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Hi - 09/27/04 07:53 AM

Hi, everybody, I'm new here, and new to cockatoos, though not other types of birds. I currently have adopted a hispanolian amazon, Kooka, who I am told was acquired 44 years ago in the dominican republic. I have several different varietys of ducks, geese, swans, pheasants, chickens, turkeys, ect... We have a pond and some property, and just love to go out and watch the birds enjoying them selves on the pond, or foraging in the pasture. Kooka, who has now warmed up to me just loooves going out to feed the other birds with me and will bark at them like a small dog and wolf whistle, ect..It's obvious he gets very excited about his new outside world. I have changed him over from a diet of sunflower seeds, and people food, to fresh and dried fruit, and Mazuri's parrot diet, and the change has gone suprisingly well.
Well now to the reason why I decided to join this forum, I am purchasing a baby U2 from a private breeder and want to learn as much as I can about her before she comes home. Please don't beat me up too much about my decision to purchase a baby from a private breeder, instead of adopting one. I had no idea about this site, or that there was even a need for adoptive parents for these birds, and have learned much since, and now I am determined to learn as much as I can so that I can provide the best home possible for my new baby.
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Re: Hi - 09/27/04 01:17 PM

Welcome here Kiwi's mommy. Congratulations on your upcoming addition smile
I am wondering if maybe someone else can answer this but is it safe to have her amazon and future 'too outside with her while feeding the outdoor birds? I was thinking about ENDS and all the other diseases I hear that chickens can carry. But besides the disease issue, I hope you're being very careful with your amazon to ensure he doesn't fly away. A clipped bird does not mean they can't fly, all it takes is a breeze or for them to get startled and off they go...So be careful wink
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Re: Hi - 09/27/04 05:01 PM

I would be very cautious having your birds around the wild birds as they can carry so many diseases...better to be safe than sorry.
Welcome to the board!!!
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Re: Hi - 09/27/04 06:00 PM

Since Kooka is enjoying new things, maybe you could get away with introducing him to a harness. Here's a previous harness discussion with a 'how to' link:;f=20;t=000287#000000

There are more discussions about this if you use the Search feature on the board. Look for 'harness' or 'harnessing'. Having the harness can give you and Kooka the freedom to enjoy time outside without having to worry about rogue breezes or something spooking him into flight.

Lynne & the Flock
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/27/04 06:10 PM

Hi guys, thanks for all your replys, this seems like it's going to be a great place to learn ! I like the harness idea, thanks for that post.
I did want to clarify somthing though, the birds we feed are my swans, ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens, which are all vaccinated, wormed, and monitored carefully for health, (their my babies too!) And even then I don't let him have any conact with them. So If you all still think it's a bad idea, we will stay in the house but I will have one bummed parrot when I go out to feed.(: Let me know what you all think.
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Re: Hi - 09/27/04 11:38 PM

If you did not know about the parrots that need adoption that is fine but if I understand correctly the transaction has not yet taken place. May I ask if the U2 is already in the home and if not; may I ask why you are going through w/ the purchase instead of looking into adoption or rehoming an adult bird in need of a home?
Posted By: Jerry

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 12:11 AM

Welcome to the board. Your situation is bittersweet to those of us here. We absolutely abhor breeders of cockatoos. All these scumbags do is make money off the gullible and then the gullible come here to have all their problems answered. The breeders should pay US for all the work we do in trying to make up for their sleazy trade.

Having said that... I suggest you try to get your money back, but if you don't we'll do what we can.

We do NOT however help you with feeding and weaning problems (and brother will you have problems) as this is condoning your and the breeders actions. The only time we assist in this matter is if the birds a young rescue.

