My new lil one arrived today.

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My new lil one arrived today. - 07/15/07 09:02 AM

Here is my newest addition to my lil flock. He/she is a half moon conure. Apx 12 years old and is the cutest lil darn bird ever. He is very hand shy as far as petting goes but steps right up as long as you remember to say step up first. He felt a little on the thin side, so I weighed him...he is only 66 gramms and I think he needs to be around 78 gramms. A couple owners ago...he was hit with flyswatters and poked thru the bars with a fly that time his name was paulie. Two years ago, moms neibor took him in and named him poppy {bleck} he doesnt respond to anything {except my shoulder...GEEEEE first day and all}

Trying to think of a sweet name for this poor lil sweet bird.

To be honest I was only going to foster him/her till the perfect person came and made a love conection...but thinking over his past and the fact he is 12 I just feel he deserves to land on a perch and stay there. He has been bounced around to much. {dont think fostering and rescue is going to work out for me. LMAO}He is in his FINAL HOME!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/15/07 11:00 AM

He is just too cute for words. I don't blame you for deciding to keep him with you. Just think how happy he and you will be. I could never foster any animal. I'm too much of a push over they would all stay here! That's why I try not to go to rescues, my heart breaks seeing all of the animals I want to bring them all home. Even animals I'm not to fond of like cats! Nancy
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/15/07 01:57 PM

He looks very dignified- and his feathers are so bright! He's very lucky to have found you, and his permanent home. Congrats to both of you!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/15/07 06:08 PM

Awww what a sweetie.I love the conures so much.Congradulations and thanks for posting pictures.

I don't know about what a good name would be...He is a precious little gem so Jade would work.I have always liked the name Sadie?I don't know.Picking names is

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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/15/07 11:14 PM

I also think Jade would be a good name.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 01:10 AM

Looks like a "Forrest" to me!! Too cute!!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 09:05 AM

He looks like a Kermit to Kermit the frog.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 09:11 AM

OOOOO I love all these names. This lil bird is the sweetest little bird, Im not kidding. I am wrapped around his itty bitty toes in a serious way! I put him in one of my back up cages has horizontal bars, its very sturdy, has a great play top and a place for four food bowls. He had a total blast on his new play top and did extremley well with the change. Im very pleased!!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 09:13 AM

My hubby thinks he looks like a Kiwi. He's so cute.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 09:21 AM

Can you flipping believe someone hit him and poked at him with a fly swatter??? That little bird is one of the most loving little birds I have ever held. He gave me a good preening?work over tonight. I sat very still and he inspected my entire face!!! Preened my eye brows and rubbed his itty bitty face all over my face. I swear I just melted. He is so incredibley gental and sweet. People are so cruel!!!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 03:23 PM

He is just adorable! And he DOES look very dignified. He actually looks like a Frederick to me. . don't know why but that's the first name that came to mind.

Good luck in picking a name and CONGRATS on your new family member.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 05:14 PM

M2BB you are so special for taking him in and showing that poor boy some compassion.I love the new cage.He looks like he is really enjoying it.

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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 07:44 PM

You are a good egg! laugh
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 07:54 PM

Thank you Janny. Nothin special about me though...Im just like them in a horrible way. I really feel I connect with these birds with a bad story and tons of baggage attatched to them. Ive been kicked around for years, I know how horrible it is to be mistreated and I also know how wonderful it is to finally find someone who not only treats me better than I could of ever hoped for, I also have someone who totally doesnt freek out when I have MOMENTS. These birds are just as wonderful for my healing process as I am for theres. {I hope that made sence}

I found a use for that cage he came has high sides...putting the lil chickies in it!! WOOO HOOO
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/16/07 07:56 PM

CHARLIE!!!! just made my day! Thank you
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/17/07 07:56 AM

Well...update on the little conure...whos name is now Jake.

