Play Time!!

Posted By: U2Angel

Play Time!! - 04/04/03 05:10 AM

I have put up some more pictures of Angel playing around in my room, which I have made bird proof. The pictures take awhile, and soon I will have a personal website with cockatoo information, pictures, links and more. Hopefully soon it'll be up, so for now enjoy these pics of my adorable baby!!

Posted By: Katy

Re: Play Time!! - 04/04/03 07:43 AM

Aww, great pics! Angel's so beautiful. You must be such a proud mommy. Hey--that hanging a rope to play on is a good idea...i'm gonna have to try that. lol. Take care
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Play Time!! - 04/04/03 07:53 AM

He's a beautiful little fella, Nina. I'm sure you are very proud of him! smile
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Play Time!! - 04/04/03 08:03 AM

*starts to tear* thanx everyone for thinking Angel is so beautiful. Because he really is beautiful, inside and out. smile And I can never be more proud of anyone. Angel is my baby, of course I'm proud of him. Any mother would be proud of their child! wink

Posted By: Maj

Re: Play Time!! - 04/04/03 04:15 PM

Great Pix ...BUT how do you keep him from all those goodies on the dressing table .... eek I know JJ would just have a ball with tossing everything onto the floor... <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
Looks like one happy baby...
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Play Time!! - 04/05/03 07:42 AM

Lol!! Angel would get a kick out of throwing everything on the floor, but I make sure I put toys on the rope to distract him, and the rope isn't close enough to the dresser for him to reach anything! smile smile smile
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Play Time!! - 04/11/03 04:57 PM

What a happy face Angel has!! You can tell how much somebody loves him.
Posted By: U2Angel

Re: Play Time!! - 04/14/03 06:55 PM

thanx Lori! I do love my baby! alot, lot, lot, lot!!! smile smile smile He get's lots of XOXO's everyday! He's so spoiled, but not too much! wink

Posted By: Colin Hatcher

Re: Play Time!! - 04/15/03 08:46 AM

That's a very beautiful looking coat of feathers!!!! smile

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