soon to be new mom and dad

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soon to be new mom and dad - 10/26/03 07:29 PM

Hello, My name is James and my wifes name is Amber. We will soon be the new parents of a goffin cockatoo. We both have read just about every thing that there is to read on the web site, and have still decided on the new family member. We have started by looking for a cage for the new baby, 36x28x56 is the size that we are looking at.(any suggestion on if it big enough). We have also started getting the fresh food and veggies. And we have been baby proofing the house.(we have two chrildren 5 and 7). And we have been looking at the toys and also building the toys. ( I can fabricat and weld stainless and black iron metals and have the equipment). My wife is a stay at home mom, so that is one more thing that made the decision a more viable one. If there is any recomdations that anybody has they would be welcomed.

The web site is excelent. The screaming cockatoo that pops up every now and then is great! (needs to be longer to get the full effect) I think that the web site really brings owning these lovely bird into a new light. We have been thinking about this for a very long time. And the website kept us from jumping in blind!! Or with the Wrong information from the pet stores.

Again, the mytoos web site is excelent, all of the information and stories are great. Even the tortue page. It made us both very sad to see what can happen but the rescue stories for them made the page.

James and Amber
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 10/26/03 09:19 PM

James and Amber,

Congratulations on your soon-to-be new addition to the family. Does your bird have a name? How old is he/she? I am sure since you have read the site that you are well prepared. Please visit this site frequently and ask many many quesitons, as they will definately come up as you go. The only thing I can advise you right now is to keep your human children safe from the bird, and vice versa, and be very very patient, as I am sure you are with two little ones around. laugh

Best of luck and keep us informed!
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 10/27/03 05:57 PM

Welcome smile
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 11/02/03 04:02 AM

Congrats on your new addition. I came to this site for info on a prospective 'too that ended up going to someone else, but I've stayed because I have 1 dusky conure and 1 Eastern Rosella Parakeet. This site will continually give you the best and most up to date information on all birds. Have fun here and never stop learning.

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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 11/03/03 12:58 PM

Our new baby has not even hatched yet, we are waiting for the day to come. It is kinda like waiting for my wife to give birth some times, The person that we are getting the bird from is going to let us help hand raise him/her, so we have not figured out what the name will be yet. I will keep every body posted on how it goes. We have order the cage, and have been getting all of the things that the new baby will need. Just glad that I do not have to buy pink or blue clothes!!!
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 11/03/03 06:25 PM

Hello and welcome. Having read the mytoos site Im surprised you still opted for a baby cockatoo. There are sooo many neglected, abandoned and mistreated toos out there just waiting for a home to take them in and love them. I hope you realize that this little cuddly cute baby wont stay that way long and are prepared for the realities of owning a cockatoo. This is not a human baby and comparing them to bringing home a human baby and picking out pink or blue is cute, but this "baby" is essentially a wild creature and while they may be sweet and cute, eventually will exhibit behavior that can be hard to handle and will remain a "two year old" the rest of their life.
Good luck.
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 11/04/03 01:42 PM

Hello, some people have been telling me this and I do understand what can happen. We have never owned any bird as large as this one. We have at the moment, several cockatiels(1 to 3yrs), a sun conure (6yrs), a nanday conure(3yrs satan with feathers, but I love him). How does the rescue work? After seeing the pictures and the reading the stories, I do know that it works, how do you qualify for the rescue? This is not going to be the last bird. My wife and I have talked about this quite a bit. One of our friends near by have an u2 that we get to watch when they go on vacation or leave for a few days. He is just a big ball of feathers that loves to be with anybody, (he thinks he is a people and does not like to be called a bird found that out the hard way). But can we be part of the rescue? What are the qualification? I know that my family can dedicate time and love to any new family member that joins the house. Please let me know how the rescue works. I do know that everybody on this board is just a few keystrokes away for help. This has given me another thought to ponder. But could you send me any information about rescueing? Thank you.
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 11/04/03 01:50 PM

Hi there,

"This is not going to be the last bird."

Are you thinking about taking in a rescue in addition to the new baby, or instead of the new baby? -KO
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 11/05/03 01:55 PM

You are correct, We wanted to start off with a too that was not negleted or abused to get off on the right foot. So that we will establish good habbits and not the other way around. I have always loved the toos, and reading stories and seeing the pictures of some of them, I start thinking why has this happened? I would love to go out and get them away from the situation that they are in. But would I be jumping into a situation that I was not prepaired for? Would I be able to it with out any experiance? I have seen the ads is the paper for diffrent types of birds from greys to macaws. "For sale (insert parrot or too here) cage and accesories please call ###-####" I just want to be able to provide them a home that they can be loved in and give them their best chance at a good life in a good family. But again, this will not be the last too or parrot. I think that the new baby will be able to teach us as much as we can teach him or her.
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 02/17/18 09:17 AM

Congrats for your new babies. The pet stores feed you the wrong information and this site will really help. There are tons of awesome tips for child proofing the house that all protect baby and birds
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Re: soon to be new mom and dad - 02/17/18 12:14 PM

Sarahw both of the threads that you posted on are over 10 years old. Look at the dates in the top right corner of the post before posting please.
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