My brother in law came over and wanted to see the new lil bird. Good Golly I have never seen ANYTHING like what I saw tonight. Brought tears to my eyes big time. Little Jake went nuts over my BIL!! I couldnt believe all the little sounds and all the words lil Jake was saying. It was so obvious the lil bird fell in love and my brother in law turned into a damn marshmellow creme puff. I told my BIL I needed to talk with my mom and tell her what I saw and he needed to visit more and see how it goes. Mom agrees that the little conure wants to be with him and I should let him go. He only lives a minute or less away and I can keep very close tabs on lil jakes care...I cant deny that bird what it wants even though I really want to keep him. Lil Jake made it very clear he loves Bobby...even bit the snot out of me when I took him back...ROFLMAO. Dont have to hit me with a brick to make me hear ya!! So sometime next week my new little friend may be goin to live with his new daddy!! Did I mention...this sucks???Mom says its not fdair to keep him from someone he obviousley wants to be with so I will give him and all his new things to B.I.L

I dont know how you real rescue people do this...Im bummed out already.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/17/07 11:14 AM

Mom2beebop, I'm so sorry for you but so happy for Jake. At least you will always be able to visit him and keep track. That must have been amazing to see the instant bond between the two of them. Instant buddies. I met a man in Florida who had that type of instant bond with a sun conure. It was loose outdoors. He keeps his windows open lives in Key West the bird flew into his house and hasn't left! No cage just a perch. The bird has freedom to come and go as he pleases. This old gentleman was quite the character. Hair have way down his back rides a harley with no shoes or shirt. I met him after seeing him ride down Duval St on his harley with the bird on his head! Killer the conure loves to go for rides on the bike! He just holds on tight to the man's hair. This old gent is a retired engineer with a phd!!! If the bird gets tired of being in town he flies home! You could see the bond between them. Amazing Nancy
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/17/07 11:51 AM

Than you Nancy. Im tossing and turning, cant sleep. Lil Jake has barley been here 48 hours and Im soooo extremley attatched to him already. He has been thru so darn much in his life, I just dont want to let him go, I want to protect him and keep him safe but the conection between those two was just incredible. tomarrow I am going to print off all the safe and unsafe foods, woods, metals etc etc. Recipes I have for foods to cook and everything I can think of on taking great care of a bird. Plus signs of illness information etc etc.
The guy on the harley totally sounds like my kind of people!! What a neat story!
My husbands brother has to come visit a few more times and spend time with Jake before I let him go stay.

Mom is sure having fun poking fun at me. We give eachother a hard time all the time {in fun} and she thinks its very funny that I got tradded out, lost my lil bird, my back up cage and all sorts of fun stuff for jake....but I sure got a neat cage for my CHICKENS!!

I put the little chickens in the cage Jake came in!!ROFLMAO
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/17/07 06:27 PM

I know how you feel M2BB.Before Dave(my hubby) met me he had never even had a dog for a pet.I changed his world I tell ya and he is much happier for it. laugh .Our Avian vet had phoned us about Ripley our first CAG.She told us all about the abuse he endured and what kind of life he had had and asked us to foster him in the begining.I was soooo excited because I had wanted to rescue a grey for quite some time and here was a chanse.Hubby and I went to pick him up and we heard all kinds of things coming from the carrier but we hadn't held or really had much time with him as it was late in the day and we wanted to get him settled before night so we packed up and went home.

Hubby was scared of him at't go near him and thought I was absolutely nuts to trust him like I did.All I could think was it's only a bite. :rolleyes: Well Ripley in the begining was very good to me and never offered his beak to me once then all of a sudden Hubby came and got him and held him.I had never seen such a display in my life....Regurgitating,mating dance it was sickening.I was hurt because here I wanted and loved this bird soooo much already and he chose hubby in one second.Well everytime I tried to do anything with Ripley after that it was disaster.He bit me sooooo much and everytime it brought tears to my eyes.I am happy for Ripley though and to have finally after so much abuse in his life to find love like he did with hubby is the ultimate.I am allowed into the flock now but I have boundries set by Rip. :rolleyes: I am happy with what I can get. smile

Pretty much the same thing happened with Misty our other grey.Loved me up until she met hubby.He is a grey magnet I swear.She is still very friendly with me but regurgitates for hubby and is just like mush to him.

I am sure Jake will be fine with your guidence.