Good luck.. you'll need it.
Posted By: SUNNY

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 12:26 AM

I see you are in Ca; I thought AB202 stopped the selling of unweaned babies in Ca (or is it only to retailers)? If so you do know that for the bird to be properly weaned it can be close to one year of age and should be fledged?
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 12:53 AM

Hey guys, well to clarify some more things, the bird I'm purchasing is now seven months old, and will not come to live with us untill she is fully weaned according to her timetable, not mine or the breeders. Now I know I did a mistake in not adopting one, but am all ready attached to the one I am purchasing, and If I don't take her now, who will... So, please, be kind, and just help me to learn all I can about her to make her new home-when she is ready to be here- as good as possible. smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 04:26 AM

Kiwi's mommy,

This is a sad day for Mytoos. Since Mytoos is here for the birds, and nobody has been turned away from here, may I suggest that you use the search feature to search for any answers to questions you may have. If you don't find it, then ask. It is a fairly new trend that purchasers come here and insist on having their questions answered, despite the very clear agenda here, so it's a dilemma. You will get the help needed, but expect us to try and convince you not to purchase the bird.
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 05:51 AM

Karen and Ollie, I plan on using the search feature, as I have been for some time now before I registered, I simply posted a hello in the new members area, as I understood thats what it is for.
I am not a parrot breeder, just a new owner, who seems to be stumbling about offending everyone in my path. If you are for the birds, then forgive me for giving one a good home, yes she comes from a breeder, but if you discouage me from bringing her home, who's to say she won't go to a home where shes dumped after a couple of years to the next uninformed owner and so on. I did not know there was such thing as a parrot adoption before coming here, and now as she is practically done being paid for and I am very attached, I plan on keeping her not sending her off to soemplace where who knows what might happen to her. I am no beginner to birds and have hand reared many abandoned baby parrots, who were dumped at the vets office I worked at by the same uninformed parrot owners that you seem to think I am. Instead of bashing me why don't you put more energy into informing people of bird rescues and the horrors of bird breeding facilitys BEFORE people stumble across this forum while looking for info on how to create a happy, full life for their new birds.
Posted By: SUNNY

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 06:50 AM

Please don't beat me up too much about my decision to purchase a baby from a private breeder, instead of adopting one.
You said "too much" you didn't say none at all. wink When our statements are made it is not just for your benefit but for those that research BEFORE getting a baby or putting a deposit on one.

...... why don't you put more energy into informing people of bird rescues and the horrors of bird breeding facilitys BEFORE people stumble across this forum while looking for info on how to create a happy, full life for their new birds
Because BREEDERS own the bird world. They are the ones w/ money to advertise. Rescues are lucky if they can make their ends meet. Why?? Because BREEDERS don't CARE about the problem they create ... they care about the money. Why do the breeders have the money? Because they force wean the babies to get them out the door to keep their over-head down, they try to force the birds to breed more often, and they are not responsible for the birds that they push out that loose their homes ...THAT is where the rescues come in.

I wish breeders of parrots (hell ANY animal) automatically had to pay a percentage of their income to rescues. I wish that animals that were no longer wanted were dumped on the breeders' door-step so that they were over-flowing and could not afford the up-keep. I wish that magazines would give rescues equal time in their articles but they won't ... because too many are supported by breeders. It's the same w/ any animal support groups...the "problems(read breeder) are the ones w/ the money .... the support groups are the ones who are broke.

TG some breeders are realizing the problems w/ large Toos (hopefully it will catch on w/ other species) if you'd like the names of these breeders PM me and I'll send you the links.

just help me to learn all I can about her to make her new home-when she is ready to be here- as good as possible.
We are here to answer any questions that may come up. Welcome to the board.
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 07:06 AM

Thank you M2mom, you made me feel much better, and I would LOVE to get those links if you want to PM me with them, I would love to inform myself as much as I can on this subject. I agree with your points, and they were well taken, I just didn't want to be the one to bring about a "sad day" at mytoo's simply because I want to give my birds a happy home.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 07:16 AM

KM, welcome. I, too, share all the passions of this board, but, like you, I bought a baby bird. She was one year old and fully weaned. I have to agree with you on the good home. You sound like a very responsible person who is going in with eyes wide open.

The more you hang around and hear the stories, the more you will sympathize with the Mytoos' philosophy. My wife and I are so appreciative of all the help we have been given. Very knowledgeable people with lots of ideas, proven successes and experience. We, too, feel that we are the right people for our bird, she is a family member and treated accordingly. It's kind of like taking in one of your sibling's kids, forever! eek They are truly companions and not pets.

