how to make rope perches?

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how to make rope perches? - 11/12/04 03:33 PM

I just can't figure this out. I'd like to make a few rope perches. These things look like they just can't be that difficult to make. It's a cotton rope, a pvc end cap on each end and bolt/nut to hook onto the cage. But duh - can anyone tell me how do they attach the pvc to the rope, then the bolt/nut to that? Husband and I both have sat trying to figure it out and feel really stupid for not getting it. Do they have a small wire rod through them or what? Help and thank you!
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Re: how to make rope perches? - 11/12/04 09:23 PM

Durn, I looked for it but can't find it. Someone had a procedure for that in CPQ, I think, or it might have been a site posted on here, can't remember.

It was simple (but looked like a pain in the butt). Theirs came out perfect just like store bought, mine would probaby look like crap.

They started with sisal rope and "loosened it up". They then wove in a flexible stiff wire. I suppose you could get that at Home Depot or Lowe's. They had PVC end caps to match the size of the rope, they drilled holes in the very end and inserted a bolt sticking out. They then glued this assembly over the ends of the rope using Elmer's carpentry glue. You could probably use other water based glue if it is bird friendly.

Good luck, my wife wouldn't even let me start, she's seen a lot of my projects! eek
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Re: how to make rope perches? - 11/13/04 12:38 AM

Thanks for the reply. It's the gluing of the rope to the pvc I wondered about. I can't see it holding up for very long. Suppose I could make life easier by just take the rope, tie knots in the end and use plastic links to hang them to the bars. LOL

My next neat idea is to find a plastic tire swing (not a real rubber tire) to use for a hanging swing. I'm sure my husband would rather I use the supply of toy stuff I've already got collected before I add more to the pile.
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Re: how to make rope perches? - 11/13/04 06:09 AM

It looked like they just put a glob of glue in the end cap and stuck the rope in. I have no idea how durable it would end up being. I've had a lot of store bought ones that pulled loose as well.

My wife has been threatening to hire a dump truck and haul away me and Baby Girl's pile of junk! laugh
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Re: how to make rope perches? - 11/13/04 03:34 PM

I had the perfect idea this morning when I was feeding the horses. All you need to do is buy an all cotton lead rope which aren't that expensive. They have a hook on one end and then tie and knot the other end.

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Re: how to make rope perches? - 11/13/04 04:23 PM

Thats a good idea Tammy - I think I will try that one...db
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