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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/17/07 07:45 PM

Its a big time bummer when ya get tradded out huh Janny???
Is it wrong of me to hope the next meeting goes terribley?? LOL This morning Jake is very happy with me, loves his breakfast and is calling me to step up.....unfortunatley it just isnt the same as last night with my brother in law. I really really want to ask Bobby to wait a little longer for a younger bird to come along. I know more will come. He has only been waiting three years. LOL I also know with the next bird I will come up with a hundred reasons as to why this one has to stay to.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 08:56 AM

Well....I spent pretty much the entire day with Jake riding on my shoulder, sitting on the couch with him and what have you and doing some MAJOR soul searching as to what the right thing to do is. Lil Jake had a wonderful time hanging out with me...even fed me several times today and at one point while we were laying on the couch watching TV he got under my chin and layed on his back playing with my chin with his feet. I just cant let him go. For the biggest part of his life he has been a great novelty item for a while and then not so fun to who ever anymore. He likes me, really likes his new house and the fact he isnt locked in it. He has gained 5 gramms already and is loving his new diet....I dont want to give him even more baggage by sending him out even with good intentions in doing so. There is a bird out there waiting to be found and when I find him I will give him to my brother in law. Just not this old fella. Bobby can come visit all he wants to and learn how to take care of a bird while the right one is waiting to be found. I sure hoipe I made the right decision.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 03:18 PM

If you made your decision based solely on what is best for Jake, then you made the right one.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 05:33 PM


Don't worry. You will know with time where Jake should be with. The nice part is that your BIL will still be around for you to pass Jake to if that's the best solution.

Meanwhile as Jake is with you, it lets you see how committed he is in taking care of Jake and not just because Jake is in lurrve with him currently. (see his visits and how much he is willing to learn etc). A bird is for life and not only when the bird is treating you nice wink
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 06:07 PM

Parrots can be a great novelty for some people when they're new, but when the newness wears off the bird ends up being ignored or worse.

I think few people are willing to make the long, sometimes lifetime commitment to a parrot and all that goes along with it. I'm glad you're keeping Jake.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 07:33 PM

This is very dificult for me to say the very least. More times than not, Im a huge push over and will do things even when Ive already said I dont want to or I think its a bad idea....I dont like to rock the boat or upset someone especially when its some one thats been very nice to me but my heart is telling me lil Jake is better HERE. So anyways...yes this decision is based souly on what I think is best for Jake in the LONG RUN and not the ten minutes I saw him totally enjoying someone else.
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 08:32 PM


The way not to be a pushover is when you have a stronger reason to stay on the course than to give in.

In this case, if you aren't sure whether the BIL is the right choice, then it would be better to keep the bird and see how committed your BIL is to Jake. Explain to him that you feel a responsibility to Jake and after all Jake has been through you want to make extremely sure that whoever he ends up with is the best person for Jake. Say that by coming to your place and interacting with Jake and also learning from you, it will give you greater confidence in deciding whether he (BIL) is the right person. Also whether Jake just like him for a short while when the novelty is new (hey, if people can get birds and enjoy them while is is a novelty, why can't the birds do the same to humans)? wink laugh Hey, wait a minute, birds already do that. After all, don't some of us have experience where the birds love us initially until later they find another person to love and the 1st person is dumped. laugh

Of course I've not put it so 'tactfully' but you need not put it too tactfully. Why? 'Coz 1 of the qualities for a good bird person is when he is able to take opinions which he may not like so well for the benefit of the bird. That means that he will listen to advise that is not just about 'making him feel good'. That he loves the bird more than 'the need for someone to stroke his ego'. That he is able to see why people are asking those questions or saying those things and not misinterpret them to their liking

Just my 2 cents

Edit to include:
Your heart says Jake is better off here. Maybe its your instinct/experience that is telling you that for the time being (maybe temporarily or permanently) that Jake is better here. Why not explain to him that its not a permanent no to BIL but currently you are evaluating whether he is the right person. After all you are now in the fostering and rescue biz. smile
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 09:05 PM

Did you realise that you just said something 'right' that many 'inexperienced people' tend to make? (people giving up their bird when the bird no longer likes them as they think its better off for the bird. And they give it to the person who 'the bird likes' after observing them for 1 visit. Sometimes this is good but not always as birds are finicky and may like you today but hate/tolerate you for the rest of the time after the initial 1st love.

yes this decision is based souly on what I think is best for Jake in the LONG RUN and not the ten minutes I saw him totally enjoying someone else.

