hello - 12/23/06 01:13 PM

hello everyone from tennessee. My name is matt. I have a 10 yo cockatiel (petie) a 3 yo male sun conure. (zach) and a 6 month old umbrella cockatoo. (nana) just wanted to say hi. I have been on for a while and have learned alot so far. Hope to learn more. thanks matt
Posted By: ithe1

Re: hello - 12/23/06 02:22 PM

Welcome Matt, I am in Las Vegas, Nv. glad you found us, I have 6 Tiels a B/G Macaw a Nandy Parrot and a M2. Yes there is much information here. and feel free to jump in any where you think you have a good story or sugestion..
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: hello - 12/23/06 02:50 PM

Hi Matt and welcome! I am in Nashville, TN, where are you? I have a 5 year old U2 named Lilly.


Re: hello - 12/23/06 03:54 PM

hi kim and lilly, i live near spring hill. Not that far from you. i've read some of your responses. you really know a lot about u2's. I hope to learn a lot more.

Posted By: MistyDawn

Re: hello - 12/24/06 06:03 AM

Hello Matt and welcome I also am in Tennessee near Gatlinburg. glad to see others here close by smile
cant wait to see pictures of your birds
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: hello - 12/24/06 07:28 AM

Hi Matt,

Welcome to Mytoos. I have a 43 year old M2, (Lucky) and a Green Cheek Conure (Zachary)

Well, I'm not that close either, as I live in Illinois, near St. Louis, Mo.

But only a few finger pecks away.

Posted By: jm47

Re: hello - 12/25/06 04:21 PM

Welcome! I also have a tiel and a Sun, but no cockatoo. (This site let me know just how un-cockatoo-ready I really am) I hang around because most of the info can be used with smaller birds as well as cockatoos: recipes, cage and toy info, bird psychology, et c.
Posted By: PrincessSamantha's Mom

Re: hello - 12/25/06 09:09 PM

Hi Matt....welcome! This is a great site for all types of discussions. My name is Misty & my baby is Samantha a 10yr young Umbrella Cockatoo. She was through a lot in her young life, being in two very abusive & neglective homes, then living with my dear friend Eddie, he then tricked the both of us into becoming friends by having me over everyday & interacting with her. laugh
With all his intentions being great & for one reason only was that he had terminal cancer & seen our relationship blossom (which by the way for those that read my previous posts know how Samantha & myself became family, Eddie did pass away a few days ago, causing Samantha & myself alot of stress, I will & need to share this in another post), he then asked me the huge question of adopting Samantha, which ONLY after weeks of reading, research & discussions with my avian doc, this board & all the people who have educated me with their information, experiences & their love for their babies & after coming here & reading then did I decide to adopt Samantha...this message board & all the wonderful people that I have been lucky to chat with here have been a God Send, for myself & especially for Samantha's well being. Honesty about these babies are very important before ANYONE gets one of these babies in their home. WELCOME MATT!! cool
Posted By: vondooly

Re: hello - 12/27/06 03:58 AM

Hi Matt,I'm from N W Alabama,the Shoals area.I have a two yr old u2 named Sugar and I've had her for about 8 mos.She is a real stinker!!!Glad to meet you and welcome to mytoos. laugh
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