Dye for toys?

Posted By: Wack-O & Izzy

Dye for toys? - 02/04/05 08:37 PM

I have seen dye mentioned when making toys...What kind? and Where can i get SAFE dye?
Posted By: Julz

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/04/05 09:09 PM

red = beets

purple = purple onion skins

yellow = yellow onion skins

blue = blueberry juice

green = spinich/greens

Boil these items until the color starts running then add wood pcs and or toys I boiled until I acheived the best color - try a little vinegar to hold the dye

Food colring from the grocery store will work although it is a very weak dye. If you have a cake decorating supply store around get the powdered food dye!
Posted By: mom2paulie

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/04/05 09:24 PM

My Caique put one of his toys in his water cup during the day yesterday and then decided to take a bath in the nice BLUE water! When I came home his normally white belly was bright blue! His feet were also a nice bright blue
Posted By: Jerry

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/04/05 09:42 PM

We have an entire webpage discussing dye and toys. But to recap: I dont like to use anything that has a taste to it. Birds sometimes confuse anything with taste, with food, and so you dont want them to ingest the wood. If you can make a dye from foods without any taste.. good.

I have always used common food dyes like this: Instead of soaking the entire block of wood in the dye, use a Q-Tip (or small paint brush) to make dots or other designs all over the wood. This still makes it interesting for the bird and at the same time keeps 90% of the dye out of the equation. I allow the dye to soak for a few hours or longer... then rinse thoroughly in a bucket of water. This will remove excess dye. Then dry each piece with paper towels and allow to dry more for a couple of days.

The bright iridescent dyes on store bought toys are not necessary and in my opinion dangerous. You dont need this for your bird, so it's not necessary to make your toys resemble these bright toys.
Posted By: Julz

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/04/05 10:43 PM


I did not even think of the "taste" from the onionskins or beets Hmmmmmmmm
Posted By: Popeye

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/05/05 04:39 AM

I recently ordered food coloring from here: Jerry--Is this good dye to use? I haven't received the order yet. I found a supplier of wood beads and blocks and plan on dying them. I'm not all that handy with a skill saw.
Posted By: Popeye

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/07/05 08:37 PM

When your bird throughs the thing you dyed in the water, or wet it, your bird will turn that colour too
I haven't had that problem. After I dyed the wood, I dried them in the microwave. It must set the color or something. Maybe I don't use what you did. I use natural food coloring, like McCormmik that you can get in the grocery store--the liquid, not the paste.
Posted By: Alleaa

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 02:10 AM

There is a wonderful dye called Vitter Critter, the lady that invented it is a chemist/too owner. If you would like the webpage please email me and I would be happy to give you the addy.
Posted By: Jerry

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 05:34 AM

I dont really trust aftermarket dye products. You have no idea of how they're made. You have to trust the maker to be telling you the truth. And what about the process? Clean?

The FDA approved the common food dyes found in any grocery store for human consumption many years go. And while I STILL dont recommend completely soaking the wood in it (painting is better) at least we know it's as safe as can possibly be made.

The skillsaw comment: Dont waste your time making cute shapes or even buying them. Just get some safe 2x2 stock and cut to different lenghts. Remember... the bird simply wants to chew and destroy... not put "Lincoln Logs" together to build a house.
Posted By: Laya & Buster

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 08:19 AM

Hmmm, my Mullocan "Buster" hates toys of any kind...well, except for his bloody bell. He loves his bell. My baby doesn't chew anything except his food. I've bought soooo many "toys" for him, and he won't have a thing to do with any of them..what a waste of money. He chews nothing, and destroys nothing, 10 years old and loves nothing better than to sit ontop of his cage watching everything going on around him...and playing with his bell. Ha, ha , ha.
Posted By: Wack-O & Izzy

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 11:31 AM

Thanks everyone. Jerry you were right.I gave Wack-O some plain blocks and he had his match stick factory in high gear,and even worked overtime on them.
Posted By: Popeye

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 06:20 PM

I usually dilute the food coloring in water first. If I were to paint it on instead, should I dilute it also or use it straight from the bottle?

I do also have an undyed cedar 2x4 my hubby cut in 6" sections (with the hacksaw) that my U2 loves to splinter. cool But he (Popeye) also likes the smaller wood pieces such as beads and spools that he can remove from a conglomerate toy, hold in his talon, destroy, then move on to the next piece eek . I don't have to color them. I just like to do it, but won't if it's bad for him.
Posted By: Pandra

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 06:40 PM

Sugar's quit the little wood chipper, too. So far she's gone through three perches and a birdy ladder. Silly me, I thought she'd climb on the ladder and get some exercise. My husband bought some pre-made toys that came dyed. So far I haven't had problems with the dye comeing off. But then she shreds stuff so fast it's hard to keep up. I'm trying to get her interested in other toys, like puzzles and untieing knot, but she doesn't seem very interested in those. Well unless they happen to be made of stuff she can chew up. And she doesn't care for 'birdie bagles.'
Posted By: Ron Pack

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/08/05 07:52 PM

I do also have an undyed cedar 2x4 my hubby cut in 6" sections (with the hacksaw) that my U2 loves to splinter.
I hope you aren't giving him red cedar.. eek red cedar has the same oils as redwood and these oils are known to block the immune response of birds. Yellow and Sitka Cedar is OK...
Posted By: Popeye

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/09/05 07:31 PM

RonPack, It's thuja occidentalis, Eastern White Cedar
Let me know if this is a bad one.

I double checked Mytoos plant list Harmful/Safe Plants and Trees and Redwood is listed as safe eek .

EDIT: Hubby just told me he didn't use the cedar for the block "Are you kidding? That stuff was expensive!" He used pine.
Posted By: Wack-O & Izzy

Re: Dye for toys? - 02/13/05 02:13 PM

Destructo oops.......Wack-O loves plain old pine.......Grrrrrr@The blue wood he decided to keep safe in his water Thanks everyone Izzy
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