Similar to :
Kids like a lot of candy and will thoroughly enjoy the candy while it last. However, it doesn't mean that eating lots of candy is good for them even though they enjoy it more than the healthy vegetables and fruits

Sorry I'm not writing eloquently as I just got lazy to write more clearly. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Excuse, or maybe I'm just mumbling along as I'm tired. laugh
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/18/07 09:22 PM

Thank you everyone. This has been a dificult decision for me. Im realizing Being NICE and finding best home isnt something that is gonna go hand in hand for me. lol
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/19/07 06:38 PM

I have not been online in a while so you probably have a name......

If it is a girl, I would name her Iris (for the iris in her eyes). Her eyes are so pretty!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/19/07 07:33 PM

Ive decided on a name since this lil bird wont be going to my BIL house he also wont have the name Jake. After spending the last few days with him/her it only makes sence to call this bird lil buddy!! He has really became my buddy...goes everywhere in the house with me and has gone for rides in the van with me. Im ordering him a feather teather because he really enjoys going!!! I am so completley amazed at how much personality this lil conure has and I have to say if anyone ever asked me what I thought the perfect kind of bird is I would have to say conure for sure!! Dont get me wrong, I wouldnt take a million bucks for not one of my birds and they are all perfect to me. This little conure packs ALL the personality of all the different birds Ive spent time with, his noise level is un noticable and Im pretty darn sure it wont cost 100 bucks or more a week to keep him in toys! yup, he is as close to perfect as you can get as far as living with a bird!!! LOL {can ya tell I really like him?}
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/19/07 07:42 PM

Mom2Beebop It's hard to bring heart and mind to peace with each other over decisions. It appears you have so your decision is the right one. I love the name lil Buddy. Nancy
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/19/07 08:36 PM

My heart and mind is finally in perfect harmony with this...although when I finally get the courage to tell Bobby not this one I will be squirming inside BUT if he cant understand my reasons for stopping the rehomming cycle for this old bird then I wonder if he will EVER GET IT if that makes any sence???

Just got off the phone with mom and I was basically running her ear off in excitment over how happy buddy seems and how tickled I am over this little bird...she mentioned how she cant believe how some people dont want the LITTLE BIRDS because they are little and I told her had I of known better I would of had a half moon conure to start out with and would of stopped there. Thenm I got to laughing and told her Im sending all my bigger birds to her cause I want to DOWN GRADE. {please know thats a total joke between me and mom} I told her any more lil conures get dumped on her door step they have a home!
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/22/07 08:43 AM

update on lil buddy...

This little conure has stolen my heart in a huge way. I just can not believe how much BIRD and personality this lil guy has. He talks all day long, stretches both wings high in the air when I say purty bird with my arms in the air, if I wave one arm up high and say HI BUDDY he waves one wing. He is the COOLEST! He has settled right in and made his self at HOME. I really believe he is happy here with his new forever family. BIL came to visit and I squirmed thru this bird wont be adopted out...I thought I would have a panic attack before I got thru it...he totally understands my reasonings and agrees completley. BIL will become a frequent visitor to his new little friend here. Anyways...he is doing GREAT!

forgot to mention...he is still pretty hand shy but is comming right along quickly concidering all the abuse he has been thru
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/22/07 01:08 PM

I'm so happy for you and Buddy it's sounds like everything is going so well. I'll bet you'll be updating us real soon on him stepping up! Best of luck. Nancy
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/22/07 06:51 PM

SEEEEEEEEE!!! I knew you'd make the right decision for the right reasons! wink
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/22/07 08:44 PM

Thank you!!! He really is a sweety! He steps up like a champ...its the actual touching that scares him. I can sometimes pet his head and he really really enjoys it, other times he freeks and screams when I go to fast and forget for a moment what has happened to him. Right now he is even sucking my husband in!!!{thats a big deal!!} Last night I decided if Im gonna do this...Im gonna do it right. Ive decided to file for my 501 c 3. I can only realistically take care of two rescues possibley three depending on the birds and the situation. The word in town has gotten out so Im getting ready. {sigh}
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Re: My new lil one arrived today. - 07/24/07 02:25 AM

oh my goodness...he has started playing with this little toy. He is giving it a serious ONE TWO!!! He hasnt really messed with any of his toys...just this one tiny boing looking thing on the play top
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