Princess Lulu Dancing...

Posted By: LuLuRoman

Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/18/12 09:15 PM

Hi everyone...This is Lulu's dance video!
Posted By: Stormy

Re: Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/18/12 10:35 PM

How cute!!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/18/12 10:42 PM

Cassie loved the video and danced along!
Posted By: LuLuRoman

Re: Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/19/12 01:12 AM

Im glad Cassie loved it!! I love watching Lulu dance! Most the time she wants me to dance with her so it makes it hard to record her. This time she was doing it by her self! She really likes the 80's lol ! Thank you Terri!
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/19/12 01:25 AM

LuLu is beautiful. It looks like she is plucking. I haven't searched your other posts so forgive me if you have already mentioned this, but has she seen an AV about that? Hope all is well.
Posted By: Ellen W.

Re: Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/19/12 01:41 AM

She is a very pretty girl!!
Posted By: LuLuRoman

Re: Princess Lulu Dancing... - 01/19/12 05:32 AM

Thank you Ellen and Lucy's Mom!
Yes she has been to the vet. She had a scab that she was picking at. The vet said the scab looked like it was from a plucked feather. She is on a couple meds. A anti itch and a spray to help with healing. She has a check up next week.
Posted By: LuLuRoman

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 05:39 AM

I wasnt sure if I should add a new topic for a new video so I just added it onto this one...
I finally got a video of Lulu doing her chicken sounds. She almost always does them..more then cockatoo sounds really lol. But she normally slams her pretty little beak closed when the camra comes out!
Posted By: Melinda R

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 06:14 AM

I love the chicken sounds. I think i will let my birds watch that in the morning lol. Prissy the G2 alread has a small start on a rooster crowing. I think that is a sound i could live with.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 06:07 PM

LuLu is a beauty! And I love her videos! My U2 seemed fascinated by the chicken sounds, LOL! So cute!

Posted By: LuLuRoman

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 08:35 PM

Thank you!! She knows she is to!! I love the chicken sounds to. Those are her fav to do. She hardly ever makes cockatoo sounds almost always the chicken! I dont know where she got the sounds from but she has done them since day one with her.
When Prissy gets the going on the rooster crowing I would love to see it!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 09:07 PM

OH I never get tired of watching Feathered ones dance, they just have so much joy!!!!

BTW those chicken sounds are amazing lol. Ozzy and Blossom were both watching...and a lil bit confused lol too funny!!!!
Posted By: Anniesmom

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 09:46 PM

Ooh I love both the videos of Princess Lulu she is a chicken loving doll.
Posted By: Volk

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 10:26 PM

Too precious! I love the dancing as well. I find it is so interesting how each individual has a unique dance of their own. I'm really wishing the computer I am currently working from had a sound card so I, too, could hear the chicken sounds =( Bummer.

Posted By: LuLuRoman

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/19/12 10:28 PM

Its kinda funny when I show her videos of U2's and their normal sounds she's the one that looks confused!! LOL
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: Princess Lulu - 01/20/12 01:12 AM

She is gorgeous and I LOVE those chicken sounds!!!! That is hysterical!!
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