Need help with holding bowls in place.

Posted By: GeorgiesNewMom05

Need help with holding bowls in place. - 08/03/05 03:55 PM

I dont know what to do. Every time I put food and water in the bowls he throws them. They wont stay in place. They are the kind that the door opens out and then you sit the bowl in it and when you close it back there is a bar on top that holds it in place. I have put my hand inside and I have pulled with all my strength and cant pull them out but he walks right over to them and pulls them right out. Water and all. So I have to put only a few things in at a time and hold the bowl in front of him with the water in it. Is there any way to get these to stay in place. Someone please help!!! mad Thanks so much. Val
Posted By: DocT

Re: Need help with holding bowls in place. - 08/03/05 05:37 PM

I had the same problem as you did with my B&G I bought him a beautiful cage with the swing out doors for the food and water dish. He was constantly dumping both. I order what they call the quicklock crock. They are very heavy duty and grip to the cage very secure. I also used these on a cage that had a broken cup holder and it lasted for years. I know if it can take the weight of my B&G it has to be sturdy. I left his other bowls in where they belong and gradually over time started filling them again. When I seen he wasn't going to keep dumping them I used them as normal but kept the quickloc bowls in for his snack bowls. they are really not that expensive I think my 20 oz was $9.95 and the 10 oz was $7 something. This worked for me so maybe it will work for you too.

Posted By: mom2paulie

Re: Need help with holding bowls in place. - 08/04/05 03:27 AM

You can also get the kind that screw onto a holder. Maybe those would be more difficult for him to take out. Or, I have a crock that has a hood on it and it also screws onto the cage with a butterfly type of screw. It's ceramic. Hope that helps.
Posted By: Jolyn

Re: Need help with holding bowls in place. - 08/04/05 06:36 PM

I have the screw in plastic crocs for my M2, and they work pretty well, but she can still get them out if is works on them awhile, like if she gets board with her toys. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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