Tristian and new too

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Tristian and new too - 09/25/08 01:54 PM

hello my name is helen and i've been reading and rereading this site for about 4 months now. i'm getting ready to adopt a u2. she is 12 years old and is a good home. the woman has had 2 collapsed lungs and a pace maker put in and is only 41. she has also had to take to raising her grandson due to the mothers post pardum depression. precious is the u2's name. i told her i wouldnt take precious until i could spend a couple of months with her and the bird to learn her routine and what she likes and dislikes. she was very happy with that and i am too. i dont want to just jerk this bird outta her surroundings and not know her and she not know me. i know it's for the better and since i have 3 days off a week i will have a better chance to get to know precious. it's been a very long time since i've had a bird this size and have read alot to educate myself on them. my friend thinks i have lost my mind but i told her i took on an aggessive great pryenees and got quite a few stiches from that dog and she is 140lbs. but i wasnt about to give up on her. she has been great and it took 3 years for us to get along. if anyone has any info that they want to share please let me know. and also i have built a 10 foot by 10 foot and 6 foot tall aviary in my spare room for her. i want precious to have all the room she needs and wants. plus i have made tons of toys for her and are making her bird bread to take with me for our vitists. i do have a great avian vet and she just went to the vet and come to find out we use the same vet anf i'm glad of that.
to anyone who rescues bless you i have rescued all the animals i have had and still have. i really love this website and one more thing i live on a farm so the noise wont bother the neighbors. lol
thanks for any info anyone can give me
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Hello Tristian.
You sound almost too perfect. No such thing. You sound ready to me already. Use the search function to find any topic. Ask if you cant find it.

Don't know what you read so here is the standard up front stuff.
Here are some articles to start you out.
Sam Foster. Vocalizations.

Read the first 5 articles on this page

Sex and the Psittacine

Geek Contractor & bird slave. The largest cage in the world is still just a prison.

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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/25/08 01:59 PM

Tristian I've copied your post along with Tika's Dads' reply to you. This will give the members an opportunity to reply and you won't get lost in the threads.
Welcome to the board!
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/25/08 03:10 PM

Welcome Helen, glad you found this site! I think that you are doing all the right things possible to make sure that your new U2 is taken care of properly. I look forward to hearing more.
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thanks for moving my post as i work evenings and didnt see the new memeber spot. i do live alone and have spoken to the owner in reference to leaving her alone. and she said she is great when they leave the house, and thank god they sleep late during the day because they work evenings also yay for me so her routine wont be but so different. she did tell me that precious did give her 7 stiches in her had a while back but it was her fault she forgot that she was on the couch and came in swinging her arms and the bird latched on to her. and after she got home precious was in the back of her cage with her head down saying bad bird bad bird so she may have been sorry,lol. i also have 3 cockatiels that i rescued and for some reason who every owned them thought it was funny to have a party and pluck these poor birds. but i can say it has taken me a while but they are fully feathered now and laying eggs which i didnt expect. they are still a little funny about my hands but gracie has learned that if she gets on my shoulder that she can come in the living room and set with me. i cant believe what some of the so called people do for fun. it's bad enough that we have caged them but to mutilate them is worse.
but back to precious she can say poppa which she calls everyone, pretty bird. and jerri said when she trims her wings she tell her to ba an angel bird ans she will spread her wing out and sit very still while she trims and she loves to take a shower but likes to be blow dried and fusses if she doesnt get it. i'm not too sure about that. my first visit will be this saturday so i'm gonna take my camera and take some pics so i can share them with everyone. and i know i may also come home with a few puncture wounds but that's part of the proccess. it's not like i havent had 3 rotties and this great pryenees with lots of bites. lol
but anyway i need to get ready for work so i will ttyl and thanks tiki for the links i need all the info i can get.
everyone have a great day and i will keep you posted
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thanks deb i hope i'm doing all the right things. i just want her to be happy when she comes home with me.

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Welcome, sounds like you're starting out the right way with this baby. I'm so glad you have the chance to get to know her with her current slave to help the transition. Precious sounds like a lovely girl and you are all lucky you found each other. After the move is her current slave going to come to your place and visit at least until she is settled? I think it's great that you have already built her an indoor aviary!!
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/25/08 06:50 PM

she loves to take a shower but likes to be blow dried and fusses if she doesn't get it. I'm not too sure about that.

My birds love the blow dryer after showering. Just don't dry them completely. Leave their feathers damp so they can do the rest. If they are soaking wet it helps to keep them warm until they aren't so soaked.

Do not use the high heat setting. Use a lower setting and don't go to close. I put my hand by the bird to feel what they are getting. They love it more than the water.


i know i may also come home with a few puncture wounds but that's part of the proccess. it's not like i havent had 3 rotties and this great pryenees with lots of bites. lol

Be prepared for a bite like you've never had before!!! :-)

Just a sample --->
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/26/08 01:28 AM

Welcome...plenty to read here! It's great that you are doing homework! Bird bites...Dog bites... part of the ownership process?
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/26/08 08:14 AM

thanks again for all the extra links to stuff. i know i'm gonna need it. and since i live on a farm the guy who owns the property around me has tyson chicken houses that are about 1/4 mile from my house and i know she will want to be outside but i'm afraid to do that since when they clean the chicken houses which house 15000.00 chickens they spread everything on the fields, and that concerns me about putting her outside. i really dont think it's a good idea. any comments on this would be great. and trust me i live up wind from those things and they stink to the high heavens too.
thanks helen
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/26/08 08:25 PM

Welcome Helen.
I don`t know too much about chickens, but I agree that I would be leery of any contact with the feces. I wonder if it rained or the poop was watered in it would make a difference?
You are much stronger then I. I would NEVER live anywhere near a chicken farm. I could not stand the smell! sick
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/28/08 12:10 AM

how do i post a pic of precious on here i cant get one on here and i really want everyone to see her.
thanks helen
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Re: Tristian and new too - 09/28/08 12:13 AM

hi terry yes after speaking with jerri and john they said they didnt have an issue with any help i would need with precious and would help make some toys and stuff for her i needed them. they said since i was taking the time to spend 2 months before bringing her home they wanted to do the same for me after she was brought her to help her with the transition so i' very pleased.
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