Jerry mentioned the word "bittersweet" and I think that sums things up pretty well. A lot of people come on here with questions as soon as they are in trouble and it is obvious that they have not taken the time to study what they are about to do, or have already done. They come right to the message board and have read none, or very little, of the mainpage information.

I think you are doing the right thing at this time, in your circumstances and I hope you will take advantage of all that is offered and give back the lessons you will learn. I wish the best for your family and Kiwi!
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 07:19 AM

Thanks ! smile
Posted By: Ladyhawk

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 10:12 AM

Welcome KM, to the board, to some really great people, and to some heartbreaking realities. I had no idea about some of these things either, when I joined, especially the outright abuse and neglect. It's been a real nightmarish eye-opener on one hand, and a godsend on the other (the people, the experience, the help, the support).

I see you are in Ca; I thought AB202 stopped the selling of unweaned babies in Ca (or is it only to retailers)?
M2Mom, I think the catch must be that the unweaned baby doesn't go home with the purchaser, and that the sale transaction is not considered complete until the purchaser takes possession. I would guess payments are accepted (but sale not complete) up until the last single dollar. You hit on a great idea about a percentage or profits going to rescues. It would just amount to a business tax for that particular kind of business, but unfortunately, that wouldn't sit well with a certain portion of the voting public with power ("More government interference with businesses.")

...... why don't you put more energy into informing people of bird rescues and the horrors of bird breeding facilitys BEFORE people stumble across this forum while looking for info on how to create a happy, full life for their new birds
KM - no-one here is going to argue that one! We'd all like to do that, and many of us do individually in personal contacts with people. If you're computer/Internet search engine saavy, I'm sure any ideas you'd have to direct search strings to the main page would be more than welcome.

Anyway, I hope you stick with us for all of your birds. Many things apply to more than just the 'toos.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 03:08 PM

Instead of bashing me why don't you put more energy into informing people of bird rescues and the horrors of bird breeding facilitys BEFORE people stumble across this forum while looking for info on how to create a happy, full life for their new birds.

I have spent hours upon hours educating people both here and elsewhere about adoptions, etc. Welcome Kiwi and enjoy the board.

just didn't want to be the one to bring about a "sad day" at mytoo's simply because I want to give my birds a happy home

Really no need for backhanded comments.
Posted By: Marie & Peaches

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 03:38 PM

Hi KM,

I hope you find this site helpful and have a good pair of reading glasses because there is a lot to glean here about Toos and how to keep them healthy and relatively happy. You took on a lot by loving a Too. I have a three year old rehomed M2 and she/he keeps me on my toes constantly. She is both a joy and a challange and most of the mistakes made are my fault. LOL.
Welcome aboard.

Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 04:53 PM

Thankyou everyone for he warm welcome. I will post as questions come up for me in the care of my birds, but I'm sure that I'll be on here daily, just to read and learn all I can.
Posted By: Ron Pack

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 05:04 PM

I am no beginner to birds and have hand reared many abandoned baby parrots, who were dumped at the vets office I worked at by the same uninformed parrot owners that you seem to think I am.
So what happened with all these birds ? Strange...that you still chose to BUY instead of adopting any of the * many abandonded baby parrots, especially when dealing with and seeing the problem fist hand. I just don't understand.
I agree with Karen, this is another sad day...
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 05:56 PM

I'm with Ron. I don't understand that one.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 06:11 PM

Ron, I don't think that was a very in-depth discussion about those birds, at least not enough for me to make any assumptions.
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 06:22 PM

Charlie, I thought it was because there was a comment that someone had experience raising ababandoned baby parrots from uninformed people, but then said they weren't aware that you could adopt? If I read that wrong, I apologize.
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/28/04 06:40 PM

Ok I will ONCE AGAIN clarify myself. These babies were all lovebirds and parakeets,and the occasional cockateil, I found homes for them myself, when I was a single person, who had a house full of rehabilatating wild birds, from sparrows to owls, and knew I did not have the time to provide an adequate home for them. I went out and did find good homes for them though. I DID NOT KNOW there were organised rescues where one can find a bird that needs a good home, I thought finding my amazon and giving him a good home was a random thing that happened to a few fortunate birds. OK, so tell me their anything else that I might have said that will be picked apart and scrutinized? I would like to bring my introduction to a close now, and this is getting let me know...
Posted By: brody

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 12:35 AM

Take a deep breathe Kiwi and let it go

welcome to the board but DO NOT expect support for your choice to purchase a bird from many of the members here because, lets be honest, you did make a choice!


Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 01:08 AM

Hi Brody, I don't expect, nor wan't support for my choice, yes , it was a choice, an uninformed one I admit, as was many other folks here, before they found this site. I have made a commitment to a bird now (note I say BIRD not breeder)and won't let her down. I am thinking about going back to lurking though, as I seem to be too controversial for many people here. frown
Posted By: jewel

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 01:37 AM

hello kiwi

actually everyone has been rather gentle with ya... LOL

you are not so controversal.. as you stay and if you do ..

you will start to see a trend ..

expecially on other sites..

oh the love of my life ,my baby, NEEDS A NEW HOME , i am pregnant, new job, new husband etc etc tec

so please keep in mind why the passion and it is not a personal attack on you .. and we wish your bird the best.

may i ask what information you have on raising a cockatoo ?

and /or what research you did to decide on a cockatoo?


Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 04:59 AM

Hi Jewel, if this is gentle...I'd hate to see rough ! LOL Actually, I have experience only with amazons, an I'm pretty new at that! But work-wise, I have worked with Macaws, U2's, and Amazons, when clients would bring them to the vet hospital I worked at, (and no, to those of you who will inevitably ask, I did not ever learn of parrot rescuers in this time.) I really decided on a cockatoo, after growing up around waterfowl, and poultry, and watching their antics, and believe it of not, even your average chicken is very smart, and has a complicated social life, ect... I enjoy the birds here at my home so much, and though I protect them from predators, I give them the free range of the acre I live on in the day time, and am able to observe their natural happy behaviors, and find it fascinating. I became interested in too's because of their extreme inteligence, and wanted to have one in the family simply because we enjoy our feathered friends and always have everything from orphan swans to baby peacocks sharing our home, but they always end up going back out to the farm to live as they get older, we wanted a bird that can be more of a family member, and stay with us at all times. I also learned from the various too owners I met at my past workplaces, and am still of course in particular.
Posted By: jewel

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 01:26 PM


i do hope you read this board throughly. For something that may not apply or make sense to you at this time will in the future.

may i suggest sally's companion parrot handbook.. and her publications CPQ

we can not possibly teach you everything on a chat board.

i will always strongly advise against purchasing a large TOO .... and you might be rather surprised if you knew me..

to bad you do not live near me for there are numerous Toos looking to be rehomed.

how is weaning the baby for you ?

Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 05:02 PM

Hi Jewell, I'm not weaning her, She'll be coming home once she is fully weaned. And, I would be very interested in the book, could you point me in the right direction as to finding it ? Thanks.
Posted By: jewel

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 06:20 PM

i sent you a pm
Posted By: Robert Barta

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 07:29 PM

Anyone who buys a Cockatoo and announces it on this board is controversial. It says right up front when you register something like don't come here telling us you bought a new Cockatoo and expect us to welcome you for it. I wish there were laws allowing people to have there money returned to them if they decide against buying a bird at any time before the bird is taken home. I wonder current laws provide for this and if Pet Store policy may be in violation of these laws.

Even though I love my M2 I would not have bought this breed if I had found this site 12 years ago (when I did the same thing and bought a TOO from a breeder). I am working very hard to get past the mutilation and incessant screaming with my M2 (btw, for those interested the screaming has been greatly reduced but the collar is still not off) and my 4 other birds just seem more suited to my lifestyle and environment, they are all extremely well behaved, problem free and healthy.

