Need to buy a carrier

Posted By: Buffy

Need to buy a carrier - 09/19/03 12:01 AM

Hi -

Am looking for suggestions for a good travel carrier; which one is the best?

Thanks all,

Posted By: brody

Re: Need to buy a carrier - 09/19/03 03:09 AM

Conrad (a large M2) has spent lots of time in a carrier as his life with me consisted of weekly vet visits for too long.....
He travels in a medium sized dog crate with hard sides...I drilled a hole and put a perch in it... he has two hard toys hanging from the holes in the back walls.... it is fairly big to move but I can handle by myself and he throughly enjoys it and feels safe in it....
a slightly squarer cage might be easier but the dog crate works well (a 10-15 pound dog would fit comfortably in it) if he was determined I suppose he could rip through it too but he has done some minor renovating without doing structural damage


Posted By: Dave C.

Re: Need to buy a carrier - 09/19/03 01:18 PM

Hi Buffy all my parrots get used to a carrier,the same ones used to transport dogs and cats, as a means of travel but that doesn't mean they don't customize them. Our Elenora Too has done a fine job of customizing his carrier. By this I mean chewing holes in it. A friend of ours husband came up with a solution to fixing this problem. He took old metal cage grates the ones that fit in the bottom cut them to size the got this type of fastner usually used for screws and pop rivited it to the side of the carrier. Putting the smooth side of the rivet on the inside and the grating on the outside he solved the chewing problem and saved replacing a carrier every few weeks. cool
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Need to buy a carrier - 09/19/03 05:18 PM

I also use dog and cat carriers. They have a handle, holes are already in them for air ventilation and they are a lot cheaper than the bird carriers that you can find on the Internet. My husband drilled two holes in the bottom and attached water and food bowls. I use the carriers to take them to have their wings clipped and toes trimmed. I always put a favorite treat in the food bowl on the way home laugh
Posted By: Buffy

Re: Need to buy a carrier - 09/19/03 07:31 PM

Thanks, guys. I went to the pet store this morning to look at the dog carriers - need to get one before Gracie's first vet visit tomorrow. smile
Posted By: l_snowflake_l

Re: Need to buy a carrier - 10/21/03 03:49 AM

I have two VARI KENNELS made by petmate, cat sized for my CAG and indian ringneck. they retail at about 30-50 bucks US. I love them cause they open three ways - the top opening is a grate so they can see more if thats what they like, or hang upside down from it, etc. Plus when they dont wanna step up from the front door, they usually step up from the top door no problem. That sounds confusing. Anyhoo they are small enough that the bird doesnt get too excited, they are so easy to carry and seatbelt into the car. I screwed perches into them , but they dont use them, they either hang from the top door or just stand on the bottom.
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