 humor...can't help myself! laugh
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/06/12 12:22 AM

I call mine a "bundle of feathers with a can opener"!
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/06/12 01:09 AM

LOL, Critters...
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Re: Hello from OH (New to toos) - 01/09/12 03:30 PM

Welcome to the very best site on earth to learn the honest facts about sharing your life with a Too. How are things going with your new Angel?
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