I don't want to drive you off now, bittersweet was a good word. What's done is done. You will have your bird home soon and I wish you all the luck in the world. I do believe that on this site you will get the best help in being able to avoid some of the problems that these birds seem to fall into so easily. Most other bird sites do not even identify these problems. It sounds like you can give this bird a good home, but please don't ever give up on this bird if problems occur dispite your good home.
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/29/04 08:42 PM

Thank you RB I know I am not nessecarily what this board would like to see, and I understand that, I'm not here to try to get acceptance for what I did. I AM here to give my new TOO, (and amazon) the best care possible.
Now that I have become aware of the plight of these birds in captivity, I am increasingly concerned for a M2 that I see in a cage in the back of the feed store I go to. I asked the owner about him and she told me she acquired him as a second hand bird from a friend who's son had gotted "bored" with the bird. Well at first I saw the bird out of his cage most of the time, enjoying the frequent visitors, and getting attention from his new owner. Now for the past few months I see him in his cage continually, behind the store, looking sad, and kind-of forgotten. Is there any advice anyone here can give me as to what I should say to the feedstore owner about this. I dont want to come off as rude, as that probably wont get me anywhere, but I'd like to make her aware of this site at the very least. Any advice on this situation would be most welcome.
Posted By: db

Re: Hi - 09/30/04 12:48 AM

Maybe gently point out these birds are v intelligent and sociable animals and having it stuck alone in back of the store may not be the greatest environment or way to care for the bird. And take it from there....db
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Hi - 09/30/04 01:04 AM

What DB said is right but anyone who can take a Too (or any bird) and stick it in isolation, will probably NEVER have a clue. I feel bad that my dog has to be "caged" in a 1/2 acre back yard unless we're out with him.

Too bad you hadn't seen that bird first. I just know he would love a good home with proper care and lots of attention from "his" flock. You still need to do as DB said and talk to them. That story has been heard so many times on this board and it's always just as sad.
Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 09/30/04 01:39 AM

Actually Charlie, I did see that bird first, but she did not welcome the idea of giving him up, even if it was to a better home, but that was months ago, maybe I'll bring it up now that the "newness" has worn off or at least direct her to this board. smile
Posted By: Tweetie

Re: Hi - 10/05/04 12:41 PM

It's YOU and PEOPLE LIKE YOU that has caused us to lose one of our most beloved members because no one will "tell it like it is" to new members who are wanting to buy a it goes then Karen....

If you don't agree with the MYTOOS views on buying a bird, then GET THE HELL OUT. Harsh? I resent the fact that Karen left because of the likes of you! Angry? You bet! Now it's been said, not as tactfully as Karen did, but now maybe you'll get the point!

If my post has reflected badly on MYTOOS, then I have no problem with the Moderators taking it off, but I stand by my words.
Posted By: Mikki

Re: Hi - 10/05/04 05:00 PM

Welcome to My Toos, where duck and cover is sometimes the only answer <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />

I've sent you a PM.

Posted By: Kiwi's mommy

Re: Hi - 10/05/04 06:52 PM

I'm sorry that I couldn't resist responding to you Cynthia, I really should just ignore, butttt...It's YOU and people like YOU that are so rude and nasty in your posts that you will end up driving away people interested in adopting these wonderfull birds and providing them with good lifelong homes. You are so quick to be nasty to any new member, without regard to their past knowledge of bird adoption or that such a thing even existed, that in your infinite ignorance, you seem to be out to chase people away from this site and the good advice they could get to possibly help their birds. The bottom line, Cynthia, is that the birds are the only ones who will really suffer, when you try to chase new people away. I'm sorry someone you really liked quit this forum, that was THEIR choice tho...I, personaly, plan to stick around, so my birds can benifit from the knowledge I can gain from this site. smile
Posted By: Tweetie

Re: Hi - 10/05/04 07:18 PM

I have no intention of getting in a pissing contest. Before you call me infititely ignorant, you had better read what MYTOOS says about name calling and trouble making.

JERRY- if you see fit, please take this in consideration and not give this one the chance to stick around! You can read any and ALL of my posts and know that I have NEVER been one to be rude or out of line. I say what I mean and I really mean it with this one Jerry! Please, consider unregistering Kiwi, she has no business here causing trouble.
Posted By: SUNNY

Re: Hi - 10/05/04 07:23 PM

Topic locked and will remain so please take any further conversations to PM.

As stated no name calling is permitted and it has been brought to Jerry's attention to do as he sees fit.
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